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Devil Is A Loser by Lordi [2003] [album editions]

Devil Is A Loser (Lordi)

Track listing

1Don't Let My Mother Know
2Devil Is A Loser
3Devil Is A Loser (music video)

Lordi albums

1Blood Red Sandman[ 2004 ]
2Devil Is A Loser[ 2003 ]
3Get Heavy[ 2002 ]
4Hard Rock Hallelujah[ 2006 ]
5My Heaven Is Your Hell[ 2004 ]
6The Arockalypse[ 2006 ]
7The Monster Show[ 2005 ]
8The Monsterican Dream[ 2004 ]
9They Only Come Out at Night[ 2007 ]
10Who's Your Daddy[ 2006 ]
11Would You Love A Monsterman[ 2002 ]
1Blood Red Sandman (Lordi)
2Devil Is A Loser (Lordi)
3Get Heavy (Lordi)
4Hard Rock Hallelujah (Lordi)
5My Heaven Is Your Hell (Lordi)
6The Arockalypse (Lordi)
7The Monster Show (Lordi)
8The Monsterican Dream (Lordi)
9They Only Come Out at Night (Lordi)
10Who's Your Daddy (Lordi)
11Would You Love A Monsterman (Lordi)

Lordi songs

113 [from the "Get Heavy"]01:06
2Biomechanic Man [from the "Get Heavy"]03:22
3Biomechanic Man [from the "Would You Love A Monsterman"]04:09
4Blood Red Sandman [from the "Blood Red Sandman"]03:35
5Blood Red Sandman [from the "The Monster Show"]04:05
6Blood Red Sandman [from the "The Monsterican Dream"]04:03
7Bring It On [from the "The Monsterican Dream"]04:35
8Bring It On (The Raging Hounds return) [from the "The Monster Show"]04:37
9Bringing Back the Balls to Rock [from the "The Arockalypse"]03:31
10Chainsaw Buffet [from the "The Arockalypse"]03:47
11Devil Is A Loser [from the "Devil Is A Loser"]03:29
12Devil Is A Loser [from the "Get Heavy"]03:29
13Devil Is A Loser (Live) [from the "Who's Your Daddy"]04:08
14Devil Is A Loser (music video) [from the "Devil Is A Loser"]03:31
15Don't Let My Mother Know [from the "Devil Is A Loser"]03:32
16Dynamite Tonite [from the "Get Heavy"]03:15
17Evilove [from the "Who's Your Daddy"]03:59
18Fire In The Hole [from the "The Monsterican Dream"]03:28
19Forsaken Fashion Dolls [from the "The Monster Show"]03:45
20Forsaken Fashion Dolls [from the "The Monsterican Dream"]03:43
21Get Heavy [from the "Get Heavy"]03:00
22Good To Be Bad [from the "The Arockalypse"]03:31
23Hard Rock Hallelujah [from the "The Arockalypse"]04:07
24Hard Rock Hallelujah(Album version) [from the "Hard Rock Hallelujah"]04:08
25Hard Rock Hallelujah(Euroviscous radio edit) [from the "Hard Rock Hallelujah"]03:04
26Haunted Town [from the "The Monsterican Dream"]03:13
27Hellbender Turbulence [from the "Get Heavy"]02:46
28Icon Of Dominance [from the "Get Heavy"]04:37
29Icon of Dominance [from the "The Monster Show"]04:37
30It Snows In Hell [from the "The Arockalypse"]03:37
31Kalmageddon [from the "The Monsterican Dream"]04:33
32Last Kiss Goodbye [from the "Get Heavy"]03:06
33Magistra Nocte [from the "The Monsterican Dream"]01:33
34Midnight Mover (Live) [from the "They Only Come Out at Night"]03:26
35Monster Monster [from the "Get Heavy"]03:23
36Mr. Killjoy [from the "Hard Rock Hallelujah"]03:24
37My Heaven Is Your Hell [from the "My Heaven Is Your Hell"]03:49
38My Heaven Is Your Hell [from the "The Monster Show"]03:42
39My Heaven Is Your Hell [from the "The Monsterican Dream"]03:41
40Not The Nicest Guy [from the "Get Heavy"]03:12
41Pet The Destroyer [from the "The Monsterican Dream"]03:51
42Pyromite [from the "Blood Red Sandman"]04:49
43Rock The Hell Outta You [from the "Get Heavy"]03:07
44Rock the Hell Outta You [from the "The Monster Show"]03:05
45Scarctic Circle Gathering [from the "Get Heavy"]01:02
46SCG3 Special Report [from the "The Arockalypse"]03:46
47Shotgun Divorce [from the "The Monster Show"]04:43
48Shotgun Divorce [from the "The Monsterican Dream"]04:42
49Supermonsters [from the "The Arockalypse"]04:04
50The Children Of The Night [from the "The Monster Show"]03:44
51The Children Of The Night [from the "The Monsterican Dream"]03:45
52The Deadite Girls Gone Wild [from the "The Arockalypse"]03:45
53The Devil Is a Loser [from the "The Monster Show"]03:31
54The Kids who Wanna Play with the Dead [from the "The Arockalypse"]04:07
55The Night of the Loving Dead [from the "The Arockalypse"]03:09
56Theatrical Trailer [from the "The Monsterican Dream"]01:09
57They Only Come Out at Night [from the "The Arockalypse"]03:49
58They Only Come Out At Night [from the "They Only Come Out at Night"]03:37
59They Only Come Out At Night [from the "Who's Your Daddy"]03:41
60Threatical Trailer [from the "The Monster Show"]01:11



Lordi is a Finnish hard rock band, which was formed in 1996 by the band's lead singer, songwriter and costume-designer, Tomi Putaansuu (Mr. Lordi).

The band is known for wearing monster masks and using pyrotechnics during concerts. []


  • Hard rock,
  • Heavy metal,
  • Shock rock
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