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Parachutes by Coldplay [2000] [album editions]

Parachutes (Coldplay)

Track listing

1Don't Panic
8High Speed
9We Never Change
10Every Thing's Not Lost
11Don't Panic (Acoustic)
12Shiver (Acoustic)
13Sparks (Acoustic)
14Yellow (Acoustic)
15Trouble (Acoustic)
16We Never Change (Acoustic)
17Trouble (Trans-Remix)

Coldplay albums

1A Head Full of Dreams[ 2015 ]
2A Rush of Blood to the Head[ 2002 ]
3Brothers & Sisters[ 1999 ]
4Fix You[ 2005 ]
5Ghost Stories[ 2014 ]
6Live 2003[ 2003 ]
7Mylo Xyloto[ 2011 ]
8Parachutes[ 2000 ]
9The Blue Room[ 1999 ]
10Trouble - Norwegian (Live)[ 2002 ]
11Viva La Vida[ 2008 ]
12X & Y[ 2005 ]
1A Head Full of Dreams (Coldplay)
2A Rush of Blood to the Head (Coldplay)
3Brothers & Sisters (Coldplay)
4Fix You (Coldplay)
5Ghost Stories (Coldplay)
6Live 2003 (Coldplay)
7Mylo Xyloto (Coldplay)
8Parachutes (Coldplay)
9The Blue Room (Coldplay)
10Trouble - Norwegian (Live) (Coldplay)
11Viva La Vida (Coldplay)
12X & Y (Coldplay)

Coldplay songs

61Moses [from the "Live 2003"]05:29
62Mylo Xyloto [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]00:43
63O [from the "Ghost Stories"]05:23
64O (Reprise) [from the "Ghost Stories"]01:37
65Oceans [from the "Ghost Stories"]05:21
66One I Love [from the "Live 2003"]05:08
67Only Superstition [from the "Brothers & Sisters"]03:51
68Parachutes [from the "Parachutes"]00:46
69Paradise [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]04:37
70Politik [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]05:18
71Politik [from the "Live 2003"]06:36
72Pour Me (Live at the Hollywood Bowl) [from the "Fix You"]05:01
73Princess of China (ft. Rihanna) [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]03:59
74See You Soon [from the "The Blue Room"]02:51
75See You Soon (Live) [from the "Live 2003"]03:29
76Shiver [from the "Trouble - Norwegian (Live)"]05:43
77Shiver [from the "Parachutes"]04:59
78Shiver [from the "Live 2003"]05:25
79Shiver (Acoustic) [from the "Parachutes"]05:13
80Sparks [from the "Trouble - Norwegian (Live)"]03:53
81Sparks [from the "Parachutes"]03:47
82Sparks (Acoustic) [from the "Parachutes"]03:51
83Speed of Sound [from the "X & Y"]04:48
84Spies [from the "Parachutes"]05:18
85Square one [from the "X & Y"]04:47
86Strawberry Swing [from the "Viva La Vida"]04:09
87Such a Rush [from the "The Blue Room"]04:57
88Swallowed in the Sea [from the "X & Y"]03:59
89Talk [from the "X & Y"]05:11
90The Escapist [from the "Viva La Vida"]02:45
91The Hardest Part [from the "X & Y"]04:25
92The Scientist [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]05:09
93The World Turned Upside Down [from the "Fix You"]04:32
94Til Kingdom Come [from the "X & Y"]04:10
95Trouble [from the "Trouble - Norwegian (Live)"]04:35
96Trouble [from the "Parachutes"]04:30
97Trouble (Acoustic) [from the "Parachutes"]04:55
98Trouble (Trans-Remix) [from the "Parachutes"]07:02
99True Love [from the "Ghost Stories"]04:06
100Twisted Logic [from the "X & Y"]05:01
101U.F.O. [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]02:17
102Up in Flames [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]03:13
103Up with the Birds [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]03:47
104Up&Up [from the "A Head Full of Dreams"]06:45
105Us Against the World [from the "Mylo Xyloto"]03:59
106Violet Hill [from the "Viva La Vida"]03:49
107Viva La Vida [from the "Viva La Vida"]04:04
108Warning Sign [from the "A Rush of Blood to the Head"]05:31
109We Never Change [from the "Parachutes"]04:09
110We Never Change (Acoustic) [from the "Parachutes"]04:37
111What if [from the "X & Y"]04:57
112White shadows [from the "X & Y"]05:28
113X & Y [from the "X & Y"]04:34
114Yellow [from the "Trouble - Norwegian (Live)"]05:01
115Yellow [from the "Parachutes"]04:29
116Yellow [from the "Live 2003"]05:36
117Yellow (Acoustic) [from the "Parachutes"]04:24
118Yes [from the "Viva La Vida"]07:06

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Coldplay are a post-Britpop/alternative rock band from London.

Coldplay's early material was influenced by the likes of Jeff Buckley and Radiohead. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Post-Britpop,
  • Electro rock
  • Yellow by Coldplay

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