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Mesmerized by Kari Rueslatten [1998]

Mesmerized (Kari Rueslatten)

Track listing

1My Lover
2All You Had In Me
3Different Angle
4Balcony Boulevard
5Happy. Amused
7Make Me A Stone
8Borrowing You
9Little Low
10Images Of You
11Paint My Wings

Kari Rueslatten albums

1Demo Recordings[ 1995 ]
2Mesmerized[ 1998 ]
3Pilot[ 2002 ]
4Spindelsinn[ 1997 ]
1Demo Recordings (Kari Rueslatten)
2Mesmerized (Kari Rueslatten)
3Pilot (Kari Rueslatten)
4Spindelsinn (Kari Rueslatten)

Kari Rueslatten songs

1Agatha [from the "Spindelsinn"]03:19
2All You Had In Me [from the "Mesmerized"]04:00
3Balcony Boulevard [from the "Mesmerized"]04:16
4Beautiful Morning [from the "Pilot"]03:41
5Borrowing You [from the "Mesmerized"]03:37
6Butterfly-Milk [from the "Pilot"]09:24
7Calling You [from the "Pilot"]04:10
8Cinderella [from the "Mesmerized"]03:48
9Dead [from the "Demo Recordings"]03:57
10Denial [from the "Pilot"]04:12
11Different Angle [from the "Mesmerized"]03:13
12Exile [from the "Pilot"]03:47
13Forsaken [from the "Demo Recordings"]04:52
14Happy. Amused [from the "Mesmerized"]03:41
15Hor Min Sang [from the "Spindelsinn"]03:51
16I Manens Favn [from the "Spindelsinn"]03:16
17Images Of You [from the "Mesmerized"]04:32
18In A Day [from the "Demo Recordings"]01:07
19In Here [from the "Demo Recordings"]05:09
20Jeg Kommer Inn [from the "Spindelsinn"]03:03
21Leaving [from the "Pilot"]03:07
22Little Low [from the "Mesmerized"]03:04
23Love I Gave [from the "Pilot"]03:10
24Make Me A Stone [from the "Mesmerized"]03:38
25My Lover [from the "Mesmerized"]04:03
26Never Fly Away [from the "Pilot"]03:41
27Nordnatt [from the "Spindelsinn"]04:12
28Paint My Wings [from the "Mesmerized"]02:55
29Pilot [from the "Pilot"]03:30
30Rapunsel [from the "Demo Recordings"]04:58
31River [from the "Pilot"]04:02
32Skogens Kjole [from the "Spindelsinn"]03:03
33Smile In Your Sleep [from the "Pilot"]03:32
34Snow [from the "Pilot"]03:35
35Som Av Meg [from the "Spindelsinn"]04:10
36Spindelsinn [from the "Spindelsinn"]04:08
37The Gathering [from the "Demo Recordings"]03:05
38The Homecoming Song [from the "Demo Recordings"]03:31
39The Shadowchant [from the "Demo Recordings"]03:06
40Trollferd [from the "Spindelsinn"]03:59
41Vakenatt [from the "Demo Recordings"]03:59
42Vintersol [from the "Spindelsinn"]03:30
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