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Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack) [2003] [album editions]

Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack) (Various artists)

Track listing

1When Darkness Falls - Killswitch Engage
2Beginning of the End - Spineshank
3Sun Doesn't Rise - Mushroomhead
4Condemned Until Rebirth - Hatebreed
5Snap - Slipknot
6Army of Me - Chimaira
7The After Dinner Payback - From Autumn To Ashes
8Leech - Sevendust
9Bombshell - Powerman 5000
10We Were (Electrocute) - Type O Negative
11Welcome to the Strange - Murderdolls
12Out Of My Way - Seether
13Inside The Cynic - Stone Sour
14Swinging The Dead - Devildriver
15The Waste - Sepultura with Mike Patton
16Middle Of Nowhere - The Blank Theory
17Ether - Nothingface
18Trigger - In Flames
1911th Hour - Lamb Of God

Chimaira albums

1Chimaira[ 2005 ]
2Coming Alive[ 2010 ]
3Crown of Phantoms[ 2013 ]
4Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack)[ 2003 ]
5Pass out of Existence[ 2001 ]
6The Age of Hell[ 2011 ]
7The Impossibility of Reason[ 2003 ]
8The Infection[ 2009 ]
9This Present Darkness[ 2004 ]
1Chimaira (Chimaira)
2Coming Alive (Chimaira)
3Crown of Phantoms (Chimaira)
4Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
5Pass out of Existence (Chimaira)
6The Age of Hell (Chimaira)
7The Impossibility of Reason (Chimaira)
8The Infection (Chimaira)
9This Present Darkness (Chimaira)

Chimaira songs

1Abeo [from the "Pass out of Existence"]01:44
2All That's Left Is Blood [from the "Crown of Phantoms"]03:17
3Army of Me [from the "The Impossibility of Reason"]04:21
4Army of Me - Chimaira [from the "Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack)"] 
5Beyond the Grave [from the "The Age of Hell"]04:54
6Bloodlust [from the "Chimaira"]07:18
7Born in Blood [from the "The Age of Hell"]04:08
8Clayden [from the "Chimaira"]06:22
9Cleansation [from the "The Impossibility of Reason"]04:06
10Clockwork [from the "The Age of Hell"]03:43
11Clockwork Remix [from the "The Age of Hell"]04:20
12Comatose [from the "Chimaira"]04:43
13Coming Alive [from the "The Infection"]03:04
14Crawl [from the "The Impossibility of Reason"]03:30
15Crown of Phantoms [from the "Crown of Phantoms"]03:58
16Dead Inside [from the "Coming Alive"]03:33
17Dead Inside [from the "Pass out of Existence"]03:45
18Destroy and Dominate [from the "The Infection"]04:41
19Destroy and Dominate [from the "Coming Alive"]05:18
20Disposable Heroes [from the "Chimaira"]08:18
21Divination [from the "This Present Darkness"]03:55
22Down Again [from the "The Impossibility of Reason"]04:20
23Empire [from the "Coming Alive"]05:35
24Empty [from the "This Present Darkness"]06:23
25Everything You Love [from the "Chimaira"]06:17
26Eyes of a Criminal [from the "The Impossibility of Reason"]05:16
27Fascination Street [from the "Pass out of Existence"]04:02
28Forced Life [from the "Pass out of Existence"]03:46
29Frozen In Time [from the "The Infection"]04:04
30Gag [from the "This Present Darkness"]04:29
31I Despise [from the "Crown of Phantoms"]03:46
32Impending Doom [from the "The Infection"]06:05
33Implements of Destruction [from the "The Impossibility of Reason"]13:32
34Inside the Horror [from the "Chimaira"]05:28
35Jade [from the "Pass out of Existence"]13:58
36Kings of the Shadow World [from the "Crown of Phantoms"]05:22
37Lazarus [from the "Chimaira"]07:36
38Left for Dead [from the "Chimaira"]05:42
39Lend a Hand [from the "This Present Darkness"]04:46
40Let Go [from the "Pass out of Existence"]03:51
41Losing My Mind [from the "The Age of Hell"]04:57
42Love Soaked Death [from the "Crown of Phantoms"]04:17
43Lumps [from the "Pass out of Existence"]03:54
44Malignant [from the "Chimaira"]03:30
45No Mercy [from the "Crown of Phantoms"]04:34
46Nothing Remains [from the "Chimaira"]05:36
47Nothing Remains [from the "Coming Alive"]05:29
48On Broken Glass [from the "The Infection"]03:45
49Options [from the "Pass out of Existence"]03:50
50Overlooked [from the "The Impossibility of Reason"]04:10
51Painting the White to Grey [from the "Coming Alive"]04:24
52Painting the White to Grey [from the "Pass out of Existence"]04:44
53Painting the White to Grey [from the "This Present Darkness"]04:32
54Pass Out of Existence [from the "Pass out of Existence"]03:24
55Pictures in the Gold Room [from the "The Impossibility of Reason"]04:26
56Plastic Wonderland [from the "Crown of Phantoms"]05:04
57Power Trip [from the "Coming Alive"]02:40
58Power Trip [from the "The Impossibility of Reason"]02:48
59Powerless [from the "The Age of Hell"]04:31
60Pray for All [from the "Chimaira"]05:52



Chimaira was an American heavy metal band from Cleveland, formed in 1998. []


  • Metalcore,
  • Groove metal,
  • Nu metal
  • Army of Me - Chimaira by Chimaira

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