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Smashes, Thrashes & Hits by Kiss [1988] [album editions]

Smashes, Thrashes & Hits (Kiss)

Track listing

1Let`s Put The X In Sex
2(You Make Me) Rock Hard
3Love Gun
4Detroit Rock City
5I Love It Loud
7Lick It Up
8Heaven`s On Fire
9Calling Dr Love
11Beth (With Eric Carr Vocal)
12Tears Are Falling
13I Was Made For Lovin' You
14Rock & Roll All Night
15Shout It Out Loud

Kiss albums

1Destroyer[ 1976 ]
2Dressed to Kill[ 1975 ]
3Greatest Kiss[ 1997 ]
4Hotter Than Hell[ 1974 ]
5Kiss[ 1974 ]
6Revenge[ 1992 ]
7Smashes, Thrashes & Hits[ 1988 ]
8Unmasked[ 1980 ]
9We're A Happy Family - A Tribute To The Ramones[ 2003 ]
1Destroyer (Kiss)
2Dressed to Kill (Kiss)
3Greatest Kiss (Kiss)
4Hotter Than Hell (Kiss)
5Kiss (Kiss)
6Revenge (Kiss)
7Smashes, Thrashes & Hits (Kiss)
8Unmasked (Kiss)
9We're A Happy Family - A Tribute To The Ramones (Various artists)

Kiss songs

1(You Make Me) Rock Hard [from the "Smashes, Thrashes & Hits"]03:29
2100,000 Years [from the "Kiss"]03:23
3All The Way [from the "Hotter Than Hell"]03:18
4Anything For My Baby [from the "Dressed to Kill"]02:35
5Beth [from the "Greatest Kiss"]02:48
6Beth [from the "Destroyer"]02:49
7Beth (With Eric Carr Vocal) [from the "Smashes, Thrashes & Hits"]02:47
8Black Diamond [from the "Kiss"]05:13
9Calling Dr Love [from the "Smashes, Thrashes & Hits"]03:41
10Calling Dr. Love [from the "Greatest Kiss"]03:46
11Carr Jam 1981 [from the "Revenge"]02:45
12Christine Sixteen [from the "Greatest Kiss"]03:15
13C'mon And Love Me [from the "Dressed to Kill"]02:58
14Cold Gin [from the "Greatest Kiss"]04:23
15Cold Gin [from the "Kiss"]04:22
16Comin' Home [from the "Hotter Than Hell"]02:39
17Detroit Rock City [from the "Greatest Kiss"]03:38
18Detroit Rock City [from the "Smashes, Thrashes & Hits"]03:48
19Detroit Rock City [from the "Destroyer"]05:17
20Deuce [from the "Greatest Kiss"]03:06
21Deuce [from the "Smashes, Thrashes & Hits"]03:23
22Deuce [from the "Kiss"]03:05
23Do You Love Me [from the "Greatest Kiss"]03:34
24Do You Love Me [from the "Destroyer"]03:40
25Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio - Kiss [from the "We're A Happy Family - A Tribute To The Ramones"] 
26Domino [from the "Revenge"]04:01
27Easy As It Seems [from the "Unmasked"]03:26
28Every Time I Look At You [from the "Revenge"]04:40
29Firehouse [from the "Kiss"]03:18
30Flaming Youth [from the "Greatest Kiss"]03:00
31Flaming Youth [from the "Destroyer"]03:00
32Getaway [from the "Dressed to Kill"]02:43
33God Gave Rock'n'Roll To You II [from the "Revenge"]05:20
34God Of Thunder [from the "Destroyer"]04:17
35Goin' Blind [from the "Hotter Than Hell"]03:36
36Got To Choose [from the "Hotter Than Hell"]03:54
37Great Expectations [from the "Destroyer"]04:24
38Hard Luck Woman [from the "Greatest Kiss"]03:35
39Heart of Chrome [from the "Revenge"]04:04
40Heaven`s On Fire [from the "Smashes, Thrashes & Hits"]03:20
41Hotter Than Hell [from the "Hotter Than Hell"]03:31
42I Just Wanna [from the "Revenge"]04:07
43I Love It Loud [from the "Smashes, Thrashes & Hits"]03:47
44I Was Made For Lovin' You [from the "Greatest Kiss"]04:31
45I Was Made For Lovin' You [from the "Smashes, Thrashes & Hits"]04:31
46Is That You? [from the "Unmasked"]03:57
47King Of The Night Time World [from the "Destroyer"]03:21
48Kissin' Time [from the "Kiss"]03:53
49Ladies In Waiting [from the "Dressed to Kill"]02:33
50Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll [from the "Hotter Than Hell"]02:15
51Let Me Know [from the "Kiss"]02:59
52Let`s Put The X In Sex [from the "Smashes, Thrashes & Hits"]03:50
53Lick It Up [from the "Smashes, Thrashes & Hits"]03:54
54Love Gun [from the "Smashes, Thrashes & Hits"]03:33
55Love Her All I Can [from the "Dressed to Kill"]02:41
56Love Theme From KISS [from the "Kiss"]02:24
57Mainline [from the "Hotter Than Hell"]03:52
58Naked City [from the "Unmasked"]03:50
59Nothin' To Lose [from the "Kiss"]03:27
60Paralyzed [from the "Revenge"]04:16



Kiss is an American hard rock band formed in New York City in 1973. []


  • Hard rock,
  • Heavy metal,
  • Glam metal
  • Detroit Rock City by Kiss

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