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Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots [2015] [album editions]

Blurryface (Twenty One Pilots)

Track listing

2Stressed Out
4Fairly Local
5Tear in My Heart
6Lane Boy
7The Judge
10We Don't Believe What's on TV
11Message Man
13Not Today

Twenty One Pilots albums

1Blurryface[ 2015 ]
2Regional at Best[ 2011 ]
3Twenty One Pilots[ 2009 ]
4Vessel[ 2013 ]
1Blurryface (Twenty One Pilots)
2Regional at Best (Twenty One Pilots)
3Twenty One Pilots (Twenty One Pilots)
4Vessel (Twenty One Pilots)

Twenty One Pilots songs

1A Car, A Torch, A Death [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]04:34
2Addict with A Pen [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]04:39
3Air Catcher [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]03:48
4Anathema [from the "Regional at Best"]03:57
5Be Concerned [from the "Regional at Best"]04:06
6Before You Start Your Day [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]03:46
7Car Radio [from the "Vessel"]04:27
8Car Radio [from the "Regional at Best"]04:46
9Clear [from the "Regional at Best"]03:39
10Doubt [from the "Blurryface"]03:11
11Fairly Local [from the "Blurryface"]03:27
12Fake You Out [from the "Vessel"]03:51
13Fall Away [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]02:56
14Forest [from the "Regional at Best"]04:05
15Friend, Please [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]04:10
16Glowing Eyes [from the "Regional at Best"]04:20
17Goner [from the "Blurryface"]03:56
18Guns for Hands [from the "Vessel"]04:33
19Guns for Hands [from the "Regional at Best"]04:35
20Heavydirtysoul [from the "Blurryface"]03:54
21Holding on to You [from the "Vessel"]04:23
22Holding on to You [from the "Regional at Best"]04:19
23Hometown [from the "Blurryface"]03:55
24House of Gold [from the "Vessel"]02:43
25Implicit Demand for Proof [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]04:52
26Isle of Flightless Birds [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]05:47
27Johnny Boy [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]04:39
28Kitchen Sink [from the "Regional at Best"]05:35
29Lane Boy [from the "Blurryface"]04:13
30Lovely [from the "Regional at Best"]04:20
31March to The Sea [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]05:21
32Message Man [from the "Blurryface"]04:00
33Migraine [from the "Vessel"]03:59
34Not Today [from the "Blurryface"]03:58
35Ode To Sleep [from the "Vessel"]05:08
36Ode to Sleep [from the "Regional at Best"]05:09
37Oh, Ms. Believer [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]03:35
38Polarize [from the "Blurryface"]03:46
39Ride [from the "Blurryface"]03:34
40Ruby [from the "Regional at Best"]04:27
41Screen [from the "Vessel"]03:49
42Semi-Automatic [from the "Vessel"]04:13
43Slowtown [from the "Regional at Best"]04:54
44Stressed Out [from the "Blurryface"]03:22
45Taxi Cab [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]04:50
46Tear in My Heart [from the "Blurryface"]03:08
47The Judge [from the "Blurryface"]04:57
48The Pantaloon [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]03:28
49The Run and Go [from the "Vessel"]03:49
50Trapdoor [from the "Twenty One Pilots"]04:36
51Trees [from the "Vessel"]04:27
52Trees [from the "Regional at Best"]04:17
53Truce [from the "Vessel"]02:22
54We Don't Believe What's on TV [from the "Blurryface"]02:57

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Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots is an American musical duo from Columbus, Ohio.

The band was formed in 2009 and consists of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Indie rock,
  • Rap rock,
  • Alternative hip-hop
  • Ride - one of the best Twenty One Pilots songs, top songs list [#91]

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