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Farewell To The World (Live) by Crowded House [2006] [album editions]

Farewell To The World (Live) (Crowded House)

Track listing

1Mean to Me (Live)
2World Where You Live (Live)
3When You Come (Live)
4Private Universe (Live)
5Four Seasons in One Day (Live)
6Fall at Your Feet (Live)
7Whispers and Moans (Live)
8Hole in the River (Live)
9Better Be Home Soon (Live)
10Pineapple Head (Live)
11Distant Sun (Live)
12Into Temptation (Live)
13Everything Is Good for You (Live)
14Locked Out (Live)
15Something So Strong (Live)
16Sister Madly (Live)
17Italian Plastic (Live)
18Weather With You (Live)
19It's Only Natural (Live)
20There Goes God (Live)
21Fingers of Love (Live)
22In My Command (Live)
23Throw Your Arms Around Me (Live)
24Don't Dream It's Over (Live)

Crowded House albums

1Crowded House[ 1986 ]
2Farewell To The World (Live)[ 2006 ]
3Intriguer[ 2010 ]
4Temple of Low Men[ 1988 ]
5Time on Earth[ 2007 ]
6Together Alone[ 1993 ]
7Woodface[ 1991 ]
1Crowded House (Crowded House)
2Farewell To The World (Live) (Crowded House)
3Intriguer (Crowded House)
4Temple of Low Men (Crowded House)
5Time on Earth (Crowded House)
6Together Alone (Crowded House)
7Woodface (Crowded House)

Crowded House songs

1A Sigh [from the "Time on Earth"]03:17
2All I Ask [from the "Woodface"]03:56
3Amsterdam [from the "Intriguer"]03:34
4Archer's Arrows [from the "Intriguer"]04:04
5As Sure As I Am [from the "Woodface"]02:53
6Better Be Home Soon [from the "Temple of Low Men"]03:07
7Better Be Home Soon (Live) [from the "Farewell To The World (Live)"]04:43
8Black & White Boy [from the "Together Alone"]04:00
9Can't Carry On [from the "Crowded House"]03:57
10Catherine Wheels [from the "Together Alone"]05:12
11Chocolate Cake [from the "Woodface"]04:02
12Distant Sun [from the "Together Alone"]03:49
13Distant Sun (Live) [from the "Farewell To The World (Live)"]04:51
14Don't Dream It's Over [from the "Crowded House"]03:56
15Don't Dream It's Over (Live) [from the "Farewell To The World (Live)"]06:22
16Don't Stop Now [from the "Time on Earth"]03:54
17Either Side Of The World [from the "Intriguer"]04:35
18Elephants [from the "Intriguer"]04:30
19English Trees [from the "Time on Earth"]03:43
20Even a Child [from the "Time on Earth"]03:57
21Even If [from the "Intriguer"]04:03
22Everything Is Good for You (Live) [from the "Farewell To The World (Live)"]04:09
23Fall at Your Feet [from the "Woodface"]03:18
24Fall at Your Feet (Live) [from the "Farewell To The World (Live)"]03:25
25Falling Dove [from the "Intriguer"]04:35
26Fame Is [from the "Woodface"]02:23
27Fingers of Love [from the "Together Alone"]04:26
28Fingers of Love (Live) [from the "Farewell To The World (Live)"]05:35
29Four Seasons in One Day [from the "Woodface"]02:50
30Four Seasons in One Day (Live) [from the "Farewell To The World (Live)"]02:54
31Heaven That I'm Making [from the "Time on Earth"]03:56
32Hole in the River [from the "Crowded House"]04:00
33Hole in the River (Live) [from the "Farewell To The World (Live)"]06:47
34How Will You Go [from the "Woodface"]04:45
35I Feel Possessed [from the "Temple of Low Men"]03:47
36I Walk Away [from the "Crowded House"]03:06
37In My Command [from the "Together Alone"]03:43
38In My Command (Live) [from the "Farewell To The World (Live)"]04:26
39In the Lowlands [from the "Temple of Low Men"]03:57
40Inside Out [from the "Intriguer"]03:19
41Into Temptation [from the "Temple of Low Men"]04:33
42Into Temptation (Live) [from the "Farewell To The World (Live)"]04:49
43Isolation [from the "Intriguer"]04:37
44Italian Plastic [from the "Woodface"]03:39
45Italian Plastic (Live) [from the "Farewell To The World (Live)"]03:51
46It's Only Natural [from the "Woodface"]03:32
47It's Only Natural (Live) [from the "Farewell To The World (Live)"]05:07
48Kare Kare [from the "Together Alone"]03:35
49Kill Eye [from the "Temple of Low Men"]03:14
50Locked Out [from the "Together Alone"]03:17
51Locked Out (Live) [from the "Farewell To The World (Live)"]03:49
52Love This Life [from the "Temple of Low Men"]03:36
53Love You 'Til the Day I Die [from the "Crowded House"]03:32
54Mansion in the Slums [from the "Temple of Low Men"]03:45
55Mean to Me [from the "Crowded House"]03:16
56Mean to Me (Live) [from the "Farewell To The World (Live)"]04:11
57Nails in My Feet [from the "Together Alone"]03:39
58Never be the Same [from the "Temple of Low Men"]04:28
59Nobody Wants To [from the "Time on Earth"]04:10
60Now We're Getting Somewhere [from the "Crowded House"]04:05

Crowded House - top artists list [#639]

Crowded House

Crowded House are a rock band, formed in Melbourne, Australia and led by New Zealand singer-songwriter Neil Finn.

Finn is the primary songwriter and creative director of the band, having led it through several incarnations, drawing members from New Zealand, Australia and the United States. []


  • Rock,
  • Pop rock,
  • Indie rock,
  • Alternative rock
  • Don't Dream It's Over (Live) - one of the best Crowded House songs, top songs list [#1690]

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