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Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw [2004] [album editions]

Live Like You Were Dying (Tim McGraw)

Track listing

1How Bad Do You Want It
2My Old Friend
3Can't Tell Me Nothin'
4Old Town New
5Live Like You Were Dying
6Drugs Or Jesus
7Back When
8Something's Broken
9Open Season On My Heart
10Everybody Hates Me
11Walk Like A Man
12Blank Sheet Of Paper
13Just Be Your Tear
14Do You Want Fries With That
15Kill Myself
16We Carry On

Tim McGraw albums

1A Place in the Sun[ 1999 ]
2All I Want[ 1995 ]
3Damn Country Music[ 2015 ]
4Emotional Traffic[ 2012 ]
5Everywhere[ 1997 ]
6Let It Go[ 2007 ]
7Live Like You Were Dying[ 2004 ]
8Not a Moment Too Soon[ 1994 ]
9Set This Circus Down[ 2001 ]
10Southern Voice[ 2009 ]
11Sundown Heaven Town[ 2014 ]
12Tim McGraw[ 1993 ]
13Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors[ 2002 ]
14Two Lanes of Freedom[ 2013 ]
1A Place in the Sun (Tim McGraw)
2All I Want (Tim McGraw)
3Damn Country Music (Tim McGraw)
4Emotional Traffic (Tim McGraw)
5Everywhere (Tim McGraw)
6Let It Go (Tim McGraw)
7Live Like You Were Dying (Tim McGraw)
8Not a Moment Too Soon (Tim McGraw)
9Set This Circus Down (Tim McGraw)
10Southern Voice (Tim McGraw)
11Sundown Heaven Town (Tim McGraw)
12Tim McGraw (Tim McGraw)
13Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors (Tim McGraw)
14Two Lanes of Freedom (Tim McGraw)

Tim McGraw songs

61I Like It, I Love It [from the "All I Want"]03:25
62I Need You [from the "Let It Go"]04:08
63I Will Not Fall Down [from the "Emotional Traffic"]04:37
64If I Died Today [from the "Southern Voice"]02:55
65Illegal [from the "Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors"]03:54
66I'm Feelin' You [from the "Sundown Heaven Town"]03:27
67I'm Only Jesus [from the "Southern Voice"]04:38
68Im Workin [from the "Let It Go"]03:40
69Indian Outlaw [from the "Not a Moment Too Soon"]03:02
70It Doesn't Get Any Countrier Than This [from the "Not a Moment Too Soon"]02:31
71It's A Business Doing Pleasure With You [from the "Southern Voice"]03:08
72It's Your Love (ft. Faith Hill) [from the "Everywhere"]03:45
73It's Your World [from the "Two Lanes of Freedom"]04:29
74Just Be Your Tear [from the "Live Like You Were Dying"]04:47
75Just to See You Smile [from the "Everywhere"]03:33
76Keep On Truckin' [from the "Sundown Heaven Town"]03:06
77Kids Today [from the "Sundown Heaven Town"]04:12
78Kill Myself [from the "Live Like You Were Dying"]03:07
79Kiss a Girl [from the "Damn Country Music"]02:59
80Kristofferson [from the "Let It Go"]03:23
81Last Dollar (Fly Away) [from the "Let It Go"]04:30
82Last Turn Home [from the "Sundown Heaven Town"]03:56
83Let It Go [from the "Let It Go"]03:45
84Let Me Love It Out Of You [from the "Two Lanes of Freedom"]05:35
85Let Me Love You [from the "Set This Circus Down"]04:31
86Lincoln Continentals and Cadillacs with Kid Rock) [from the "Sundown Heaven Town"]04:20
87Live Like You Were Dying [from the "Live Like You Were Dying"]04:58
88Lookin' For That Girl [from the "Sundown Heaven Town"]04:20
89Losin' You [from the "Damn Country Music"]04:20
90Love Runs [from the "Damn Country Music"]04:06
91Love You Goodbye [from the "Southern Voice"]04:39
92Maybe We Should Just Sleep On It [from the "All I Want"]03:57
93Meanwhile Back at Mama's (ft. Faith Hill) [from the "Sundown Heaven Town"]03:49
94Memory Lane [from the "Tim McGraw"]03:25
95Mexicoma [from the "Two Lanes of Freedom"]03:33
96Mr. Whoever You Are [from the "Southern Voice"]04:25
97My Best Friend [from the "A Place in the Sun"]04:39
98My Next Thirty Years [from the "A Place in the Sun"]03:37
99My Old Friend [from the "Live Like You Were Dying"]03:37
100Nashville Without You [from the "Two Lanes of Freedom"]03:37
101Not a Moment Too Soon [from the "Not a Moment Too Soon"]03:47
102Nothin To Die For [from the "Let It Go"]04:13
103Number 37405 [from the "Two Lanes of Freedom"]04:45
104Old Town New [from the "Live Like You Were Dying"]05:00
105One of These Days [from the "Everywhere"]04:42
106One of Those Nights [from the "Two Lanes of Freedom"]03:56
107One Part, Two Part (feat. Faith Hill) [from the "Emotional Traffic"]03:33
108Only Human (feat. Ne-Yo) [from the "Emotional Traffic"]03:55
109Open Season On My Heart [from the "Live Like You Were Dying"]03:39
110Overrated [from the "Sundown Heaven Town"]03:28
111Place in the Sun [from the "A Place in the Sun"]04:19
112Please Remember Me [from the "A Place in the Sun"]04:55
113Portland, Maine [from the "Sundown Heaven Town"]03:43
114Put Your Lovin On Me [from the "Let It Go"]03:34
115Real Good Men [from the "Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors"]04:15
116Red Ragtop [from the "Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors"]04:43
117Refried Dreams [from the "Not a Moment Too Soon"]02:46
118Renegade [from the "All I Want"]03:01
119Right Back Atcha Babe [from the "Emotional Traffic"]04:52
120Senorita Margarita [from the "A Place in the Sun"]03:50

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Tim McGraw

Samuel Timothy "Tim" McGraw is an American singer and actor. []


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  • Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw

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