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Friday Night In San Francisco (John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucia) by Al Di Meola [1997] [album editions]

Friday Night In San Francisco (John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucia) (Al Di Meola)

Track listing

1Mediterranean Sundance / Rio Ancho
2Short Tales of the Black Forest
3Frevo Rasgado
4Fantasia Suite
5Guardian Angel

Al Di Meola albums

1Casino[ 1978 ]
2Cielo e Terra[ 1985 ]
3Consequence of Chaos[ 2006 ]
4Di Meola Plays Piazzolla[ 1996 ]
5Diabolic Inventions and Seduct[ 2007 ]
6Electric Rendezvous[ 1982 ]
7Elegant Gypsy[ 1977 ]
8Flesh On Flesh[ 2002 ]
9Friday Night In San Francisco (John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucia)[ 1997 ]
10Kiss My Axe[ 1991 ]
11Land of the Midnight Sun[ 1976 ]
12Orange and Blue[ 1994 ]
13Scenario[ 1983 ]
14Soaring Through A Dream[ 1985 ]
15Splendido Hotel[ 1980 ]
16The Grande Passion[ 2000 ]
17The Infinite Desire[ 1998 ]
18Tirami Su[ 1987 ]
19Vocal Rendezvous[ 2006 ]
20Winter Nights[ 1999 ]
21World Sinfonia[ 1991 ]
22World Sinfonia II - Heart of the Immigrants[ 1993 ]
1Casino (Al Di Meola)
2Cielo e Terra (Al Di Meola)
3Consequence of Chaos (Al Di Meola)
4Di Meola Plays Piazzolla (Al Di Meola)
5Diabolic Inventions and Seduct (Al Di Meola)
6Electric Rendezvous (Al Di Meola)
7Elegant Gypsy (Al Di Meola)
8Flesh On Flesh (Al Di Meola)
9Friday Night In San Francisco (John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucia) (Al Di Meola)
10Kiss My Axe (Al Di Meola)
11Land of the Midnight Sun (Al Di Meola)
12Orange and Blue (Al Di Meola)
13Scenario (Al Di Meola)
14Soaring Through A Dream (Al Di Meola)
15Splendido Hotel (Al Di Meola)
16The Grande Passion (Al Di Meola)
17The Infinite Desire (Al Di Meola)
18Tirami Su (Al Di Meola)
19Vocal Rendezvous (Al Di Meola)
20Winter Nights (Al Di Meola)
21World Sinfonia (Al Di Meola)
22World Sinfonia II - Heart of the Immigrants (Al Di Meola)

Al Di Meola songs

121Oriana (September 24, 1988) [from the "Kiss My Axe"]05:20
122Orient Blue [from the "World Sinfonia"]02:58
123Paradisio [from the "Orange and Blue"]07:18
124Parranda [from the "World Sinfonia II - Heart of the Immigrants"]04:26
125Passion, Grace & Fire [from the "Electric Rendezvous"]05:38
126Perpetual Emotion [from the "World Sinfonia"]03:32
127Phantom [from the "Kiss My Axe"]07:53
128Poema Valseado [from the "Diabolic Inventions and Seduct"]04:27
129Precious Little You [from the "Orange and Blue"]04:24
130Prelude: Adagio for Theresa [from the "The Grande Passion"]01:22
131Purple Orchids [from the "Kiss My Axe"]06:45
132Race With Devil on Spanish Highway [from the "Elegant Gypsy"]06:18
133Race With Devil on Turkish Highway [from the "The Infinite Desire"]04:05
134Red Moon [from the "Consequence of Chaos"]04:30
135Rendezvous Rhapsody (ft. Till Bronner) [from the "Vocal Rendezvous"]05:57
136Rhapsody of Fire [from the "Tirami Su"]05:05
137Ritmo De La Noche [from the "Electric Rendezvous"]04:19
138Roller Jubilee [from the "Splendido Hotel"]04:44
139Romantico [from the "Diabolic Inventions and Seduct"]04:35
140Saffire Soleil [from the "Flesh On Flesh"]04:10
141San Marco (Moderna) [from the "Consequence of Chaos"]04:55
142San Marco (Vecchio) [from the "Consequence of Chaos"]01:51
143Sanctuary [from the "Consequence of Chaos"]02:10
144Sarabande from Violin Sonata in B Minor [from the "Land of the Midnight Sun"]01:20
145Scarborough Fair [from the "Winter Nights"]04:36
146Scenario [from the "Scenario"]03:59
147Schall & Rauch (ft. Xavier Naidoo) [from the "Vocal Rendezvous"]03:59
148Scoundrel [from the "Scenario"]03:44
149Senor Mouse [from the "Casino"]07:22
150Senor Mouse [from the "Flesh On Flesh"]09:24
151Sequencer [from the "Scenario"]04:09
152Shaking the Spirits [from the "The Infinite Desire"]06:30
153Shame (ft. Joe) [from the "Vocal Rendezvous"]03:40
154Short Tales of the Black Forest [from the "Friday Night In San Francisco (John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Paco de Lucia)"]08:41
155Short Tales of the Black Forest [from the "Land of the Midnight Sun"]05:40
156Silent Story In Her Eyes [from the "Splendido Hotel"]07:35
157Smile From a Stranger [from the "Tirami Su"]05:43
158Soaring Through a Dream [from the "Soaring Through A Dream"]12:24
159Solace [from the "Cielo e Terra"]04:44
160Soledad [from the "The Grande Passion"]07:37
161Somalia [from the "Electric Rendezvous"]01:40
162Someday My Prince Will Come [from the "World Sinfonia II - Heart of the Immigrants"]05:12
163Song to the Pharaoh Kings [from the "Tirami Su"]08:50
164Song with a View [from the "Tirami Su"]06:26
165South Bound Traveler [from the "Kiss My Axe"]05:23
166Spanish Eyes [from the "Splendido Hotel"]05:11
167Splendido Sundance [from the "Splendido Hotel"]04:51
168Storm Off-Shore [from the "Consequence of Chaos"]01:06
169Suite Golden Dawn [from the "Land of the Midnight Sun"]09:49
170Summer Country Song [from the "Orange and Blue"]05:29
171Syncopatico (instrumental) [from the "Vocal Rendezvous"]03:06
172Ta'alina Chant [from the "Orange and Blue"]01:56
173Tangata Del Alba [from the "Diabolic Inventions and Seduct"]05:18
174Tango II [from the "World Sinfonia II - Heart of the Immigrants"]05:35
175Tango II [from the "Di Meola Plays Piazzolla"]05:35
176Tango Suite Part I [from the "Di Meola Plays Piazzolla"]08:48
177Tango Suite Part I [from the "World Sinfonia"]08:48
178Tango Suite Part III [from the "Di Meola Plays Piazzolla"]08:51
179Tango Suite Part III [from the "World Sinfonia"]08:51
180Tao [from the "Consequence of Chaos"]06:01

Al Di Meola

Al Di Meola

Al Di Meola is an American jazz fusion and Latin jazz guitarist. []


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  • Short Tales of the Black Forest by Al Di Meola

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