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Violent Revolution by Kreator [2001] [album editions]

Violent Revolution (Kreator)

Track listing

1Reconguering The Throne
2The Patriarch
3Violent Revolution
4All Of The Same Blood
5Servant In Heaven-King In Hell
6Second Awakening
7Ghetto War
8Replicas Of Life
9Slave Machinery
10Bitter Sweet Revenge
11System Decay

Kreator albums

1Endorama[ 1999 ]
2Live Kreation[ 2003 ]
3Outcast[ 1997 ]
4Past Life Trauma[ 2001 ]
5Scenarios of Violence[ 1996 ]
6Violent Revolution[ 2001 ]
7Voices Of Transgression[ 2000 ]
1Endorama (Kreator)
2Live Kreation (Kreator)
3Outcast (Kreator)
4Past Life Trauma (Kreator)
5Scenarios of Violence (Kreator)
6Violent Revolution (Kreator)
7Voices Of Transgression (Kreator)

Kreator songs

61Phobia [from the "Voices Of Transgression"]03:22
62Phobia [from the "Outcast"]03:22
63Pleasure To Kill [from the "Live Kreation"]02:48
64Pleasure To Kill [from the "Past Life Trauma"]04:10
65Reconguering The Throne [from the "Violent Revolution"]04:12
66Reconquering The Throne [from the "Live Kreation"]04:51
67Renewal [from the "Live Kreation"]03:59
68Renewal [from the "Past Life Trauma"]04:33
69Renewal [from the "Voices Of Transgression"]04:40
70Renewal [from the "Scenarios of Violence"]04:24
71Replicas Of Life [from the "Violent Revolution"]03:57
72Riot Of Violence [from the "Live Kreation"]05:46
73Ripping Corpse (Live) [from the "Scenarios of Violence"]04:18
74Ruin Of Life [from the "Outcast"]03:53
75Second Awakening [from the "Live Kreation"]04:50
76Second Awakening [from the "Violent Revolution"]05:03
77Servant In Heaven-King In Hell [from the "Live Kreation"]05:08
78Servant In Heaven-King In Hell [from the "Violent Revolution"]04:49
79Shadowland [from the "Endorama"]04:27
80Slave Machinery [from the "Violent Revolution"]05:24
81Some Pain Will Last (Live) [from the "Scenarios of Violence"]05:37
82Soul Eraser [from the "Endorama"]04:30
83State Oppression [from the "Voices Of Transgression"]01:38
84Stronger Than Before [from the "Outcast"]03:16
85Suicide In Swamps [from the "Scenarios of Violence"]05:09
86System Decay [from the "Violent Revolution"]04:33
87Terrible Certainty [from the "Live Kreation"]04:45
88Terrible Certainty [from the "Past Life Trauma"]04:27
89Terrible Certainty [from the "Scenarios of Violence"]04:17
90Terror Zone [from the "Past Life Trauma"]05:54
91Terror Zone [from the "Scenarios of Violence"]05:52
92Terrorzone [from the "Live Kreation"]06:11
93The Chosen Few [from the "Voices Of Transgression"]04:30
94The Patriarch [from the "Live Kreation"]01:08
95The Patriarch [from the "Violent Revolution"]05:46
96Tormentor [from the "Live Kreation"]03:57
97Tormentor [from the "Past Life Trauma"]02:54
98Tormentor (Live) [from the "Scenarios of Violence"]02:32
99Total Death [from the "Past Life Trauma"]03:26
100Toxic Trace [from the "Scenarios of Violence"]05:08
101Trauma [from the "Past Life Trauma"]05:11
102Tyranny [from the "Endorama"]03:59
103Under The Guillotine [from the "Live Kreation"]04:48
104Under The Guillotine [from the "Past Life Trauma"]04:38
105Violent Revolution [from the "Live Kreation"]05:06
106Violent Revolution [from the "Violent Revolution"]06:13
107Whatever It May Take [from the "Outcast"]03:47
108Whatever It My Take [from the "Voices Of Transgression"]03:48
109When The Sun Burns Red [from the "Past Life Trauma"]05:30
110Willing Spirit [from the "Endorama"]04:36
111Winter Martyrium [from the "Past Life Trauma"]06:11



Kreator is a German thrash metal band from Essen, Germany, formed in 1984. []


  • Thrash metal,
  • Avant-garde metal,
  • Symphonic metal,
  • Industrial metal,
  • Groove metal
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