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Alter Ego by Lady Saw [2014] [album editions]

Alter Ego (Lady Saw)

Track listing

1What Kinda Man (ft. Estelle)
2I Do Love You (ft. Ali Campbell)
3She Has Changed (ft. Beres Hammond)
5I Hate Your Guts
6Nuh Yuh Business
8Pretty Fingers
9Me & Mi X
10Heels On (ft. Florida)

Lady Saw albums

1Alter Ego[ 2014 ]
2My Way[ 2010 ]
3Raw, The Best of Lady Saw[ 1998 ]
4Strip Tease[ 2004 ]
5Walk Out[ 2007 ]
1Alter Ego (Lady Saw)
2My Way (Lady Saw)
3Raw, The Best of Lady Saw (Lady Saw)
4Strip Tease (Lady Saw)
5Walk Out (Lady Saw)

Lady Saw songs

15 Minutes [from the "My Way"]03:11
2Baby Dry Your Eyes [from the "Walk Out"]04:35
3Been So Long [from the "Strip Tease"]03:49
4Best Pum Pum [from the "Strip Tease"]03:25
5Big Up [from the "Walk Out"]03:35
6Bigga Than [from the "My Way"]03:13
7Chat To Mi Back [from the "Walk Out"]02:49
8Cockpit [from the "Alter Ego"]04:46
9Coming Over [from the "Strip Tease"]03:46
10Crazy Love [from the "My Way"]04:43
11Cyaan Get Me [from the "My Way"]03:47
12Darnest Things [from the "Raw, The Best of Lady Saw"]03:14
13Dedicated to Mam [from the "Strip Tease"]04:08
14Do Me Better [from the "Strip Tease"]02:52
15Dreaming of You [from the "Strip Tease"]03:40
16Eh-Hem [from the "Raw, The Best of Lady Saw"]02:36
17Every Way Mi Go [from the "My Way"]03:35
18Facebook [from the "My Way"]03:13
19Find a Good Man [from the "Raw, The Best of Lady Saw"]03:34
20Gal No Worry [from the "Raw, The Best of Lady Saw"]02:59
21Good Love (ft. Sizzla) [from the "Strip Tease"]03:30
22Good Wuk [from the "Raw, The Best of Lady Saw"]03:22
23Hardcore [from the "Raw, The Best of Lady Saw"]03:38
24Healing [from the "Raw, The Best of Lady Saw"]03:33
25Heaven [from the "Alter Ego"]05:46
26Heels On (ft. Florida) [from the "Alter Ego"]04:00
27Hello Lady Saw [from the "Walk Out"]02:53
28He's At My House (ft. Eve) [from the "My Way"]03:19
29Hice it Up [from the "Raw, The Best of Lady Saw"]03:17
30Hoping [from the "Alter Ego"]03:36
31Hot Man a Road [from the "Raw, The Best of Lady Saw"]03:50
32I Can't Wait (ft. Ding Dong) [from the "My Way"]03:40
33I Do Love You (ft. Ali Campbell) [from the "Alter Ego"]05:14
34I Hate Your Guts [from the "Alter Ego"]03:28
35If Him Lef [from the "Raw, The Best of Lady Saw"]03:45
36I'm A Woman [from the "My Way"]04:34
37Intro [from the "Strip Tease"]00:32
38It's Like That [from the "Walk Out"]03:22
39I've Got Your Man [from the "Strip Tease"]02:59
40Just Being Me [from the "Strip Tease"]03:28
41Life Without Dick [from the "Raw, The Best of Lady Saw"]03:28
42Like It [from the "Walk Out"]04:40
43Lock It Up [from the "Strip Tease"]03:17
44Loser (ft. Ce'Cile) [from the "Strip Tease"]03:22
45Mama G [from the "Raw, The Best of Lady Saw"]03:53
46Man Is the Least [from the "Strip Tease"]03:50
47Me & Mi X [from the "Alter Ego"]03:12
48Me and My Crew (The RAE) [from the "Walk Out"]03:10
49Me Hold Yuh [from the "My Way"]02:53
50Messed Up [from the "Strip Tease"]03:38
51Move Your Body (ft. Voice Mail) [from the "Strip Tease"]03:30
52Muscle Control (ft. Camar Doyles) [from the "My Way"]03:32
53My Dreamz [from the "Strip Tease"]04:53
54My Way [from the "My Way"]04:59
55No Less Than A Woman (Infertility) [from the "Walk Out"]04:01
56No Long Talking [from the "Raw, The Best of Lady Saw"]03:44
57Not The World's Prettiest [from the "Walk Out"]05:17
58Nuh Yuh Business [from the "Alter Ego"]02:48
59Part Till December [from the "My Way"]03:20
60Power Of The Pum [from the "Walk Out"]03:14

Lady Saw - top artists list [#399]

Lady Saw

Marion Hall, better known as Lady Saw, is a Jamaican reggae singer.

She is the first female deejay to win a Grammy Award and to be certified as a triple-platinum artist.


  • Reggae,
  • Dancehall,
  • Reggae fusion
  • Heels On (ft. Florida) - one of the best Lady Saw songs, top songs list [#680]

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