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See You On The Other Side by Korn [2005] [album editions]

See You On The Other Side (Korn)

Track listing

1Twisted Transistor
510 Or A 2-Way
6Throw Me Away
7Love Song
8Open Up
9Coming Undone
10Getting Off
12For No One
13Seen It All

KoRn albums

1Follow the Leader[ 1998 ]
2Issues[ 2000 ]
3Korn[ 1994 ]
4Life Is Peachy[ 1996 ]
5See You On The Other Side[ 2005 ]
6Spawn (Soundtrack)[ 1997 ]
7Take a Look in the Mirror[ 2003 ]
8The Path of Totality[ 2011 ]
9Untouchables[ 2002 ]
1Follow the Leader (KoRn)
2Issues (KoRn)
3Korn (KoRn)
4Life Is Peachy (KoRn)
5See You On The Other Side (KoRn)
6Spawn (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
7Take a Look in the Mirror (KoRn)
8The Path of Totality (KoRn)
9Untouchables (KoRn)

KoRn songs

110 Or A 2-Way [from the "See You On The Other Side"]04:41
24U [from the "Issues"]01:42
3A.D.I.D.A.S. [from the "Life Is Peachy"]02:32
4A.D.I.D.A.S. (Radio Mix) [from the "Issues"]02:36
5Alive [from the "Take a Look in the Mirror"]04:30
6All in the Family [from the "Follow the Leader"]04:48
7Alone I Break [from the "Untouchables"]04:16
8Am I Going Crazy [from the "Issues"]00:59
9Ass Itch [from the "Life Is Peachy"]03:39
10B.B.K [from the "Follow the Leader"]03:56
11Ball Tongue [from the "Korn"]04:29
12Beat it Upright [from the "Untouchables"]04:15
13Beg For Me [from the "Issues"]03:53
14Blame [from the "Untouchables"]03:50
15Bleeding Out [from the "The Path of Totality"]04:51
16Blind [from the "Korn"]04:19
17Botled Up Inside [from the "Untouchables"]04:00
18Break Some Off [from the "Take a Look in the Mirror"]02:35
19Burn the Obedient [from the "The Path of Totality"]02:38
20Cameltosis [from the "Follow the Leader"]04:38
21Chaos Lives In Everything [from the "The Path of Totality"]03:47
22Chi [from the "Life Is Peachy"]03:54
23Children Of The Korn [from the "Follow the Leader"]03:52
24Clown [from the "Korn"]04:36
25Coming Undone [from the "See You On The Other Side"]03:19
26Counting [from the "Issues"]03:37
27Counting On Me [from the "Take a Look in the Mirror"]04:49
28Daddy [from the "Korn"]14:05
29Dead [from the "Issues"]01:12
30Dead Bodies Everywhere [from the "Follow the Leader"]04:44
31Deep Inside [from the "Take a Look in the Mirror"]02:46
32Did My Time [from the "Take a Look in the Mirror"]04:04
33Dirty [from the "Issues"]07:50
34Divine [from the "Korn"]02:51
35Embrace [from the "Untouchables"]04:27
36Everything I've Known [from the "Take a Look in the Mirror"]03:34
37Faget [from the "Korn"]05:50
38Fake [from the "Korn"]04:51
39Falling Away From Me [from the "Issues"]04:30
40For No One [from the "See You On The Other Side"]03:37
41Freak On A Leash [from the "Follow the Leader"]04:15
42Fuels the Comedy [from the "The Path of Totality"]02:49
43Get Up! [from the "The Path of Totality"]03:42
44Getting Off [from the "See You On The Other Side"]03:25
45Good God [from the "Life Is Peachy"]03:21
46Good God (Dub Pistols Mix) [from the "Issues"]06:17
47Got The Life [from the "Follow the Leader"]03:45
48Got The Life (Josh Abraham Remix) [from the "Issues"]04:03
49Hating [from the "Untouchables"]05:10
50Helmet in the Bush [from the "Korn"]04:02
51Here It Comes Again [from the "Take a Look in the Mirror"]03:33
52Here to Stay [from the "Untouchables"]04:30
53Here to Stay (T Ray Mix) [from the "Untouchables"]04:20
54Hey Daddy [from the "Issues"]03:44
55Hollow Life [from the "Untouchables"]04:09
56Hypocrites [from the "See You On The Other Side"]03:49
57I Wish You Could Be Me [from the "Issues"]01:07
58Illuminati [from the "The Path of Totality"]03:16
59I'm Done [from the "Take a Look in the Mirror"]03:23
60I'm Hiding [from the "Untouchables"]03:57

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KoRn was founded in the early 90's in Huntington Beach, California from the melding of the two bands "LAPD" (Fieldy, Munky, Head, and David) and "SexArt" (Jonathan). []


  • Nu metal,
  • Alternative metal
  • Coming Undone - one of the best KoRn songs, top songs list [#1402]

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