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About to Get Real by Easton Corbin [2015] [album editions]

About to Get Real (Easton Corbin)

Track listing

1Kiss Me One More Time
2Guys and Girls
4Diggin' On You
5Baby Be My Love Song
6About to Get Real
8Wild Women and Whiskey
9Are You With Me
10Damn Girl
11Just Add Water
12Like a Song

Easton Corbin albums

1About to Get Real[ 2015 ]
2All Over the Road[ 2012 ]
3Easton Corbin[ 2010 ]
1About to Get Real (Easton Corbin)
2All Over the Road (Easton Corbin)
3Easton Corbin (Easton Corbin)

Easton Corbin songs

1A Little More Country Than That [from the "Easton Corbin"]02:52
2A Lot To Learn About Livin [from the "Easton Corbin"]03:46
3A Thing For You [from the "All Over the Road"]02:55
4About to Get Real [from the "About to Get Real"]03:16
5All Over The Road [from the "All Over the Road"]02:43
6Are You With Me [from the "About to Get Real"]03:41
7Are You With Me [from the "All Over the Road"]03:40
8Baby Be My Love Song [from the "About to Get Real"]03:20
9Clockwork [from the "About to Get Real"]03:10
10Damn Girl [from the "About to Get Real"]03:30
11Dance Real Slow [from the "All Over the Road"]03:45
12Diggin' On You [from the "About to Get Real"]02:43
13Dont Ask Me About A Woman [from the "Easton Corbin"]03:36
14Guys and Girls [from the "About to Get Real"]03:49
15Hearts Drawn In The Sand [from the "All Over the Road"]03:11
16I Cant Love You Back [from the "Easton Corbin"]04:05
17I Think Of You [from the "All Over the Road"]05:05
18Just Add Water [from the "About to Get Real"]03:04
19Kiss Me One More Time [from the "About to Get Real"]03:18
20Leavin a Lonely Town [from the "Easton Corbin"]03:22
21Let Alone You [from the "Easton Corbin"]03:15
22Like a Song [from the "About to Get Real"]03:48
23Lovin' You Is Fun [from the "All Over the Road"]03:20
24Only A Girl [from the "All Over the Road"]02:42
25Roll With It [from the "Easton Corbin"]03:27
26Someday When Im Old [from the "Easton Corbin"]03:22
27That'll Make You Wanna Drink [from the "Easton Corbin"]03:26
28That's Gonna Leave A Memory [from the "All Over the Road"]03:07
29The Way Love Looks [from the "Easton Corbin"]02:41
30This Farr From Memphis [from the "Easton Corbin"]03:17
31This Feels A Lot Like Love [from the "All Over the Road"]03:43
32Tulsa Texas [from the "All Over the Road"]04:35
33Wild Women and Whiskey [from the "About to Get Real"]03:33
34Yup [from the "About to Get Real"]03:14

Easton Corbin - top artists list [#267]

Easton Corbin

Easton Corbin is an American country music singer.


  • Country
  • Baby Be My Love Song - one of the best Easton Corbin songs, top songs list [#389]

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