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The Memorial Album by Buddy Holly [1995] [album editions]

The Memorial Album (Buddy Holly)

Track listing

1Blue Days, Black Nights
2Rock Around With Olie Vee
3That'll Be The Day 1
4I'm Looking For Someone To Love
5Words Of Love
6Peggy Sue
8Oh Boy
9Not Fade Away
10I'm Gonna Love You Too
11Look At Me
12(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care
13Listen To Me
14Maybe Baby
15Tell Me How
16Rave On
17Think It Over
18Early In The Morning
19It's So Easy
21Well All Right
22It Doesn't Matter Anymore
23Raining In My Heart
24Peggy Sue Got Married
25Crying, Waiting, Hoping
26True Love Ways
29Bo Diddley
30Brown Eyed Handsome Man
31Because I Love You
33Love's Made A Fool Of You
35What To Do
36That'll Be The Day 2
37Rock-A-Bye Rock

Buddy Holly albums

1The Memorial Album[ 1995 ]
1The Memorial Album (Buddy Holly)

Buddy Holly songs

1(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care [from the "The Memorial Album"]01:36
2Because I Love You [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:39
3Blue Days, Black Nights [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:04
4Bo Diddley [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:22
5Brown Eyed Handsome Man [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:04
6Crying, Waiting, Hoping [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:11
7Dearest [from the "The Memorial Album"]01:52
8Early In The Morning [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:07
9Everyday [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:08
10Heartbeat [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:08
11I'm Gonna Love You Too [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:14
12I'm Looking For Someone To Love [from the "The Memorial Album"]01:57
13It Doesn't Matter Anymore [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:03
14It's So Easy [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:10
15Listen To Me [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:21
16Look At Me [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:05
17Love's Made A Fool Of You [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:00
18Maybe Baby [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:02
19Moondreams [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:41
20Not Fade Away [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:22
21Oh Boy [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:07
22Peggy Sue [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:31
23Peggy Sue Got Married [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:04
24Raining In My Heart [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:48
25Rave On [from the "The Memorial Album"]01:48
26Reminiscing [from the "The Memorial Album"]01:55
27Rock Around With Olie Vee [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:12
28Rock-A-Bye Rock [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:23
29Tell Me How [from the "The Memorial Album"]01:59
30That'll Be The Day 1 [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:16
31That'll Be The Day 2 [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:29
32Think It Over [from the "The Memorial Album"]01:45
33True Love Ways [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:50
34Well All Right [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:13
35What To Do [from the "The Memorial Album"]01:52
36Wishing [from the "The Memorial Album"]02:02
37Words Of Love [from the "The Memorial Album"]01:54

Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly

Charles Hardin Holley, known as Buddy Holly, was an American musician and singer-songwriter, often considered one of the main figures of the rock and roll genre in the mid-1950s.


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  • Oh Boy by Buddy Holly

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