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Sounds Good Feels Good by 5 Seconds of Summer [2015] [album editions]

Sounds Good Feels Good (5 Seconds of Summer)

Track listing

2She's Kinda Hot
3Hey Everybody!
4Permanent Vacation
5Jet Black Heart
6Catch Fire
7Safety Pin
8Waste The Night
11The Girl Who Cried Wolf
12Broken Home
13Fly Away
16San Francisco
17Outer Space/Carry On

5 Seconds of Summer albums

15 Seconds of Summer[ 2014 ]
2LiveSOS[ 2014 ]
3She Looks So Perfect[ 2014 ]
4Sounds Good Feels Good[ 2015 ]
15 Seconds of Summer (5 Seconds of Summer)
2LiveSOS (5 Seconds of Summer)
3She Looks So Perfect (5 Seconds of Summer)
4Sounds Good Feels Good (5 Seconds of Summer)

5 Seconds of Summer songs

118 [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:09
218 (Live) [from the "LiveSOS"]05:58
3Airplanes [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:38
4American Idiot [from the "LiveSOS"]03:16
5Amnesia [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:57
6Amnesia [from the "LiveSOS"]04:16
7Beside You [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:40
8Beside You [from the "LiveSOS"]03:58
9Broken Home [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:40
10Castaway [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:34
11Catch Fire [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:27
12Disconnected [from the "LiveSOS"]03:46
13Don't Stop [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]02:49
14Don't Stop [from the "LiveSOS"]02:50
15End Up Here [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:01
16End Up Here [from the "LiveSOS"]03:04
17English Love Affair [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:00
18Everything I Didn't Say [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:00
19Everything I Didn't Say [from the "LiveSOS"]03:57
20Fly Away [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:32
21Good Girls [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:27
22Good Girls [from the "LiveSOS"]02:55
23Greenlight [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]02:45
24Heartache On the Big Screen [from the "She Looks So Perfect"]03:24
25Heartache on the Big Screen [from the "LiveSOS"]04:02
26Heartbreak Girl [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:18
27Hey Everybody! [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:17
28Invisible [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:32
29Jet Black Heart [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:41
30Kiss Me Kiss Me [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:23
31Kiss Me Kiss Me [from the "LiveSOS"]03:31
32Long Way Home [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:19
33Long Way Home [from the "LiveSOS"]04:26
34Money [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]02:50
35Never Be [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:08
36Out Of My Limit [from the "LiveSOS"]03:25
37Outer Space/Carry On [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]06:39
38Permanent Vacation [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:26
39Safety Pin [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:27
40San Francisco [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]04:19
41She Looks So Perfect [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:22
42She Looks So Perfect [from the "She Looks So Perfect"]03:22
43She Looks So Perfect [from the "LiveSOS"]04:27
44She's Kinda Hot [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]03:38
45Social Casualty [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:08
46Teenage Dream [from the "LiveSOS"]04:11
47The Girl Who Cried Wolf [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]04:18
48The Only Reason [from the "She Looks So Perfect"]03:23
49Vapor [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]02:59
50Voodoo Doll [from the "5 Seconds of Summer"]03:17
51Waste The Night [from the "Sounds Good Feels Good"]04:26
52What I Like About You [from the "She Looks So Perfect"]02:31
53What I Like About You [from the "LiveSOS"]03:56
54What I Like About You (Studio Mix) [from the "LiveSOS"]05:26

5 Seconds of Summer - top artists list [#144]

5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer are an Australian pop punk/pop rock band formed in Sydney in 2011 []


  • Pop punk,
  • Pop rock
  • She's Kinda Hot - one of the best 5 Seconds of Summer songs, top songs list [#348]

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