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Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing by Keith Urban [2006] [album editions]

Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing (Keith Urban)

Track listing

1Once in a Lifetime
3I Told You So
4I Can't Stop Loving You
5Won't Let You Down
6Faster Car
7Stupid Boy
8Used To The Pain
9Raise The Barn (ft. Ronnie Dunn)
10God Made Woman
11Tu Compania
13Got It Right This Time

Keith Urban albums

1Be Here[ 2004 ]
2Defying Gravity[ 2009 ]
3Fuse[ 2013 ]
4Get Closer[ 2010 ]
5Golden Road[ 2002 ]
6Keith Urban (1991 album)[ 1991 ]
7Keith Urban (1999 album)[ 1999 ]
8Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing[ 2006 ]
9Ripcord[ 2016 ]
1Be Here (Keith Urban)
2Defying Gravity (Keith Urban)
3Fuse (Keith Urban)
4Get Closer (Keith Urban)
5Golden Road (Keith Urban)
6Keith Urban (1991 album) (Keith Urban)
7Keith Urban (1999 album) (Keith Urban)
8Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing (Keith Urban)
9Ripcord (Keith Urban)

Keith Urban songs

1A Little Luck Of Our Own [from the "Keith Urban (1999 album)"]03:22
2All For You [from the "Get Closer"]03:37
3Arms Of Mary [from the "Keith Urban (1991 album)"]03:15
4Better Life [from the "Be Here"]04:42
5Black Leather Jacket [from the "Fuse"]03:40
6Blue Ain't Your Color [from the "Ripcord"]03:50
7Blue Stranger [from the "Keith Urban (1991 album)"]03:26
8Boy Gets a Truck [from the "Ripcord"]03:29
9Break on Me [from the "Ripcord"]03:30
10But For The Grace Of God [from the "Keith Urban (1999 album)"]04:33
11Clutterbilly (Instrumental) [from the "Keith Urban (1991 album)"]02:45
12Come Back To Me [from the "Fuse"]03:50
13Cop Car [from the "Fuse"]04:15
14Country Comfort [from the "Be Here"]04:22
15Days Go By [from the "Be Here"]03:44
16Don't Go [from the "Keith Urban (1991 album)"]04:04
17Don't Shut Me Out [from the "Keith Urban (1999 album)"]03:53
18Even The Stars Fall 4 U [from the "Fuse"]03:57
19Everybody [from the "Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing"]05:32
20Faster Car [from the "Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing"]04:26
21Future Plans [from the "Keith Urban (1991 album)"]03:42
22Georgia Woods [from the "Get Closer"]05:16
23Gettin' in the Way [from the "Ripcord"]03:48
24God Made Woman [from the "Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing"]04:50
25God's Been Good To Me [from the "Be Here"]03:37
26Gone Tomorrow (Here Today) [from the "Ripcord"]02:48
27Gonna B Good [from the "Fuse"]02:50
28Good Thing [from the "Fuse"]03:51
29Got It Bad [from the "Keith Urban (1991 album)"]04:25
30Got It Right This Time [from the "Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing"]03:35
31Habit of You [from the "Ripcord"]03:44
32Heart Like Mine [from the "Fuse"]03:49
33Hit The Ground Runnin' [from the "Defying Gravity"]03:24
34Hold On To Your Dreams [from the "Keith Urban (1991 album)"]04:13
35I Can't Stop Loving You [from the "Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing"]04:43
36I Could Fly [from the "Be Here"]05:19
37I Thought You Knew [from the "Keith Urban (1999 album)"]03:51
38I Told You So [from the "Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing"]04:26
39I Wanna Be Your Man (Forever) [from the "Keith Urban (1999 album)"]03:09
40If Ever I Could Love [from the "Defying Gravity"]05:00
41If You Wanna Stay [from the "Keith Urban (1999 album)"]04:29
42I'm In [from the "Defying Gravity"]04:33
43It's a Love Thing [from the "Keith Urban (1999 album)"]03:41
44Jeans On [from the "Golden Road"]03:33
45John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16 [from the "Ripcord"]03:41
46Kiss a Girl [from the "Defying Gravity"]03:46
47Little Bit of Everything [from the "Fuse"]03:24
48Live To Love Another Day [from the "Be Here"]03:29
49Long Hot Summer [from the "Get Closer"]04:33
50Love We Got Goin' [from the "Keith Urban (1991 album)"]02:57
51Love's Poster Child [from the "Fuse"]03:27
52Lovin' On The Side [from the "Keith Urban (1991 album)"]04:01
53Lucky Charm [from the "Fuse"]03:04
54Making Memories Of Us [from the "Be Here"]04:10
55My Heart Is Open [from the "Defying Gravity"]05:30
56Never Work On A Sunday [from the "Keith Urban (1991 album)"]03:45
57Nobody Drinks Alone [from the "Be Here"]05:21
58Once in a Lifetime [from the "Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing"]05:53
59Only You [from the "Keith Urban (1991 album)"]03:35
60Only You Can Love Me This Way [from the "Defying Gravity"]04:07

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Keith Urban

Keith Lionel Urban is an Australian country music singer, songwriter and guitarist. []


  • Country,
  • Country pop,
  • ] Pop rock
  • Once in a Lifetime by Keith Urban

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