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That's Right by George Benson [1996] [album editions]

That's Right (George Benson)

Track listing

1That's Right
2The Thinker
3Marvin Said
4True Blue
5Holdin' On
6Song For My Brother
7Johnnie Lee
8Summer Love
9P Park
10Footprints in the Sand
11When Love Comes Calling
12Where Are You Now

George Benson albums

1Benson & Farrell[ 1990 ]
2Big Boss Band[ 1990 ]
3Body Talk[ 2002 ]
4Collaboration[ 1990 ]
5Give Me The Night[ 1990 ]
6Good King Bad[ 2007 ]
7Jazz For The Road[ 2006 ]
8Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack)[ 1990 ]
9Love Remembers[ 1993 ]
10Standing Together[ 1998 ]
11Tell It Like It Is[ 1998 ]
12That's Right[ 1996 ]
13The George Benson Cookbook[ 2001 ]
14The Other Side Of Abbey Road[ 1998 ]
15This Is Jazz, Vol. 9[ 1996 ]
16Twice The Love[ 1990 ]
17White Rabbit[ 1990 ]
1Benson & Farrell (George Benson)
2Big Boss Band (George Benson)
3Body Talk (George Benson)
4Collaboration (George Benson)
5Give Me The Night (George Benson)
6Good King Bad (George Benson)
7Jazz For The Road (Various artists)
8Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack) (George Benson)
9Love Remembers (George Benson)
10Standing Together (George Benson)
11Tell It Like It Is (George Benson)
12That's Right (George Benson)
13The George Benson Cookbook (George Benson)
14The Other Side Of Abbey Road (George Benson)
15This Is Jazz, Vol. 9 (George Benson)
16Twice The Love (George Benson)
17White Rabbit (George Benson)

George Benson songs

121Summertime (Live) [from the "This Is Jazz, Vol. 9"]06:05
122Take Five [from the "This Is Jazz, Vol. 9"]07:46
123Tell It Like It Is [from the "Tell It Like It Is"]02:56
124Tender Love [from the "Twice The Love"]04:25
125That's Right [from the "That's Right"]05:00
126The Borgia Stick [from the "This Is Jazz, Vol. 9"]03:10
127The Cooker [from the "This Is Jazz, Vol. 9"]04:18
128The Cooker [from the "The George Benson Cookbook"]04:19
129The Thinker [from the "That's Right"]05:37
130Theme From Good King Bad [from the "Good King Bad"]05:58
131Theme From 'Summer Of 42' [from the "White Rabbit"]05:08
132Top Of The Wold [from the "Body Talk"]09:58
133True Blue [from the "That's Right"]05:06
134Turn Out The Lamplight [from the "Give Me The Night"]04:44
135Twice The Love [from the "Twice The Love"]04:31
136Unchained Melody [from the "Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack)"]06:32
137Until You Believe [from the "Twice The Love"]04:10
138Walkin' My Baby Back Home [from the "Big Boss Band"]03:04
139Water Brother [from the "Tell It Like It Is"]02:13
140Welcome To My World [from the "Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack)"]04:09
141What's On Your Mind [from the "Give Me The Night"]04:04
142When Love Comes Calling [from the "That's Right"]06:30
143When Love Has Grown [from the "Body Talk"]05:03
144Where Are You Now [from the "That's Right"]05:38
145White Rabbit [from the "White Rabbit"]06:58
146Willing To Fight [from the "Love Remembers"]06:24
147Willow Weep For Me [from the "This Is Jazz, Vol. 9"]07:44
148Without A Song [from the "Big Boss Band"]04:12
149You Can Do It, Baby [from the "Standing Together"]07:03
150You're Never Too Far From Me [from the "Livin' Inside Your Love (Soundtrack)"]06:44
151You're Still My Baby [from the "Twice The Love"]05:43

George Benson

George Benson

George Benson (born March 22, 1943) is a Grammy Award-winning American musician, whose recording career began at the age of twenty-one as a jazz guitarist.

He is also known as a pop, R&B, and scat singer.


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