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Cole Swindell by Cole Swindell [2014] [album editions]

Cole Swindell (Cole Swindell)

Track listing

1Hey Y'all
2Chillin' It
4Hope You Get Lonely Tonight
5Let Me See Ya Girl
6Ain't Worth The Whiskey
7Brought To You By Beer
8I Just Want You
9Get Up
10Dozen Roses & A Six-Pack
11Down Home Boys
12The Back Roads & The Back Row

Cole Swindell albums

1Cole Swindell[ 2014 ]
2You Should Be Here[ 2016 ]
1Cole Swindell (Cole Swindell)
2You Should Be Here (Cole Swindell)

Cole Swindell songs

1Ain't Worth The Whiskey [from the "Cole Swindell"]03:10
2Broke Down [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:24
3Brought To You By Beer [from the "Cole Swindell"]03:08
4Chillin' It [from the "Cole Swindell"]03:14
5Down Home Boys [from the "Cole Swindell"]02:51
6Dozen Roses & A Six-Pack [from the "Cole Swindell"]04:27
7Flatliner (ft. Dierks Bentley) [from the "You Should Be Here"]02:56
8Get Up [from the "Cole Swindell"]02:39
9Hey Y'all [from the "Cole Swindell"]02:47
10Home Game [from the "You Should Be Here"]04:10
11Hope You Get Lonely Tonight [from the "Cole Swindell"]03:48
12I Just Want You [from the "Cole Swindell"]03:54
13Let Me See Ya Girl [from the "Cole Swindell"]03:06
14Making My Way to You [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:29
15Middle of a Memory [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:47
16No Can Left Behind [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:48
17Party Wasn't Over [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:47
18Remember Boys [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:06
19Stars [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:21
20Stay Downtown [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:23
21Swayin' [from the "Cole Swindell"]03:26
22The Back Roads & The Back Row [from the "Cole Swindell"]03:41
23Up [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:14
24You Should Be Here [from the "You Should Be Here"]03:11

Cole Swindell - top artists list [#66]

Cole Swindell

Colden Rainey "Cole" Swindell is an American country music songwriter and recording artist.


  • Country
  • Let Me See Ya Girl - one of the best Cole Swindell songs, top songs list [#300]

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