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Lost in Alphaville by The Rentals [2014] [album editions]

Lost in Alphaville (The Rentals)

Track listing

1It's Time to Come Home
2Traces of Our Tears
41000 Seasons
6Irrational Things
7Thought of Sound
8Song of Remembering
9Seven Years
10The Future

The Rentals albums

1Lost in Alphaville[ 2014 ]
2Return of the Rentals[ 1995 ]
3Seven More Minutes[ 1999 ]
1Lost in Alphaville (The Rentals)
2Return of the Rentals (The Rentals)
3Seven More Minutes (The Rentals)

The Rentals songs

11000 Seasons [from the "Lost in Alphaville"]03:15
2Barcelona [from the "Seven More Minutes"]04:04
3Big Daddy C. [from the "Seven More Minutes"]03:20
4Brilliant Boy [from the "Return of the Rentals"]04:15
5Damaris [from the "Lost in Alphaville"]04:54
6Friends of P. [from the "Return of the Rentals"]03:32
7Getting By [from the "Seven More Minutes"]02:52
8Hello, Hello [from the "Seven More Minutes"]04:17
9Insomnia [from the "Seven More Minutes"]01:56
10Irrational Things [from the "Lost in Alphaville"]04:14
11It's Alright [Reprise] [from the "Seven More Minutes"]01:10
12It's Time to Come Home [from the "Lost in Alphaville"]04:00
13Jumping Around [from the "Seven More Minutes"]05:36
14Keep Sleeping [from the "Seven More Minutes"]03:43
15Move On [from the "Return of the Rentals"]04:20
16Must Be Wrong [from the "Seven More Minutes"]04:30
17My Head Is In The Sun [from the "Seven More Minutes"]04:41
18My Summer Girl [from the "Return of the Rentals"]03:12
19Naive [from the "Return of the Rentals"]02:19
20Overlee [from the "Seven More Minutes"]05:31
21Please Let That Be You [from the "Return of the Rentals"]03:33
22Say Goodbye Forever [from the "Seven More Minutes"]03:56
23Seven Years [from the "Lost in Alphaville"]04:34
24She Says It's Alright [from the "Seven More Minutes"]03:59
25Song of Remembering [from the "Lost in Alphaville"]03:37
26Stardust [from the "Lost in Alphaville"]02:48
27Sweetness and Tenderness [from the "Return of the Rentals"]05:55
28The Cruise [from the "Seven More Minutes"]04:04
29The Future [from the "Lost in Alphaville"]05:48
30The Love I'm Searching For [from the "Return of the Rentals"]03:35
31The Man With Two Brains [from the "Seven More Minutes"]04:39
32These Days [from the "Return of the Rentals"]03:00
33Thought of Sound [from the "Lost in Alphaville"]03:44
34Traces of Our Tears [from the "Lost in Alphaville"]03:25
35Waiting [from the "Return of the Rentals"]03:13

The Rentals - top artists list [#337]

The Rentals

The Rentals is an American rock band fronted by vocalist Matt Sharp, best known as the former bassist for Weezer.



  • New wave,
  • Power pop,
  • Alternative rock
  • Thought of Sound - one of the best The Rentals songs, top songs list [#526]

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