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Where It All Began by Dan + Shay [2014] [album editions]

Where It All Began (Dan + Shay)

Track listing

1Show You Off
2Stop Drop + Roll
3You + Me
4What You Do To Me
5Can't Say Now
6First Time Feeling
7Nothin' Like You
8Somewhere Only We Know
9Parking Brake
10I Heard Goodbye
11Party Gilr
12Close Your Eyes
13You + Me (Acoustic)
14Show You Off (Acoustic)
15First Time Feeling (Acoustic)

Dan + Shay albums

1Where It All Began[ 2014 ]
1Where It All Began (Dan + Shay)

Dan + Shay songs

1Can't Say Now [from the "Where It All Began"]03:02
2Close Your Eyes [from the "Where It All Began"]04:03
3First Time Feeling [from the "Where It All Began"]04:07
4First Time Feeling (Acoustic) [from the "Where It All Began"]04:10
5I Heard Goodbye [from the "Where It All Began"]03:49
6Nothin' Like You [from the "Where It All Began"]03:13
7Parking Brake [from the "Where It All Began"]03:44
8Party Gilr [from the "Where It All Began"]04:00
9Show You Off [from the "Where It All Began"]03:10
10Show You Off (Acoustic) [from the "Where It All Began"]03:07
11Somewhere Only We Know [from the "Where It All Began"]03:14
12Stop Drop + Roll [from the "Where It All Began"]03:25
13What You Do To Me [from the "Where It All Began"]03:38
14You + Me [from the "Where It All Began"]03:45
15You + Me (Acoustic) [from the "Where It All Began"]03:49

Dan + Shay - top artists list [#210]

Dan + Shay

Dan + Shay is an American country music duo composed of vocalists and songwriters Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney. []


  • Country
  • Nothin' Like You - one of the best Dan + Shay songs, top songs list [#286]

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