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Ignite the Night by Chase Rice [2014] [album editions]

Ignite the Night (Chase Rice)

Track listing

1Ready Set Roll
2Do It Like This
3Beach Town
4MMM Girl
5Beer With The Boys
6Carolina Can
7We Goin' Out
8Gonna Wanna Tonight
9Look At My Truck
10U Turn
1150 Shades Of Crazy
12What's Your Name
13How She Rolls
14Jack Daniels And Jesus
15Whoa (Bonus Track)

Chase Rice albums

1Dirt Road Communion[ 2012 ]
2Ignite the Night[ 2014 ]
1Dirt Road Communion (Chase Rice)
2Ignite the Night (Chase Rice)

Chase Rice songs

150 Shades Of Crazy [from the "Ignite the Night"]03:10
2Beach Town [from the "Ignite the Night"]03:43
3Beer With The Boys [from the "Ignite the Night"]03:28
4Carolina Can [from the "Ignite the Night"]03:40
5Country Boy's Kryptonite [from the "Dirt Road Communion"]03:09
6Dirt Road Communion [from the "Dirt Road Communion"]03:36
7Do It Like This [from the "Ignite the Night"]03:35
8Every Song I Sing [from the "Dirt Road Communion"]03:02
9Gonna Wanna Tonight [from the "Ignite the Night"]03:35
10Happy Hour (Worktape) [from the "Dirt Road Communion"]07:43
11How She Rolls [from the "Ignite the Night"]02:59
12I Like Drinking, Cause It's Fun [from the "Dirt Road Communion"]03:13
13Jack Daniel's & Jesus [from the "Dirt Road Communion"]04:41
14Jack Daniels And Jesus [from the "Ignite the Night"]03:55
15Look At My Truck [from the "Ignite the Night"]03:16
16MMM Girl [from the "Ignite the Night"]03:43
17Only A Country Girl [from the "Dirt Road Communion"]03:33
18Pbj's & Pbr's [from the "Dirt Road Communion"]03:17
19Pop A Top Off (Good Time On) [from the "Dirt Road Communion"]02:49
20Ready Set Roll [from the "Ignite the Night"]03:10
21Room 205 [from the "Dirt Road Communion"]05:29
22Shades Of Green [from the "Dirt Road Communion"]03:34
23Shakin' The Wheels [from the "Dirt Road Communion"]03:39
24The Little Things [from the "Dirt Road Communion"]02:18
25U Turn [from the "Ignite the Night"]03:30
26We Goin' Out [from the "Ignite the Night"]03:29
27What's Your Name [from the "Ignite the Night"]03:18
28Whoa (Bonus Track) [from the "Ignite the Night"]03:30
29You Ain't Livin' Yet [from the "Dirt Road Communion"]03:01

Chase Rice - top artists list [#222]

Chase Rice

Chase Rice is an American singer and songwriter.


  • Bro-country
  • Gonna Wanna Tonight - one of the best Chase Rice songs, top songs list [#324]

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