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Shout it Out by Hanson [2010] [album editions]

Shout it Out (Hanson)

Track listing

1Waiting for This
2Thinking 'Bout Somethin'
3Kiss Me When You Come Home
4Carry You There
5Give a Little
6Make It Out Alive
7And I Waited
8Use Me Up
9These Walls
10Musical Ride
11Voice in the Chorus
12Me Myself and I

Hanson albums

13 Car Garage[ 1998 ]
2Anthem[ 2013 ]
3Boomerang[ 1995 ]
4Live from Albertane[ 1998 ]
5Middle of Nowhere[ 1997 ]
6Shout it Out[ 2010 ]
7Snowed In[ 1997 ]
8The Walk[ 2007 ]
9This Time Around[ 2000 ]
10Underneath[ 2004 ]
13 Car Garage (Hanson)
2Anthem (Hanson)
3Boomerang (Hanson)
4Live from Albertane (Hanson)
5Middle of Nowhere (Hanson)
6Shout it Out (Hanson)
7Snowed In (Hanson)
8The Walk (Hanson)
9This Time Around (Hanson)
10Underneath (Hanson)

Hanson songs

61Misery [from the "Underneath"]03:08
62MMMBop [from the "Live from Albertane"]04:30
63MMMBop [from the "Middle of Nowhere"]04:28
64MMMBop [from the "3 Car Garage"]05:16
65Money (That's What I Want) [from the "Live from Albertane"]02:25
66More Than Anything [from the "Boomerang"]06:07
67More Than Anything [from the "Live from Albertane"]04:31
68More Than Anything (Reprise) [from the "Boomerang"]04:38
69Musical Ride [from the "Shout it Out"]03:48
70Ngi Ne Themba (I Have Hope) [from the "The Walk"]00:24
71One More [from the "The Walk"]04:10
72Penny & Me [from the "Underneath"]04:03
73Pictures [from the "3 Car Garage"]02:12
74Poison Ivy (The Coasters cover) [from the "Boomerang"]03:00
75Rain (Falling Down) [from the "Boomerang"]02:39
76River [from the "Live from Albertane"]03:34
77River [from the "3 Car Garage"]03:47
78Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree [from the "Snowed In"]02:38
79Run Rudolph Run [from the "Snowed In"]03:12
80Runaway Run [from the "This Time Around"]03:41
81Running Man [from the "The Walk"]03:41
82Save Me [from the "This Time Around"]03:40
83Save Me From Myself [from the "Anthem"]03:54
84Scream and Be Free [from the "Anthem"]04:22
85Silent Night Medley: O Holy Night/Silent Night/O Come All Ye Faithful [from the "Snowed In"]05:26
86Smile [from the "This Time Around"]03:19
87Soldier [from the "3 Car Garage"]06:13
88Something Going Round [from the "The Walk"]03:13
89Sometimes [from the "3 Car Garage"]04:25
90Speechless [from the "Live from Albertane"]03:51
91Speechless [from the "Middle of Nowhere"]04:20
92Stories [from the "3 Car Garage"]02:34
93Strong Enough to Break [from the "Underneath"]03:44
94Sure About It [from the "This Time Around"]03:27
95Surely as the Sun [from the "3 Car Garage"]05:39
96Tearing It Down [from the "The Walk"]03:04
97The Love You Save (The Jackson 5 cover) [from the "Boomerang"]02:41
98The Walk [from the "The Walk"]05:06
99These Walls [from the "Shout it Out"]03:57
100Thinking 'Bout Somethin' [from the "Shout it Out"]03:45
101Thinking Of You [from the "Middle of Nowhere"]03:13
102Thinking of You [from the "3 Car Garage"]03:10
103This Time Around [from the "This Time Around"]04:17
104Tonight [from the "Anthem"]04:37
105Tragic Symphony [from the "Anthem"]03:10
106Two Tears [from the "3 Car Garage"]02:40
107Underneath [from the "Underneath"]04:40
108Use Me Up [from the "Shout it Out"]04:04
109Voice in the Chorus [from the "Shout it Out"]04:38
110Waiting for This [from the "Shout it Out"]03:17
111Watch Over Me [from the "The Walk"]04:54
112Weird [from the "Middle of Nowhere"]04:02
113What Christmas Means To Me [from the "Snowed In"]03:43
114When You're Gone [from the "Underneath"]04:31
115Where's the Love [from the "Live from Albertane"]04:57
116Where's the Love [from the "Middle of Nowhere"]04:13
117White Christmas [from the "Snowed In"]01:49
118Wish That I Was There [from the "This Time Around"]03:32
119With You in Your Dreams [from the "Live from Albertane"]04:18
120With You In Your Dreams [from the "Middle of Nowhere"]03:56

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Hanson are an American pop rock band formed in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson.

They are best known for the 1997 hit song "MMMBop" from their major label debut album Middle of Nowhere, which earned three Grammy nominations. []


  • Pop rock,
  • Indie rock,
  • Alternative,
  • Teen pop
  • Thinking 'Bout Somethin' - one of the best Hanson songs, top songs list [#1284]

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