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Hard to Earn by Gang Starr [1994] [album editions]

Hard to Earn (Gang Starr)

Track listing

1Intro (The First Step)
2A Long Way To Go
3Code Of The Streets
5Tonz O Gunz
6The Planet
7Aiiight Chill
8Speak Ya Clout (ft. Lil Dap & Jeru the Damaja)
9DWYCK (ft. Nice & Smooth)
10Words from the Nutcracker (ft. Melachi the Nutcracker)
11Mass Appeal
12Blowin' Up the Spot
13Suckas Need Bodyguards
14Now You're Mine
15Mostly Tha Voice
16F.A.L.A. (ft. Big Shug)
17Comin' For Datazz

Gang Starr albums

18 Mile (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
2Blade (Soundtrack)[ 1998 ]
3Daily Operation[ 1992 ]
4Hard to Earn[ 1994 ]
5Moment of Truth[ 1998 ]
6No More Mr. Nice Guy[ 1989 ]
7Step In the Arena[ 1991 ]
8The Ownerz[ 2003 ]
18 Mile (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
2Blade (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
3Daily Operation (Gang Starr)
4Hard to Earn (Gang Starr)
5Moment of Truth (Gang Starr)
6No More Mr. Nice Guy (Gang Starr)
7Step In the Arena (Gang Starr)
8The Ownerz (Gang Starr)

Gang Starr songs

1(Hiney) [from the "The Ownerz"]01:32
21/2 & 1/2 - Gang Starr, M.O.P. [from the "Blade (Soundtrack)"] 
32 Deep [from the "Daily Operation"]03:39
42 Steps Ahead [from the "No More Mr. Nice Guy"]03:46
524-7/365 [from the "Daily Operation"]00:24
692 Interlude [from the "Daily Operation"]00:29
7A Long Way To Go [from the "Hard to Earn"]04:13
8Above the Clouds (ft. Inspectah Deck) [from the "Moment of Truth"]03:41
9Aiiight Chill [from the "Hard to Earn"]03:13
10As I Read My S-A [from the "Step In the Arena"]03:02
11B. I. Vs Friendship (ft. M.O.P.) [from the "Moment of Truth"]04:37
12B.Y.S. [from the "Daily Operation"]03:06
13Battle - Gang Starr [from the "8 Mile (Soundtrack)"]02:56
14Betrayal (ft. Scarface) [from the "Moment of Truth"]05:29
15Beyond Comprehension [from the "Step In the Arena"]03:13
16Blowin' Up the Spot [from the "Hard to Earn"]03:10
17Brainstorm [from the "Hard to Earn"]03:02
18Capture (ft. Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx) [from the "The Ownerz"]03:23
19Cause and Effect [from the "No More Mr. Nice Guy"]03:19
20Check the Technique [from the "Step In the Arena"]03:58
21Code Of The Streets [from the "Hard to Earn"]03:29
22Comin' For Datazz [from the "Hard to Earn"]04:02
23Conscience Be Free [from the "No More Mr. Nice Guy"]04:01
24Conspiracy [from the "Daily Operation"]02:47
25Daily Operation [from the "Daily Operation"]00:27
26Deadly Habitz [from the "The Ownerz"]04:15
27DJ Premier in Deep Concentratn [from the "No More Mr. Nice Guy"]03:10
28DWYCK (ft. Nice & Smooth) [from the "Hard to Earn"]04:03
29Eulogy [from the "The Ownerz"]02:55
30Ex Girl to Next Girl [from the "Daily Operation"]04:39
31Execution Of A Chump (No More Mr. Nice Guy Part 2) [from the "Step In the Arena"]02:42
32F.A.L.A. (ft. Big Shug) [from the "Hard to Earn"]04:17
33Flip the Script [from the "Daily Operation"]04:02
34Form of Intellect [from the "Step In the Arena"]03:40
35Game Plan [from the "Step In the Arena"]01:08
36Gotch U [from the "No More Mr. Nice Guy"]03:06
37Gusto [from the "No More Mr. Nice Guy"]03:12
38Hardcore Composer [from the "Daily Operation"]03:16
39Here Today, Gone Tomorrow [from the "Step In the Arena"]02:18
40I'm the Man [from the "Daily Operation"]04:04
41In Memory of... [from the "Moment of Truth"]03:50
42In This Life... (ft. Snoop Dogg & Uncle Reo) [from the "The Ownerz"]03:06
43Intro (HQ, Goo, Panch) [from the "The Ownerz"]00:47
44Intro (The First Step) [from the "Hard to Earn"]00:54
45Itz a Set Up (ft. Hannibal Stax) [from the "Moment of Truth"]03:49
46Jazz Music [from the "No More Mr. Nice Guy"]03:27
47JFK 2 LAX [from the "Moment of Truth"]03:34
48Just To Get A Rep [from the "Step In the Arena"]02:42
49Knowledge [from the "No More Mr. Nice Guy"]03:38
50Love Sick [from the "Step In the Arena"]03:27
51Make 'Em Pay (ft. Krumbsnatcha) [from the "Moment of Truth"]04:21
52Manifest [from the "No More Mr. Nice Guy"]04:53
53Manifest (Remix) [from the "No More Mr. Nice Guy"]05:09
54Mass Appeal [from the "Hard to Earn"]03:41
55Moment of Truth [from the "Moment of Truth"]04:07
56Mostly Tha Voice [from the "Hard to Earn"]03:38
57Much Too Much [from the "Daily Operation"]03:30
58My Advice 2 You [from the "Moment of Truth"]02:31
59Name Tag [from the "Step In the Arena"]00:36
60New York Strait Talk [from the "Moment of Truth"]04:14

Gang Starr - top artists list [#603]

Gang Starr

Gang Starr was an influential East Coast hip hop duo that consisted of the late MC Guru (1961-2010) and DJ/producer DJ Premier.

The group was founded by Keith Elam in Boston, Massachusetts in 1985 (Keithy E. The Guru) and DJ 1,2 B-Down (Mike Dee).


  • East Coast hip hop,
  • Jazz rap,
  • Alternative hip hop
  • Mass Appeal - one of the best Gang Starr songs, top songs list [#1477]

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