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No Angel by Dido [1999] [album editions]

No Angel (Dido)

Track listing

1Here With Me
3Don't Think Of Me
4My Lover's Gone
5All You Want
6Thank You
7Honestly OK
10I'm No Angel
11My Life
12Take My Hand

Dido albums

1Cafe Del Mar - Volume 8[ 2001 ]
2Life For Rent[ 2003 ]
3No Angel[ 1999 ]
4Safe Trip Home[ 2008 ]
1Cafe Del Mar - Volume 8 (Various artists)
2Life For Rent (Dido)
3No Angel (Dido)
4Safe Trip Home (Dido)

Dido songs

1All You Want [from the "No Angel"] 
2Burnin Love [from the "Safe Trip Home"]04:11
3Do You Have a Little Time [from the "Life For Rent"] 
4Don’t Leave Home [from the "Life For Rent"] 
5Don't Believe In Love [from the "Safe Trip Home"]03:52
6Don't Think Of Me [from the "No Angel"] 
7Grafton Street [from the "Safe Trip Home"]05:57
8Here With Me [from the "No Angel"]04:14
9Honestly OK [from the "No Angel"] 
10Hunter [from the "No Angel"]03:57
11I'm No Angel [from the "No Angel"] 
12Isobel [from the "No Angel"] 
13It Comes And It Goes [from the "Safe Trip Home"]03:27
14Let's Do The Things We Normally Do [from the "Safe Trip Home"]04:09
15Life For Rent [from the "Life For Rent"]03:39
16Look No Further [from the "Safe Trip Home"]03:13
17Mary’s in India [from the "Life For Rent"] 
18My Life [from the "No Angel"] 
19My Lover's Gone [from the "No Angel"] 
20Never Want To Say It's Love [from the "Safe Trip Home"]03:35
21Northern Skies [from the "Safe Trip Home"]08:55
22Quiet Times [from the "Safe Trip Home"]03:16
23Sand In My Shoes [from the "Life For Rent"]04:59
24See The Sun [from the "Life For Rent"]04:54
25See You When You’re 40 [from the "Life For Rent"] 
26Slide [from the "No Angel"] 
27Stoned [from the "Life For Rent"] 
28Take My Hand [from the "No Angel"] 
29Thank You [from the "No Angel"]03:35
30The Day Before The Day [from the "Safe Trip Home"]04:13
31This Land Is Mine [from the "Life For Rent"]03:45
32Us 2 Little Gods [from the "Safe Trip Home"]04:48
33White Flag [from the "Life For Rent"]03:59
34Who Makes You Feel [from the "Life For Rent"] 
35Worthless - Dido [from the "Cafe Del Mar - Volume 8"] 



Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong, known as Dido, is a British singer and songwriter. []


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  • Trip hop
  • Here With Me by Dido

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