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Operation Dance by Captain Jack [1997] [album editions]

Operation Dance (Captain Jack)

Track listing

1Operation Dance
2Together and Forever (Radio Mix One)
3Secret Agent (007 Radio Mix)
4Summer Summerday (Salsa Mix)
5Follow Me (303 Radio Mix)
6Holiday (New Radio Mix)
7Touchdown (Superbowl Mix)
87 Days (Radio Edit)
9Sing a Song (Short Mix)
10Summertime (Short Mix)
11Outer Space (Trance Mix)
12Secret Agent (In Da Bass Mix)
13Together and Forever (Underworld Mix)
14Last Order To Dance (Outro)

Captain Jack albums

1Cafe Cubar[ 2003 ]
2Music Instructor[ 2004 ]
3Operation Dance[ 1997 ]
4Party Warriors: The Hit Collection[ 2003 ]
5The Captain's Revenge[ 1999 ]
6The Mission[ 1996 ]
7Top Secret[ 2001 ]
1Cafe Cubar (Captain Jack)
2Music Instructor (Captain Jack)
3Operation Dance (Captain Jack)
4Party Warriors: The Hit Collection (Captain Jack)
5The Captain's Revenge (Captain Jack)
6The Mission (Captain Jack)
7Top Secret (Captain Jack)

Captain Jack songs

61Samba Brazil (Club Mix) [from the "Music Instructor"]04:36
62Say Captain Say Wot (Short Mix) [from the "Party Warriors: The Hit Collection"]03:16
63Say Captain Say Wot (Single Mix) [from the "Top Secret"]03:15
64Scotland the Brave [from the "Music Instructor"]03:18
65Secret Agent (007 Radio Mix) [from the "Operation Dance"]03:40
66Secret Agent (In Da Bass Mix) [from the "Operation Dance"]04:24
67Set Me Free [from the "The Captain's Revenge"]04:30
68She's a Lady (Sing Nanana Mix) [from the "The Mission"]03:26
69Sing a Song (Short Mix) [from the "Operation Dance"]03:21
70Sing Hallelujah [Dr. Jack Mix][*] [from the "Cafe Cubar"]03:57
71Sir Yes Sir (PT-Mix) [from the "The Mission"]04:09
72Soldier Soldier (Short Summer Mix) [from the "The Mission"]03:35
73Stand Up (Till We Get Enough) [from the "Party Warriors: The Hit Collection"]03:12
74Summer Summerday (Salsa Mix) [from the "Operation Dance"]03:45
75Summertime (Short Mix) [from the "Operation Dance"]03:54
76Sunshine Raggae [Radio Mix] [from the "Cafe Cubar"]03:31
77Take On Me (Longplay) [from the "The Mission"]05:29
78Te Quiero (Latin Mix) [from the "Top Secret"]03:56
79Te Quiero (Trance Mix) [from the "Party Warriors: The Hit Collection"]03:55
80The Captain Is Coming [from the "Music Instructor"]03:53
81The Final Countdown (Uun Baby Mix) [from the "The Mission"]05:36
82The Mission [from the "The Mission"]01:05
83The Race [from the "The Captain's Revenge"]03:48
84The Race (Instrumental Mix) [from the "The Captain's Revenge"]06:29
85Together and Forever (Radio Mix One) [from the "Operation Dance"]03:26
86Together and Forever (Underworld Mix) [from the "Operation Dance"]04:50
87Top Secret [from the "Top Secret"]01:15
88Touchdown (Superbowl Mix) [from the "Operation Dance"]03:48
89Turn It Up [from the "The Captain's Revenge"]03:26
90Turn It Up 2002 (The Power Mix) [from the "Party Warriors: The Hit Collection"]03:20
91U Like It (Carnival Beatz) [from the "Top Secret"]03:21
92Up & Away (Short Mix) [from the "Top Secret"]03:46
93Vamos a la Playa [Mallorca Mix] [from the "Cafe Cubar"]03:30
94Viva la Vida [Radio/Video Mix] [from the "Cafe Cubar"]03:33
95Viva la Vida [Spanish Guitar Clubmix][*] [from the "Cafe Cubar"]05:06
96Volare [Latin Club Mix][*] [from the "Cafe Cubar"]00:25
97Volare [Radio Mix] [from the "Cafe Cubar"]02:46
98What Goes Around [from the "The Captain's Revenge"]03:41
99Where The Party At? [from the "The Captain's Revenge"]03:52
100Who Has Stolen My Horse [from the "Music Instructor"]02:53
101Yellow Submarine (Radio Mix) [from the "Top Secret"]03:14

Captain Jack

Captain Jack

Captain Jack was a musical duo, specializing in Eurodance music, originating from Germany. []


  • Eurodance,
  • Dance-pop,
  • Hip hop
  • Together and Forever (Radio Mix One) by Captain Jack

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