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Fallen by Evanescence [2003] [album editions]

Fallen (Evanescence)

Track listing

1Going Under
2Bring Me to Life
3Everybody's Fool
4My Immortal
8Taking Over Me
10My Last Breath

Evanescence albums

1Anywhere But Home[ 2004 ]
2Bring Me To Life[ 2003 ]
3Daredevil: The Album[ 2003 ]
4Evanescence[ 2011 ]
5Fallen[ 2003 ]
6Going Under[ 2003 ]
7In The Shadows[ 2007 ]
8Le Nouveau Gothique[ 2004 ]
9My Immortal[ 2003 ]
10Not For Your Ears[ 2003 ]
11Origin[ 2000 ]
12Sound Asleep[ 1999 ]
13The Open Door[ 2006 ]
14Ultra Rare Trax[ 2003 ]
1Anywhere But Home (Evanescence)
2Bring Me To Life (Evanescence)
3Daredevil: The Album (Various artists)
4Evanescence (Evanescence)
5Fallen (Evanescence)
6Going Under (Evanescence)
7In The Shadows (Evanescence)
8Le Nouveau Gothique (Evanescence)
9My Immortal (Evanescence)
10Not For Your Ears (Evanescence)
11Origin (Evanescence)
12Sound Asleep (Evanescence)
13The Open Door (Evanescence)
14Ultra Rare Trax (Evanescence)

Evanescence songs

1All That I'm Living For [from the "The Open Door"]03:48
2Anything For You [from the "Not For Your Ears"]03:25
3Anything For You [from the "In The Shadows"]03:25
4Anywhere [from the "Origin"]06:03
5Anywhere [from the "Le Nouveau Gothique"]06:03
6Ascencion Of The Spirit [from the "Sound Asleep"]03:15
7Away Form Me [from the "Le Nouveau Gothique"]03:30
8Away From Me [from the "Origin"]03:30
9Away From Me [from the "Ultra Rare Trax"]07:24
10Away From Me [from the "In The Shadows"]03:30
11Before The Dawn [from the "Not For Your Ears"]03:17
12Before The Dawn [from the "Le Nouveau Gothique"]03:14
13Before the Dawn [from the "In The Shadows"]03:17
14Bleed [from the "In The Shadows"]04:18
15Breath No More [from the "In The Shadows"]03:51
16Breathe No More [from the "Not For Your Ears"]03:51
17Breathe No More [from the "Anywhere But Home"]03:32
18Bring Me to Life [from the "Fallen"]03:57
19Bring Me to Life [from the "Anywhere But Home"]04:42
20Bring Me to Life [from the "Le Nouveau Gothique"]03:57
21Bring Me To Life - Evanescence [from the "Daredevil: The Album"] 
22Bring Me To Life (Album Versio [from the "Bring Me To Life"]03:57
23Bring Me To Life (Bliss Mix) [from the "Bring Me To Life"]03:59
24Bring Me To Life (Original) [from the "Not For Your Ears"]04:06
25Call Me When You're Sober [from the "The Open Door"]03:34
26Cloud Nine [from the "The Open Door"]04:22
27End of the Dream [from the "Evanescence"]03:48
28Erase This [from the "Evanescence"]03:52
29Eternal [from the "Origin"]07:22
30Eternal [from the "Le Nouveau Gothique"]07:22
31Even in Death [from the "Origin"]04:09
32Even In Death [from the "Not For Your Ears"]04:13
33Even In Death [from the "Ultra Rare Trax"]06:05
34Everybody's Fool [from the "Fallen"]03:02
35Everybody's Fool [from the "Not For Your Ears"]03:02
36Everybody's Fool [from the "Anywhere But Home"]03:39
37Everybody's Fool [from the "Le Nouveau Gothique"]03:16
38Everywhere [from the "Ultra Rare Trax"]03:52
39Exodus [from the "Ultra Rare Trax"]03:07
40Exodus [from the "In The Shadows"]03:07
41Farther Away [from the "Bring Me To Life"]04:00
42Farther Away [from the "Anywhere But Home"]05:01
43Field of Innocence [from the "Origin"]05:13
44Field Of Innocence [from the "Ultra Rare Trax"]04:11
45Field Of Innocence [from the "Le Nouveau Gothique"]05:13
46Forever You [from the "In The Shadows"]03:23
47Forgive Me [from the "Sound Asleep"]03:01
48Forgive Me [from the "Not For Your Ears"]03:01
49Forgive Me [from the "Ultra Rare Trax"]03:01
50Further Away [from the "Not For Your Ears"]03:53
51Give Unto Me [from the "Sound Asleep"]05:50
52Give Unto Me [from the "Ultra Rare Trax"]05:51
53Going Under [from the "Fallen"]03:35
54Going Under [from the "Anywhere But Home"]03:56
55Going Under [from the "Le Nouveau Gothique"]03:35
56Going Under (Album Version) [from the "Going Under"]03:35
57Going Under (Live Acoustic) [from the "Going Under"]03:09
58Good Enough [from the "The Open Door"]05:31
59Goodnite [from the "In The Shadows"]01:42
60Haunted [from the "Fallen"]03:06

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Evanescence is a Grammy Award-winning American alternative rock band founded in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1998 by singer Amy Lee and former guitarist Ben Moody.

After recording two private EPs, and a demo CD named Origin with the help of Bigwig Enterprises, the band released their first full-length album, Fallen, on the Wind-up Records label in 2003. []


  • Alternative rock
  • Bring Me to Life - one of the best Evanescence songs, top songs list [#1257]

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