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Morbid Mind by Evil's Toy [1996] [album editions]

Morbid Mind (Evil's Toy)

Track listing

1Dear God
2Morbid Fashion
4Dear God (Remix)
5Enemy Mind
6Sacrifice! Morphed
7Natures Revenge
9Something Like Gold

Evils Toy albums

1Angels Only![ 1998 ]
2Box[ 1997 ]
3Human Refuse[ 1993 ]
4Illusion[ 1997 ]
5Morbid Mind[ 1996 ]
6Silvertears[ 2000 ]
7XTC Implant[ 1997 ]
1Angels Only! (Evils Toy)
2Box (Evils Toy)
3Human Refuse (Evils Toy)
4Illusion (Evils Toy)
5Morbid Mind (Evils Toy)
6Silvertears (Evils Toy)
7XTC Implant (Evils Toy)

Evils Toy songs

1A Girl Called Bitch [from the "Angels Only!"]04:06
2Abnormal Deciension [from the "XTC Implant"]03:40
3Angels Only! - above [from the "Angels Only!"]04:08
4Angels Only! - beyond [from the "Angels Only!"]03:53
5Back On Earth [from the "Angels Only!"]03:31
6Bonus Track ('92) [from the "Illusion"]04:25
7Causing Riots [from the "Silvertears"]03:58
8Caution Anti Matter [from the "Silvertears"]03:42
9Co Excistence [from the "Illusion"]04:21
10Colours Out Of Space [from the "Angels Only!"]03:35
11Contact [from the "Angels Only!"]03:55
12Dear God [from the "Morbid Mind"]05:26
13Dear God [from the "Box"]05:26
14Dear God (Remix) [from the "Morbid Mind"]06:09
15Do Dreams Bleed [from the "Silvertears"]03:44
16Dream Or Reality [from the "Human Refuse"]03:40
17Enemy Mind [from the "Morbid Mind"]04:06
18Entrails [from the "Human Refuse"]04:22
19Fallen Angel [from the "Illusion"]03:08
20Feelings [from the "Human Refuse"]04:41
21Forever! [from the "Angels Only!"]04:14
22From Above Comes Sleep [from the "Angels Only!"]04:12
23Home [from the "XTC Implant"]04:38
24Hypnosis [from the "XTC Implant"]03:02
25I Want To Believe [from the "XTC Implant"]04:23
26Illusion [from the "Illusion"]04:57
27In Silence [from the "XTC Implant"]04:04
28In The Army Now [from the "Silvertears"]03:50
29Inside Out [from the "Silvertears"]04:43
30Lonely [from the "Human Refuse"]03:54
31Lonely [from the "Box"]03:51
32Lucifer's Garden [from the "Illusion"]04:01
33Mad Modern Dream [from the "Box"]03:20
34Make Up [from the "Box"]04:06
35Make Upk Side [from the "Human Refuse"]04:10
36Memories [from the "Morbid Mind"]04:50
37Morbid Fashion [from the "Morbid Mind"]04:30
38Movie [from the "Illusion"]03:28
39Natures Revenge [from the "Morbid Mind"]04:11
40No Life [from the "Human Refuse"]04:30
41No Life (Mix Mix) [from the "Box"]04:01
42Nuclear Lab [from the "Human Refuse"]04:34
43Organics [from the "XTC Implant"]04:05
44Organics [from the "Box"]04:06
45Organics (Slowmotion mix) [from the "Box"]03:53
46Outsider [from the "Human Refuse"]04:31
47Prevision [from the "Illusion"]04:47
48Psi [from the "Illusion"]03:54
49Rainbow vs. Stars [from the "Silvertears"]04:42
50Re-Feeled [from the "Box"]03:26
51Sacred (Diva mix) [from the "Box"]04:36
52Sacrifice! [from the "Morbid Mind"]03:47
53Sacrifice! Morphed [from the "Morbid Mind"]05:14
54Shades Of Vanity [from the "Illusion"]03:58
55Silvertears [from the "Silvertears"]03:37
56Something Like Gold [from the "Morbid Mind"]04:57
57Style [from the "Silvertears"]03:39
58Symphony Of Sympathy [from the "Silvertears"]03:30
59The Concrete Garden [from the "Angels Only!"]04:10
60The Dark Side [from the "Human Refuse"]02:21

Evils Toy

Evils Toy

T.O.Y. is a German Futurepop/Synthpop band.

The project was formerly known as Evils Toy, which was closer to electro-industrial in sound. []


  • Futurepop,
  • Synthpop. Electro-industrial (previously)
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