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Doin' My Thing by Luke Bryan [2009] [album editions]

Doin' My Thing (Luke Bryan)

Track listing

1Rain Is a Good Thing
2Doin' My Thing
3Do I
4What Country Is
5Someone Else Calling You Baby
6Welcome to the Farm
8Every Time I See You
9Chuggin' Along
10I Did It Again
11Drinkin' Beer and Wastin' Bullets

Luke Bryan albums

1Crash My Party[ 2013 ]
2Doin' My Thing[ 2009 ]
3I'll Stay Me[ 2007 ]
4Kill the Lights[ 2015 ]
5Spring Break...Checkin' Out[ 2015 ]
6Tailgates & Tanlines[ 2011 ]
1Crash My Party (Luke Bryan)
2Doin' My Thing (Luke Bryan)
3I'll Stay Me (Luke Bryan)
4Kill the Lights (Luke Bryan)
5Spring Break...Checkin' Out (Luke Bryan)
6Tailgates & Tanlines (Luke Bryan)

Luke Bryan songs

1All My Friends Say [from the "I'll Stay Me"]04:02
2Apologize [from the "Doin' My Thing"]02:52
3Are You Leaving With Him [from the "Spring Break...Checkin' Out"]03:24
4Baby's On The Way [from the "I'll Stay Me"]03:20
5Been There, Done That [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]04:29
6Beer In The Headlights [from the "Crash My Party"]02:51
7Better Than My Heart [from the "Crash My Party"]03:45
8Blood Brothers [from the "Crash My Party"]04:03
9Checkin’ Out [from the "Spring Break...Checkin' Out"]03:31
10Chuggin' Along [from the "Doin' My Thing"]02:59
11Country Girl (Shake It for Me) [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]03:45
12Country Man [from the "I'll Stay Me"]03:10
13Crash My Party [from the "Crash My Party"]03:54
14Dirt Road Diary [from the "Crash My Party"]03:32
15Do I [from the "Doin' My Thing"]03:59
16Doin' My Thing [from the "Doin' My Thing"]03:09
17Drink a Beer [from the "Crash My Party"]03:22
18Drinkin' Beer and Wastin' Bullets [from the "Doin' My Thing"]04:19
19Drunk on You [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]03:33
20Every Time I See You [from the "Doin' My Thing"]04:05
21Faded Away [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]03:48
22Fast [from the "Kill the Lights"]03:26
23First Love Song [from the "I'll Stay Me"]04:36
24Games [from the "Spring Break...Checkin' Out"]02:56
25Good Lookin' Girl [from the "Spring Break...Checkin' Out"]03:44
26Goodbye Girl [from the "Crash My Party"]02:39
27Harvest Time [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]03:27
28Home Alone Tonight (ft. Karen Fairchild) [from the "Kill the Lights"]03:10
29Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Every Day [from the "Kill the Lights"]04:38
30I Did It Again [from the "Doin' My Thing"]04:49
31I Don't Want This Night to End [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]03:40
32I Knew You That Way [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]03:32
33I Know You're Gonna Be There [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]03:37
34I See You [from the "Crash My Party"]03:06
35I'll Stay Me [from the "I'll Stay Me"]03:02
36Just Over [from the "Kill the Lights"]03:13
37Kick the Dust Up [from the "Kill the Lights"]03:10
38Kill the Lights [from the "Kill the Lights"]02:59
39Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]03:23
40Like We Ain't Ever [from the "Spring Break...Checkin' Out"]03:18
41Love It Gone [from the "Kill the Lights"]03:38
42Move [from the "Kill the Lights"]03:47
43Muckalee Creek Water [from the "Tailgates & Tanlines"]03:56
44My Ol' Bronco [from the "Spring Break...Checkin' Out"]03:13
45Night One [from the "Spring Break...Checkin' Out"]03:53
46Out Like That [from the "Crash My Party"]03:18
47Over The River [from the "I'll Stay Me"]03:54
48Play It Again [from the "Crash My Party"]03:46
49Pray About Everything [from the "I'll Stay Me"]03:16
50Rain Is a Good Thing [from the "Doin' My Thing"]02:56
51Razor Blade [from the "Kill the Lights"]03:41
52Roller Coaster [from the "Crash My Party"]04:19
53Scarecrows [from the "Kill the Lights"]03:38
54She Get Me High [from the "Spring Break...Checkin' Out"]03:37
55Shut It Down [from the "Crash My Party"]03:16
56Someone Else Calling You Baby [from the "Doin' My Thing"]03:49
57Spring Breakdown [from the "Spring Break...Checkin' Out"]03:48
58Strip It Down [from the "Kill the Lights"]04:01
59Sunburnt Lips [from the "Crash My Party"]03:26
60Tackle Box [from the "I'll Stay Me"]04:02

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Luke Bryan

Thomas Luther "Luke" Bryan is an American country music singer and songwriter. []


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  • Doin' My Thing by Luke Bryan

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