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Power from Hell by Onslaught [1985] [album editions]

Power from Hell (Onslaught)

Track listing

1Damnation Onslaught
2Onslaught (Power from Hell)
3Skull Crusher 1
4Lord of Evil
5Death Metal
6Angels of Death
7The Devils Legion Part 1
8The Devils Legion Part 2
9Steel Meets Steel
10Skull Crusher 2
11Witch Hunt
12Mighty Empress

Onslaught albums

1In Search of Sanity[ 1989 ]
2Killing Peace[ 2007 ]
3Power from Hell[ 1985 ]
4The Force[ 1986 ]
5The Shadow of Death[ 2008 ]
6VI[ 2013 ]
1In Search of Sanity (Onslaught)
2Killing Peace (Onslaught)
3Power from Hell (Onslaught)
4The Force (Onslaught)
5The Shadow of Death (Onslaught)
6VI (Onslaught)

Onslaught songs

166'Fucking'6 [from the "VI"]05:11
2A New World Order (intro) [from the "VI"]00:36
3An Innocent Man [from the "The Shadow of Death"]02:06
4Angels of Death [from the "Power from Hell"]03:21
5Asylum [from the "In Search of Sanity"]05:17
6Blood Upon the Ice [from the "In Search of Sanity"]08:21
7Burn [from the "Killing Peace"]04:51
8Chaos Is King [from the "VI"]04:05
9Children of the Sand [from the "VI"]06:05
10Confused [from the "In Search of Sanity"]01:58
11Contract in Blood [from the "The Force"]06:11
12Cruci-Fiction [from the "VI"]05:08
13Damnation Onslaught [from the "Power from Hell"]05:13
14Dead Man Walking [from the "VI"]04:06
15Death Metal [from the "Power from Hell"]03:42
16Demoniac [from the "The Force"]06:50
17Destroyer of Worlds [from the "Killing Peace"]05:56
18Enemy of My Enemy [from the "VI"]05:09
19Fight with the Beast [from the "The Force"]06:02
20Flame of the Antichrist [from the "The Force"]07:50
21Fuel for My Fire [from the "VI"]05:05
22In Search of Sanity [from the "In Search of Sanity"]07:19
23Killing Peace [from the "Killing Peace"]03:37
24Let There Be Death [from the "The Force"]06:42
25Let There Be Rock [from the "In Search of Sanity"]04:04
26Lightning War [from the "In Search of Sanity"]06:57
27Lord of Evil [from the "Power from Hell"]07:06
28Metal Forces [from the "The Force"]06:37
29Mighty Empress [from the "Power from Hell"]00:54
30Onslaught (Power from Hell) [from the "Power from Hell"]01:30
31Overthrow of the System [from the "The Shadow of Death"]01:35
32Pain [from the "Killing Peace"]04:08
33Planting Seeds of Hate [from the "Killing Peace"]05:00
34Power Play [from the "In Search of Sanity"]06:25
35Prayer for the Dead [from the "Killing Peace"]05:39
36Protest,But Who Said You Will Survive [from the "The Shadow of Death"]02:05
37Rape [from the "The Shadow of Death"]01:56
38Shellshock [from the "In Search of Sanity"]06:46
39Shock 'n' Awe [from the "Killing Peace"]03:57
40Skull Crusher 1 [from the "Power from Hell"]04:39
41Skull Crusher 2 [from the "Power from Hell"]03:45
42Slaughterize [from the "VI"]04:01
43Steel Meets Steel [from the "Power from Hell"]03:55
44Tested to Destruction [from the "Killing Peace"]04:44
45The Black Horse of Famine [from the "The Shadow of Death"]01:24
46The Black Horse of Famine (2) [from the "The Shadow of Death"]01:21
47The Devils Legion Part 1 [from the "Power from Hell"]02:17
48The Devils Legion Part 2 [from the "Power from Hell"]01:49
49The Shadow of Death [from the "The Shadow of Death"]02:47
50Thermo Nuclear Devastation Of The Planet Earth [from the "The Shadow of Death"]01:20
51Thrash Till the Death [from the "The Force"]04:40
52Treading the Path Toward Death [from the "The Shadow of Death"]02:16
53Twisted Jesus [from the "Killing Peace"]06:16
54Visions of Our Future [from the "The Shadow of Death"]02:11
55Welcome to Dying [from the "In Search of Sanity"]12:37
56Witch Hunt [from the "Power from Hell"]03:42



Onslaught are an English thrash metal band from Bristol, England.


  • D-beat,
  • Thrash metal
  • Lord of Evil by Onslaught

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