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You Should Be Here by Cole Swindell [2016] [album editions]

You Should Be Here (Cole Swindell)

Track listing

1Flatliner (ft. Dierks Bentley)
2Middle of a Memory
3Broke Down
4Home Game
6Party Wasn't Over
7Stay Downtown
8You Should Be Here
10Making My Way to You
11No Can Left Behind
12Remember Boys

Cole Swindell albums

1Cole Swindell[ 2014 ]
2You Should Be Here[ 2016 ]
1Cole Swindell (Cole Swindell)
2You Should Be Here (Cole Swindell)

Cole Swindell songs

1Ain't Worth The Whiskey [from the "Cole Swindell"]03:10
2Broke Down [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:24
3Brought To You By Beer [from the "Cole Swindell"]03:08
4Chillin' It [from the "Cole Swindell"]03:14
5Down Home Boys [from the "Cole Swindell"]02:51
6Dozen Roses & A Six-Pack [from the "Cole Swindell"]04:27
7Flatliner (ft. Dierks Bentley) [from the "You Should Be Here"]02:56
8Get Up [from the "Cole Swindell"]02:39
9Hey Y'all [from the "Cole Swindell"]02:47
10Home Game [from the "You Should Be Here"]04:10
11Hope You Get Lonely Tonight [from the "Cole Swindell"]03:48
12I Just Want You [from the "Cole Swindell"]03:54
13Let Me See Ya Girl [from the "Cole Swindell"]03:06
14Making My Way to You [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:29
15Middle of a Memory [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:47
16No Can Left Behind [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:48
17Party Wasn't Over [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:47
18Remember Boys [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:06
19Stars [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:21
20Stay Downtown [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:23
21Swayin' [from the "Cole Swindell"]03:26
22The Back Roads & The Back Row [from the "Cole Swindell"]03:41
23Up [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:14
24You Should Be Here [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:11

Cole Swindell - top artists list [#66]

Cole Swindell

Colden Rainey "Cole" Swindell is an American country music songwriter and recording artist.


  • Country
  • Middle of a Memory - one of the best Cole Swindell songs, top songs list [#94]

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