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Tomb Raider (Soundtrack) [2001] [album editions]

Tomb Raider (Soundtrack) (Various artists)

Track listing

1Elevation (Tomb Raider Mix) - U2
2Deep - Nine Inch Nails
3Galaxy Bounce - Chemical Brothers
4Get Ur Freak On - Missy Elliott (ft. Nelly Furtado)
5Speedballin' - Outkast
6Ain't Never Learned - Moby
7The Revolution - BT
8Terra Firma (Lara's Mix) - Delerium (featuring Aude)
9Where's Your Head At - Basement Jaxx
10Illuminati - Fatboy Slim (featuring Bootsy Collins)
11Absurd (Whitewash Edit) - Fl
12Song Of Life - Leftfield
13Edge Hill - Groove Armada
14Satellite - Bosco
15Devil's Nightmare - Oxide & Neutrino

Missy Elliott albums

1Da Real World[ 1999 ]
2Miss E… So Addictive[ 2001 ]
3Supa Dupa Fly[ 1997 ]
4The Cookbook[ 2005 ]
5This Is Not a Test![ 2003 ]
6Tomb Raider (Soundtrack)[ 2001 ]
7Under Construction[ 2002 ]
1Da Real World (Missy Elliott)
2Miss E… So Addictive (Missy Elliott)
3Supa Dupa Fly (Missy Elliott)
4The Cookbook (Missy Elliott)
5This Is Not a Test! (Missy Elliott)
6Tomb Raider (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
7Under Construction (Missy Elliott)

Missy Elliott songs

1...So Addictive (Intro) (ft. Tweet) [from the "Miss E… So Addictive"]01:10
24 My Man (ft. Fantasia) [from the "The Cookbook"]04:22
34 My People (Basement Jaxx Remix) [from the "Miss E… So Addictive"]03:53
44 My People (ft. Eve) [from the "Miss E… So Addictive"]05:06
5Ain't That Funny [from the "Under Construction"]03:04
6All n My Grill (ft. Big Boi and Nicole Wray) [from the "Da Real World"]04:43
7All n My Grill (Remix ft. MC Solaar and Nicole Wray) [from the "Da Real World"]04:58
8Baby Girl Interlude/Intro (ft. Mary J. Blige) [from the "This Is Not a Test!"]02:27
9Back in the Day (ft.g Jay-Z) [from the "Under Construction"]05:12
10Bad Man (ft. Vybez Cartel & M.I.A.) [from the "The Cookbook"]05:21
11Beat Biters [from the "Da Real World"]04:34
12Beep Me 911 (ft. 702 and Magoo) [from the "Supa Dupa Fly"]05:20
13Best Friends (ft. Aaliyah) [from the "Supa Dupa Fly"]04:30
14Bite Our Style (interlude) [from the "Supa Dupa Fly"]01:06
15Bomb Intro / Pass That Dutch [from the "This Is Not a Test!"]03:51
16Bring the Pain (ft. Method Man) [from the "Under Construction"]03:16
17Busa Rhyme (ft. Eminem) [from the "Da Real World"]05:12
18Bus-A-Bus (ft. Busta Rhymes) [from the "Miss E… So Addictive"]01:27
19Busta's Intro (ft. Busta Rhymes) [from the "Supa Dupa Fly"]02:16
20Busta's Outro (ft. Busta Rhymes) [from the "Supa Dupa Fly"]02:01
21Can You Hear Me (ft. TLC) [from the "Under Construction"]04:46
22Can't Stop [from the "The Cookbook"]03:58
23Checkin' for You (ft. Lil' Kim) [from the "Da Real World"]02:20
24Click Clack [from the "The Cookbook"]03:04
25Crazy Feelings (feat. Beyonce) [from the "Da Real World"]04:46
26Dangerous Mouths (ft. Redman) [from the "Da Real World"]03:40
27Dats What I'm Talkin About (ft. R. Kelly) [from the "This Is Not a Test!"]05:02
28Dog in Heat (ft. Method Man & Redman) [from the "Miss E… So Addictive"]05:18
29Don't Be Commin' (in My Face) [from the "Supa Dupa Fly"]04:34
30Don't Be Cruel (ft. Monica & Beenie Man) [from the "This Is Not a Test!"]04:47
31Friendly Skies (ft. Ginuwine) [from the "Supa Dupa Fly"]05:22
32Funky Fresh Dressed (ft. Ms. Jade) [from the "Under Construction"]04:12
33Get Ur Freak On [from the "Miss E… So Addictive"]04:14
34Get Ur Freak On - Missy Elliott (ft. Nelly Furtado) [from the "Tomb Raider (Soundtrack)"] 
35Gettaway (ft. Space and Nicole) [from the "Supa Dupa Fly"]04:48
36Gossip Folks (ft. Ludacris) [from the "Under Construction"]04:11
37Higher Ground (ft. Karen Clark Sheard, Yolanda Adams, Kim Burrell, Dorinda Clark Cole, Mary Mary & Tweet) [from the "Miss E… So Addictive"]05:21
38Higher Ground (Prelude) [from the "Miss E… So Addictive"]02:03
39Hit Em wit da Hee (ft. Lil Kim) [from the "Supa Dupa Fly"]04:42
40Hot [from the "Under Construction"]04:25
41Hot Boyz [from the "Da Real World"]03:46
42I'm Not Perfect (ft. The Clark Sisters) [from the "This Is Not a Test!"]04:03
43I'm Talkin' [from the "Supa Dupa Fly"]05:25
44Intro/Go to the Floor [from the "Under Construction"]05:22
45Irresistible Delicious (ft. Slick Rick) [from the "The Cookbook"]04:25
46Is This Our Last Time (ft. Fabolous) [from the "This Is Not a Test!"]05:39
47It's Real [from the "This Is Not a Test!"]03:05
48I've Changed (Interlude) (ft. Lil Mo) [from the "Miss E… So Addictive"]01:23
49Izzy Izzy Ahh [from the "Supa Dupa Fly"]04:16
50Joy (ft. Mike Jones) [from the "The Cookbook"]04:58
51Keep It Movin' (ft. Elephant Man) [from the "This Is Not a Test!"]03:53
52Let It Bump [from the "This Is Not a Test!"]03:03
53Let Me Fix My Weave [from the "This Is Not a Test!"]04:12
54Lick Shots [from the "Miss E… So Addictive"]04:09
55Lose Control (ft. Ciara & Fatman Scoop) [from the "The Cookbook"]03:56
56Meltdown [from the "The Cookbook"]04:26
57Missy's Finale [from the "Supa Dupa Fly"]00:47
58Mommy [from the "The Cookbook"]03:07
59Mr. D.J. (ft. Lady Saw) [from the "Da Real World"]04:41
60My Struggles (ft. Mary J. Blige & Grand Puba) [from the "The Cookbook"]03:01

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Missy Elliott

Melissa Arnette "Missy" Elliott is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, and record producer. []


  • Hip hop,
  • R&B
  • Get Ur Freak On - Missy Elliott (ft. Nelly Furtado) by Missy Elliott

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