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I Believe by Dr. Alban [2004] [album editions]

I Believe (Dr. Alban)

Track listing

2Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
3Mr Dj
4Soon Come
5Feel The Rhythm
7Long Time Ago
8I Believe
9Oh Baby
10Show Me
12Humpty Dumpty
13Love Affair
14Honey Bunny
15Ain't No Stopping
16Raggamuffin Girl
17Oh Baby (Sly & Robbie Mix)
18Mr. Dj (R 'n' B Mix)
19Long Time Ago (Bundes Radio Mix)

Dr. Alban albums

1Born In Afrrica[ 2004 ]
2Hello Africa[   ]
3I Believe[ 2004 ]
4Look Who's Talking[ 1994 ]
5One Love[ 1993 ]
6Prescription[   ]
1Born In Afrrica (Dr. Alban)
2Hello Africa (Dr. Alban)
3I Believe (Dr. Alban)
4Look Who's Talking (Dr. Alban)
5One Love (Dr. Alban)
6Prescription (Dr. Alban)

Dr. Alban songs

1Ain't No Stopping [from the "I Believe"]03:11
2Alabalaba [from the "Born In Afrrica"]03:21
3Away From Home [from the "Look Who's Talking"]03:50
4Awillawillawillahey [from the "Look Who's Talking"]04:16
5Beatiful Day [from the "Prescription"]03:15
6Becouse Of You [from the "Prescription"]03:11
7Born A Winner [from the "Prescription"]02:53
8Born In Africa [from the "Born In Afrrica"]03:31
9Born In Africa (Original Radio Mix) [from the "Hello Africa"]03:32
10Cash Money [from the "One Love"]03:39
11Enemies [from the "I Believe"]03:33
12Feel Like Making Love [from the "Born In Afrrica"]05:02
13Feel The Rhythm [from the "I Believe"]04:18
14Fire [from the "Look Who's Talking"]03:45
15Free Up Soweto [from the "Look Who's Talking"]03:24
16Fuel 4 Love [from the "Prescription"]03:17
17Get Up [from the "Prescription"]03:07
18Gimme Dat Lovin' [from the "Look Who's Talking"]04:13
19Go See The Dantist [from the "Look Who's Talking"]04:40
20Guess Who's Coming To Dinner [from the "I Believe"]03:43
21Hallelujah Day [from the "Born In Afrrica"]03:18
22Hard Pan Di Drums [from the "Look Who's Talking"]06:26
23Hard to Choose [from the "One Love"] 
24Hello Africa [from the "Hello Africa"]05:36
25Home Sweet Home [from the "Look Who's Talking"]03:24
26Honey Bunny [from the "I Believe"]03:19
27Humpty Dumpty [from the "I Believe"]02:33
28I Believe [from the "I Believe"]03:48
29I Feel The Music [from the "Born In Afrrica"]03:17
30I Like To Know [from the "Prescription"]03:15
31I Said It Once [from the "Born In Afrrica"]04:07
32Intro [from the "I Believe"]03:43
33Introduction [from the "One Love"]01:45
34It`s My Life [from the "One Love"]04:03
35It`s My Life (Club Edit) [from the "One Love"]04:08
36It's My Life [from the "Hello Africa"]04:01
37It's My Life (Sash! Remix) [from the "Hello Africa"]03:49
38Let The Beat Go On [from the "Look Who's Talking"]04:00
39Long Time Ago [from the "I Believe"]03:27
40Long Time Ago (Bundes Radio Mix) [from the "I Believe"] 
41Look Who`s Talking(Stone`s Ra) [from the "Look Who's Talking"]04:07
42Look Who's Talking [from the "Look Who's Talking"]03:13
43Looking For Something [from the "Prescription"]03:34
44Love Affair [from the "I Believe"]02:53
45Mata Oh A Eh [from the "One Love"]04:32
46Mountains [from the "I Believe"]03:18
47Mr Dj [from the "I Believe"]03:38
48Mr. Dj (R 'n' B Mix) [from the "I Believe"] 
49No Coke [from the "Hello Africa"]03:45
50Oh Baby [from the "I Believe"]03:15
51Oh Baby (Sly & Robbie Mix) [from the "I Believe"]03:11
52Om We Rembwe Ike [from the "One Love"]04:50
53One Love [from the "One Love"]05:30
54One Love [from the "Hello Africa"]04:14
55One Love (Remix) [from the "One Love"] 
56Plastic Smile [from the "Look Who's Talking"]03:46
57Raggamuffin Girl [from the "I Believe"]03:35
58Rebel [from the "Prescription"]03:38
59Reggae Gone Ragga [from the "One Love"]04:04
60Rich Man , Poor Man [from the "Born In Afrrica"]03:12

Dr. Alban

Dr. Alban

Alban Uzoma Nwapa (born 26 August 1957 in Oguta, Imo State, Nigeria), known by his stage name Dr. Alban, is a Nigerian, Sweden-based musician and producer. []


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  • Hip hop,
  • Reggae,
  • Dancehall
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