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Inside Job by Don Henley [2000] [album editions]

Inside Job (Don Henley)

Track listing

1Nobody Else In The World But Y
2Taking You Home
3For My Wedding
4Everything Is Different Now
5Workin It
6Goodbye to a River
7Inside Job
8They're Not Here, They're Not
9Damn It, Rose
10Miss Ghost
11The Genie
13My Thanksgiving

Don Henley albums

1Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits[ 1996 ]
2An Eagle Out East[ 1990 ]
3Building the Perfect Beast[ 1990 ]
4Coyote Ugly (Soundtrack)[ 2000 ]
5I Can't Stand Still[ 1990 ]
6Inside Job[ 2000 ]
7The End Of Innocence[ 1989 ]
1Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits (Don Henley)
2An Eagle Out East (Don Henley)
3Building the Perfect Beast (Don Henley)
4Coyote Ugly (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
5I Can't Stand Still (Don Henley)
6Inside Job (Don Henley)
7The End Of Innocence (Don Henley)

Don Henley songs

1A Month of Sundays [from the "Building the Perfect Beast"]04:29
2All She Wants to Do Is Dance [from the "Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits"]04:28
3All She Wants to Do Is Dance [from the "An Eagle Out East"]05:05
4All She Wants to Do Is Dance [from the "Building the Perfect Beast"]04:28
5All She Wants To Do Is Dance - Don Henley [from the "Coyote Ugly (Soundtrack)"] 
6Annabel [from the "Inside Job"]03:41
7Building the Perfect Beast [from the "Building the Perfect Beast"]05:00
8Damn It, Rose [from the "Inside Job"]07:13
9Desperado [from the "An Eagle Out East"]05:01
10Dirty Laundry [from the "Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits"]05:35
11Dirty Laundry [from the "An Eagle Out East"]06:15
12Dirty Laundry [from the "I Can't Stand Still"]05:35
13Drivin' With Your Eyes Closed [from the "Building the Perfect Beast"]03:36
14End Of The Innocence [from the "An Eagle Out East"]05:31
15Everybody Knows [from the "Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits"]06:10
16Everything Is Different Now [from the "Inside Job"]05:12
17For My Wedding [from the "Inside Job"]03:36
18Gimme What You Got [from the "The End Of Innocence"]06:12
19Goodbye to a River [from the "Inside Job"]05:49
20Hotel California [from the "An Eagle Out East"]06:54
21How Bad Do You Want It? [from the "The End Of Innocence"]03:45
22I Can't Stand Still [from the "I Can't Stand Still"]03:32
23I Will Not Go Quietly [from the "Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits"]05:40
24I Will Not Go Quietly [from the "An Eagle Out East"]07:18
25I Will Not Go Quietly [from the "The End Of Innocence"]05:41
26If Dirt Were Dollars [from the "The End Of Innocence"]04:32
27Inside Job [from the "Inside Job"]04:49
28Johnny Can't Read [from the "I Can't Stand Still"]03:31
29La Elie [from the "I Can't Stand Still"]00:51
30Land of the Living [from the "Building the Perfect Beast"]03:23
31Last Worthless Evening [from the "An Eagle Out East"]06:06
32Life In The Fast Lane [from the "An Eagle Out East"]05:28
33Lilah [from the "I Can't Stand Still"]04:07
34Little Tin God [from the "The End Of Innocence"]04:40
35Long Way Home [from the "I Can't Stand Still"]05:27
36Man With a Mission [from the "Building the Perfect Beast"]02:43
37Miss Ghost [from the "Inside Job"]06:41
38My Thanksgiving [from the "Inside Job"]05:11
39New York Minute [from the "Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits"]06:31
40New York Minute [from the "An Eagle Out East"]09:01
41New York Minute [from the "The End Of Innocence"]06:33
42Nobody Else In The World But Y [from the "Inside Job"]04:50
43Nobody's Business [from the "I Can't Stand Still"]03:41
44Not Enough Love in the World [from the "Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits"]03:53
45Not Enough Love in the World [from the "Building the Perfect Beast"]03:53
46Shangri-La [from the "The End Of Innocence"]04:55
47Sunset Grill [from the "Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits"]06:27
48Sunset Grill [from the "An Eagle Out East"]06:29
49Sunset Grill [from the "Building the Perfect Beast"]06:18
50Taking You Home [from the "Inside Job"]05:31
51Talking to the Moon [from the "I Can't Stand Still"]04:36
52The Boys of Summer [from the "Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits"]04:46
53The Boys of Summer [from the "An Eagle Out East"]06:04
54The Boys of Summer [from the "Building the Perfect Beast"]04:48
55The End of the Innocence [from the "Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits"]05:13
56The End of the Innocence [from the "The End Of Innocence"]05:13
57The Garden of Allah [from the "Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits"]07:01
58The Genie [from the "Inside Job"]05:44
59The Heart of the Matter [from the "Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits"]05:21
60The Heart of the Matter [from the "The End Of Innocence"]05:22

Don Henley

Don Henley

Donald Hugh "Don" Henley is an American musician, singer, songwriter and drummer, best known as a founding member of the Eagles before launching a successful seven time Grammy Award-winning solo career. []


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  • Goodbye to a River by Don Henley

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