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The Original High by Adam Lambert [2015] [album editions]

The Original High (Adam Lambert)

Track listing

1Ghost Town
2The Original High
3Another Lonely Night
5There I Said It
6Rumors (ft. Tove Lo)
7Evil in the Night
8Lucy (ft. Brian May)
9Things I Didn't Say
10The Light
11Heavy Fire
12After Hours
14These Boys

Adam Lambert albums

1Acoustic Live![ 2010 ]
2Beg For Mercy[ 2011 ]
3For Your Entertainment[ 2009 ]
4Glam Nation Live[ 2011 ]
5The Original High[ 2015 ]
6Trespassing[ 2012 ]
1Acoustic Live! (Adam Lambert)
2Beg For Mercy (Adam Lambert)
3For Your Entertainment (Adam Lambert)
4Glam Nation Live (Adam Lambert)
5The Original High (Adam Lambert)
6Trespassing (Adam Lambert)

Adam Lambert songs

120th Century Boy [from the "Glam Nation Live"]05:19
2A Loaded Smile [from the "For Your Entertainment"]04:03
3After Hours [from the "The Original High"]02:44
4Aftermath [from the "For Your Entertainment"]04:24
5Aftermath [from the "Glam Nation Live"]05:01
6Aftermath (Live at Glam Nation) [from the "Acoustic Live!"]04:21
7Another Lonely Night [from the "The Original High"]03:45
8Beg For Mercy [from the "Beg For Mercy"]02:59
9Better Than I Know Myself [from the "Trespassing"]03:36
10Broken English [from the "Trespassing"]03:37
11Broken Open [from the "For Your Entertainment"]05:02
12Chokehold [from the "Trespassing"]03:51
13Crawl Through The Fire [from the "Beg For Mercy"]03:13
14Cuckoo [from the "Trespassing"]03:02
15Down the Rabbit Hole [from the "Glam Nation Live"]02:41
16Evil in the Night [from the "The Original High"]03:56
17Fever [from the "For Your Entertainment"]03:24
18Fever [from the "Glam Nation Live"]03:32
19For Your Entertainment [from the "For Your Entertainment"]03:34
20Ghost Town [from the "The Original High"]03:28
21Heavy Fire [from the "The Original High"]03:19
22If I Had You [from the "For Your Entertainment"]03:47
23If I Had You [from the "Glam Nation Live"]07:33
24Interlude [from the "Glam Nation Live"]04:59
25Interlude II [from the "Glam Nation Live"]04:59
26Interlude III [from the "Glam Nation Live"]02:47
27Just The Way It Is [from the "Beg For Mercy"]04:07
28Kickin' In [from the "Trespassing"]03:16
29Lucy (ft. Brian May) [from the "The Original High"]03:32
30Mad World [from the "Acoustic Live!"]02:54
31MP3's Killed The Record Companies [from the "Beg For Mercy"]03:00
32Music Again [from the "For Your Entertainment"]03:16
33Music Again [from the "Glam Nation Live"]03:54
34Music Again (Live at Hit Radio FFH) [from the "Acoustic Live!"]03:14
35Naked Love [from the "Trespassing"]03:22
36Never Close Our Eyes [from the "Trespassing"]04:08
37Nirvana [from the "Trespassing"]04:22
38Outlaws of Love [from the "Trespassing"]03:51
39Pick U Up [from the "For Your Entertainment"]03:59
40Pop Goes The Camera [from the "Beg For Mercy"]03:18
41Pop That Lock [from the "Trespassing"]03:14
42Ring of Fire [from the "Glam Nation Live"]02:05
43Rough Trade [from the "Beg For Mercy"]02:50
44Rumors (ft. Tove Lo) [from the "The Original High"]03:45
45Run Away [from the "Beg For Mercy"]04:04
46Runnin' [from the "Trespassing"]03:48
47Sacrifice [from the "Beg For Mercy"]03:23
48Shady (ft. Nile Rodgers & Sam Sparro) [from the "Trespassing"]02:58
49Shame [from the "The Original High"]03:26
50Sleepwalker [from the "For Your Entertainment"]04:24
51Sleepwalker [from the "Glam Nation Live"]01:24
52Soaked [from the "For Your Entertainment"]04:31
53Soaked [from the "Glam Nation Live"]04:36
54Soaked (Live at Glam Nation) [from the "Acoustic Live!"]04:10
55Strut [from the "For Your Entertainment"]03:28
56Strut [from the "Glam Nation Live"]04:05
57Sure Fire Winners [from the "For Your Entertainment"]03:31
58Sure Fire Winners [from the "Glam Nation Live"]03:49
59Take Back [from the "Trespassing"]03:12
60The Circle [from the "Beg For Mercy"]02:58

Adam Lambert - top artists list [#113]

Adam Lambert

Adam Mitchel Lambert (born January 29, 1982) is an American singer, songwriter, and actor from San Diego, California.

Lambert released his debut album, For Your Entertainment, on November 23, 2009. The album debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200 on the week of December 12, 2009, selling 198,000 copies in the United States in the first week. []


  • Pop,
  • Alternative rock
  • Ghost Town - one of the best Adam Lambert songs, top songs list [#340]

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