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Evol by Future [2016]

Evol (Future)

Track listing

1Ain't No Time
2In Her Mouth
4Xanny Family
5Lil Haiti Baby
6Photo Copied
7Seven Rings
8Lie to Me
10Low Life (ft. The Weeknd)
11Fly Shit Only

Future albums

1Astronaut Status[ 2012 ]
2Dirty Sprite[ 2011 ]
3DS2[ 2015 ]
4Evol[ 2016 ]
5Honest[ 2014 ]
6Pluto[ 2012 ]
1Astronaut Status (Future)
2Dirty Sprite (Future)
3DS2 (Future)
4Evol (Future)
5Honest (Future)
6Pluto (Future)

Future songs

14 My People [from the "Dirty Sprite"]04:12
2Abu Intro Turn Up [from the "Astronaut Status"]00:33
3Abu Outro Astronaut Status [from the "Astronaut Status"]00:28
4Ain't No Time [from the "Evol"]03:22
5Astronaut Chick [from the "Pluto"]04:13
6Benz Friendz (Whatchutola) (ft. Andre 3000) [from the "Honest"]01:10
7Best 2 Shine [from the "Astronaut Status"]04:04
8Big Rube Speaks [from the "Honest"]03:05
9Birds Take a Bath (ft. Young Jeezy & Young Scooter) [from the "Astronaut Status"]04:25
10Blood On the Money [from the "DS2"]04:42
11Blood Sweat [from the "Honest"]02:03
12Blow (ft. Ludacris & Rocko) [from the "Astronaut Status"]04:14
13Blow a Bag [from the "DS2"]03:14
14Colossal [from the "DS2"]03:03
15Conceited (ft. Cap 1) [from the "Dirty Sprite"]03:56
16Covered N Money [from the "Honest"]03:41
17Deeper Than the Ocean [from the "Astronaut Status"]03:37
18Dirty Sprite [from the "Dirty Sprite"]02:41
19F**k Up Some Commas [from the "DS2"]03:57
20Fly Shit Only [from the "Evol"]03:32
21Freak Hoe [from the "DS2"]02:54
22Future Back [from the "Astronaut Status"]02:30
23Groupies [from the "DS2"]03:07
24Homicide (ft. Snoop Dogg) [from the "Pluto"]04:10
25Honest [from the "Honest"]03:24
26How Can I Not [from the "Honest"]04:39
27I Be U [from the "Honest"]03:58
28I Got Yo Bitch (ft. Rocko) [from the "Dirty Sprite"]04:04
29I Serve the Base [from the "DS2"]03:10
30I Won (ft. Kanye West) [from the "Honest"]04:03
31Ill Be Yours [from the "Honest"]04:54
32Im Trippin [from the "Pluto"]04:41
33In Her Mouth [from the "Evol"]03:12
34Intro [from the "Dirty Sprite"]00:28
35Itchin' [from the "Astronaut Status"]02:39
36Jordan Diddy (ft. Gucci Mane) [from the "Astronaut Status"]04:00
37Jordan Diddy Interlude [from the "Astronaut Status"]00:19
38Karate Chop [from the "Honest"]04:39
39Kno The Meaning [from the "DS2"]03:45
40Lie to Me [from the "Evol"]03:32
41Lil Haiti Baby [from the "Evol"]04:37
42Lil One [from the "DS2"]03:27
43Long Live The Pimp (ft. Trae The Truth) [from the "Pluto"]03:28
44Look Ahead [from the "Honest"]03:44
45Low Life (ft. The Weeknd) [from the "Evol"]05:13
46Magic (Remix) (ft. T.I.) [from the "Pluto"]03:31
47Maybach [from the "Evol"]03:40
48Move That Dope (ft. Pharrell, Pusha T and Casino) [from the "Honest"]05:45
49Much More [from the "Dirty Sprite"]02:58
50My Ho 2 [from the "Astronaut Status"]03:33
51My Momma [from the "Honest"]03:38
52Neva End [from the "Pluto"]04:22
53Never Been This High [from the "Dirty Sprite"]02:57
54Never Satisfied (ft. Drake) [from the "Honest"]01:59
55Never Seen These [from the "Astronaut Status"]02:54
56Never Seen Those (Skit) [from the "Astronaut Status"]00:25
57No Matter What [from the "Astronaut Status"]03:47
58Nunbout (ft. Cooley) [from the "Astronaut Status"]04:21
59Old Hundreds (ft. Twista) [from the "Dirty Sprite"]04:04
60On 2 Us [from the "Dirty Sprite"]03:05

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Nayvadius Cash, better known by his stage name Future, is an American rapper and singer from the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. []


  • Hip hop
  • Low Life (ft. The Weeknd) - one of the best Future songs, top songs list [#119]

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