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Blue Suede Nights by Lee Rocker [2005] [album editions]

Blue Suede Nights (Lee Rocker)

Track listing

2Love Me Good
3That's Alright / Blue Moon of Kentucky / Eastbound and Down
4Mind Your Own Business
5The Red Neck Mama
6Miracle In Memphis
7Everybody's Tryin'to Be My baby
8Please Don't Touch
9Little Piece of Your Love
10Little Buster
12Frankie And Johnny
13Put Your Cat Clothes On

Lee Rocker albums

1Blue Suede Nights[ 2005 ]
2Bulletproof[ 2003 ]
1Blue Suede Nights (Lee Rocker)
2Bulletproof (Lee Rocker)

Lee Rocker songs

1Blue Suede Nights [from the "Bulletproof"]03:01
2Bottom's Up [from the "Bulletproof"]01:04
3Bulletproof [from the "Bulletproof"]02:18
4Dog Gone Right [from the "Bulletproof"]03:17
5Everybody's Tryin'to Be My baby [from the "Blue Suede Nights"]02:42
6Evil [from the "Bulletproof"]03:04
7Frankie And Johnny [from the "Blue Suede Nights"]03:03
8I'll Cry Instead [from the "Bulletproof"]02:23
9Johnny, Frankie's Forever [from the "Bulletproof"]03:15
10Little Buster [from the "Blue Suede Nights"]03:48
11Little Lies [from the "Bulletproof"]03:07
12Little Piece of Your Love [from the "Blue Suede Nights"]02:26
13Love Me Good [from the "Blue Suede Nights"]03:07
14Midnight Shift [from the "Bulletproof"]02:51
15Mind Your Own Business [from the "Blue Suede Nights"]04:27
16Miracle In Memphis [from the "Blue Suede Nights"]02:47
17Nervous Little Angel [from the "Bulletproof"]03:20
18Nothing Lasts Forever [from the "Bulletproof"]03:00
19One More Shot [from the "Bulletproof"]03:37
20Please Don't Touch [from the "Blue Suede Nights"]03:07
21Put Your Cat Clothes On [from the "Blue Suede Nights"]02:56
22Restless [from the "Blue Suede Nights"]04:24
23Rumblin'Bass [from the "Blue Suede Nights"]04:15
24She's Gone [from the "Bulletproof"]03:07
25That's Alright / Blue Moon of Kentucky / Eastbound and Down [from the "Blue Suede Nights"]04:33
26The Red Neck Mama [from the "Blue Suede Nights"]03:32
27Upright And Underground [from the "Bulletproof"]03:45
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