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Twenty One Pilots by Twenty One Pilots [2009] [album editions]

Twenty One Pilots (Twenty One Pilots)

Track listing

1Implicit Demand for Proof
2Fall Away
3The Pantaloon
4Addict with A Pen
5Friend, Please
6March to The Sea
7Johnny Boy
8Oh, Ms. Believer
9Air Catcher
11A Car, A Torch, A Death
12Taxi Cab
13Before You Start Your Day
14Isle of Flightless Birds

Twenty One Pilots albums

1Blurryface[ 2015 ]
2Regional at Best[ 2011 ]
3Twenty One Pilots[ 2009 ]
4Vessel[ 2013 ]
1Blurryface (Twenty One Pilots)
2Regional at Best (Twenty One Pilots)
3Twenty One Pilots (Twenty One Pilots)
4Vessel (Twenty One Pilots)

Twenty One Pilots songs

1A Car, A Torch, A Death [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]04:34
2Addict with A Pen [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]04:39
3Air Catcher [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]03:48
4Anathema [from the "Regional at Best"]03:57
5Be Concerned [from the "Regional at Best"]04:06
6Before You Start Your Day [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]03:46
7Car Radio [from the "Vessel"]04:27
8Car Radio [from the "Regional at Best"]04:46
9Clear [from the "Regional at Best"]03:39
10Doubt [from the "Blurryface"]03:11
11Fairly Local [from the "Blurryface"]03:27
12Fake You Out [from the "Vessel"]03:51
13Fall Away [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]02:56
14Forest [from the "Regional at Best"]04:05
15Friend, Please [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]04:10
16Glowing Eyes [from the "Regional at Best"]04:20
17Goner [from the "Blurryface"]03:56
18Guns for Hands [from the "Vessel"]04:33
19Guns for Hands [from the "Regional at Best"]04:35
20Heavydirtysoul [from the "Blurryface"]03:54
21Holding on to You [from the "Vessel"]04:23
22Holding on to You [from the "Regional at Best"]04:19
23Hometown [from the "Blurryface"]03:55
24House of Gold [from the "Vessel"]02:43
25Implicit Demand for Proof [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]04:52
26Isle of Flightless Birds [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]05:47
27Johnny Boy [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]04:39
28Kitchen Sink [from the "Regional at Best"]05:35
29Lane Boy [from the "Blurryface"]04:13
30Lovely [from the "Regional at Best"]04:20
31March to The Sea [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]05:21
32Message Man [from the "Blurryface"]04:00
33Migraine [from the "Vessel"]03:59
34Not Today [from the "Blurryface"]03:58
35Ode To Sleep [from the "Vessel"]05:08
36Ode to Sleep [from the "Regional at Best"]05:09
37Oh, Ms. Believer [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]03:35
38Polarize [from the "Blurryface"]03:46
39Ride [from the "Blurryface"]03:34
40Ruby [from the "Regional at Best"]04:27
41Screen [from the "Vessel"]03:49
42Semi-Automatic [from the "Vessel"]04:13
43Slowtown [from the "Regional at Best"]04:54
44Stressed Out [from the "Blurryface"]03:22
45Taxi Cab [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]04:50
46Tear in My Heart [from the "Blurryface"]03:08
47The Judge [from the "Blurryface"]04:57
48The Pantaloon [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]03:28
49The Run and Go [from the "Vessel"]03:49
50Trapdoor [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]04:36
51Trees [from the "Vessel"]04:27
52Trees [from the "Regional at Best"]04:17
53Truce [from the "Vessel"]02:22
54We Don't Believe What's on TV [from the "Blurryface"]02:57

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Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots is an American musical duo from Columbus, Ohio.

The band was formed in 2009 and consists of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Indie rock,
  • Rap rock,
  • Alternative hip-hop
  • The Pantaloon by Twenty One Pilots

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