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Blue Chips (with Party Supplies) by Action Bronson [2012]

Blue Chips (with Party Supplies) (Action Bronson)

Track listing

1Pouches Of Tuna (ft. Roc Marciano)
2Steve Wynn
3Tan Leather
4Double Breasted
5Thug Love Story 2012
6Hookers at the Point
8Ron Simmons
9Expensive Pens (ft. Meyhem Lauren)
1010 9-24-11
11Arts & Leisure (ft. Kool Ad)
12Intercontinental Champion
135 Minute Beats 1 Take Raps
14Blue Chips
15103 and Roosy

Action Bronson albums

1Blue Chips (with Party Supplies)[ 2012 ]
2Dr. Lecter[ 2011 ]
3Well-Done (with Statik Selektah)[ 2011 ]
1Blue Chips (with Party Supplies) (Action Bronson)
2Dr. Lecter (Action Bronson)
3Well-Done (with Statik Selektah) (Action Bronson)

Action Bronson songs

110 9-24-11 [from the "Blue Chips (with Party Supplies)"]04:24
2103 and Roosy [from the "Blue Chips (with Party Supplies)"]02:32
35 Minute Beats 1 Take Raps [from the "Blue Chips (with Party Supplies)"]01:54
4Arts & Leisure (ft. Kool Ad) [from the "Blue Chips (with Party Supplies)"]02:18
5Bag of Money (ft. Meyhem Lauren) [from the "Dr. Lecter"]03:34
6Barry Horowitz [from the "Dr. Lecter"]02:03
7Beautiful Music [from the "Dr. Lecter"]03:03
8Blue Chips [from the "Blue Chips (with Party Supplies)"]02:42
9Bon Voyage [from the "Well-Done (with Statik Selektah)"]02:17
10Brunch [from the "Dr. Lecter"]02:30
11Buddy Guy [from the "Dr. Lecter"]02:53
12Central Bookings (ft. Meyhem Lauren) [from the "Well-Done (with Statik Selektah)"]03:23
13Chuck Person (ft. Meyhem Lauren, Shaz Illyork & Ag Da Coroner) [from the "Dr. Lecter"]03:33
14Cirque du Soleil [from the "Well-Done (with Statik Selektah)"]02:04
15Cliff Notes [from the "Well-Done (with Statik Selektah)"]03:13
16Cocoa Butter (ft. Nina Sky) [from the "Well-Done (with Statik Selektah)"]04:44
17Double Breasted [from the "Blue Chips (with Party Supplies)"]03:07
18Dreamer [from the "Blue Chips (with Party Supplies)"]00:49
19Expensive Pens (ft. Meyhem Lauren) [from the "Blue Chips (with Party Supplies)"]02:38
20Forbidden Fruit [from the "Dr. Lecter"]01:26
21Get Off My P.P. [from the "Dr. Lecter"]02:12
22Hookers at the Point [from the "Blue Chips (with Party Supplies)"]03:44
23Intercontinental Champion [from the "Blue Chips (with Party Supplies)"]01:22
24Jerk Chicken (ft. Maffew Ragazino) [from the "Dr. Lecter"]02:29
25Keep Off the Grass [from the "Well-Done (with Statik Selektah)"]03:06
26Larry Csonka [from the "Dr. Lecter"]03:24
27Love Letter [from the "Well-Done (with Statik Selektah)"]02:01
28Miss Fordham Road (86 87 88) [from the "Well-Done (with Statik Selektah)"]03:39
29Moonstruck [from the "Dr. Lecter"]02:10
30Not Enough Words [from the "Well-Done (with Statik Selektah)"]03:16
31Pouches Of Tuna (ft. Roc Marciano) [from the "Blue Chips (with Party Supplies)"]02:32
32Respect the Mustache [from the "Well-Done (with Statik Selektah)"]03:05
33Ron Simmons [from the "Blue Chips (with Party Supplies)"]02:39
34Ronnie Coleman [from the "Dr. Lecter"]02:54
35Shiraz [from the "Dr. Lecter"]02:26
36Steve Wynn [from the "Blue Chips (with Party Supplies)"]02:26
37Suede (ft. Meyhem Lauren, Shaz Illyork, Fonda & Machine) [from the "Dr. Lecter"]04:00
38Tan Leather [from the "Blue Chips (with Party Supplies)"]02:24
39Tapas [from the "Blue Chips (with Party Supplies)"]02:56
40Terror Death Camp (ft. Meyhem Lauren, Maffew Ragazino & AG Da Coroner) [from the "Well-Done (with Statik Selektah)"]03:25
41The Madness [from the "Dr. Lecter"]03:32
42The Rainmaker [from the "Well-Done (with Statik Selektah)"]03:17
43The Stick-Up [from the "Well-Done (with Statik Selektah)"]02:59
44Thug Love Story 2012 [from the "Blue Chips (with Party Supplies)"]03:54
45Time for Some (ft. Lil Fame of M.O.P.) [from the "Well-Done (with Statik Selektah)"]04:28
46White Silk [from the "Well-Done (with Statik Selektah)"]02:54

Action Bronson

Action Bronson

Arian Arslani, better known by his stage name Action Bronson, is an American hip hop recording artist from Flushing, Queens, New York. []


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  • Blue Chips by Action Bronson

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