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Hungry Ghosts by OK Go [2014] [album editions]

Hungry Ghosts (OK Go)

Track listing

1Upside Down & Inside Out
2The Writing's On the Wall
3Turn Up The Radio
4Im Not Through
5Bright As Your Eyes
6I Won't Let You Down
7If I Had a Mountain
8Another Set Of Issues
10The One Moment
11The Great Fire

OK Go albums

1Hungry Ghosts[ 2014 ]
2Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky[ 2010 ]
3Oh No[ 2005 ]
4OK Go[ 2002 ]
1Hungry Ghosts (OK Go)
2Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky (OK Go)
3Oh No (OK Go)
4OK Go (OK Go)

OK Go songs

11000 Miles Per Hour [from the "OK Go"]03:33
2A Good Idea At The Time [from the "Oh No"]03:14
3A Million Ways [from the "Oh No"]03:13
4All Is Not Lost [from the "Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky"]02:43
5Another Set Of Issues [from the "Hungry Ghosts"]03:57
6Back From Kathmandu [from the "Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky"]04:13
7Before The Earth Was Round [from the "Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky"]04:09
8Bright As Your Eyes [from the "Hungry Ghosts"]02:54
9Bye Bye Baby [from the "OK Go"]02:14
10C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips [from the "OK Go"]03:26
11Crash The Party [from the "Oh No"]02:25
12Do What You Want [from the "Oh No"]03:06
13Don't Ask Me [from the "OK Go"]02:46
14End Love [from the "Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky"]04:05
15Get Over It [from the "OK Go"]03:16
16Hello, My Treacherous Friends [from the "OK Go"]02:59
17Here It Goes Again [from the "Oh No"]02:59
18I Want You So Bad I Can't Breathe [from the "Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky"]03:22
19I Won't Let You Down [from the "Hungry Ghosts"]03:42
20If I Had a Mountain [from the "Hungry Ghosts"]03:19
21Im Not Through [from the "Hungry Ghosts"]03:36
22In The Glass [from the "Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky"]06:03
23Invincible [from the "Oh No"]03:30
24It's A Disaster [from the "Oh No"]03:21
25Last Leaf [from the "Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky"]02:34
26Let It Rain [from the "Oh No"]02:56
27Lullaby [from the "Hungry Ghosts"]03:54
28Maybe, This Time [from the "Oh No"]03:15
29Needing/Getting [from the "Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky"]05:13
30No Sign Of Life [from the "Oh No"]03:48
31Obsession [from the "Hungry Ghosts"]03:08
32Oh Lately It's So Quiet [from the "Oh No"]03:00
33Return [from the "OK Go"]03:51
34Shortly Before The End [from the "OK Go"]04:19
35Skyscrapers [from the "Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky"]04:38
36Television, Television [from the "Oh No"]02:39
37The Fix Is In [from the "OK Go"]03:53
38The Great Fire [from the "Hungry Ghosts"]04:16
39The House Wins [from the "Oh No"]04:15
40The One Moment [from the "Hungry Ghosts"]03:43
41The Writing's On the Wall [from the "Hungry Ghosts"]03:34
42There's A Fire [from the "OK Go"]03:50
43This Too Shall Pass [from the "Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky"]03:08
44Turn Up The Radio [from the "Hungry Ghosts"]02:57
45Upside Down & Inside Out [from the "Hungry Ghosts"]03:07
46What To Do [from the "OK Go"]03:59
47While You Were Asleep [from the "Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky"]04:24
48White Knuckles [from the "Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky"]03:18
49WTF? [from the "Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky"]03:24
50You're So Damn Hot [from the "OK Go"]02:38

OK Go - top artists list [#300]


OK Go is a rock band originally from Chicago, Illinois, now residing in Los Angelesv.

The band's video for "Here It Goes Again" won a Grammy Award for "Best Short-Form Music Video" in 2007.


  • Alternative rock,
  • Power pop,
  • Glam punk
  • The Writing's On the Wall - one of the best OK Go songs, top songs list [#589]

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