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Spider-Man 2 - Music From And Inspired By (Soundtrack) [2004] [album editions]

Spider-Man 2 - Music From And Inspired By (Soundtrack) (Various artists)

Track listing

1Vindicated - Dashboard Confessional
2Ordinary - Train
3Did You - Hoobastank
4Hold On - Jet
5Gifts And Curses - Yellowcard
6Woman - Maroon 5
7This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know) - Taking Back Sunday
8Give It Up - Midtown
9Lucky You - lostprophets
10Who I Am - Smile Empty Soul
11The Night That The Lights Went Out In NYC - The Ataris
12We Are - Ana
13Someone To Die For - Jimmy Gnecco featuring Brian May
14Spidey Suite - Danny Elfman
15Doc Ock Suite - Danny Elfman

Yellowcard albums

1Lights and Sounds[ 2006 ]
2Midget Tossing[ 1997 ]
3Ocean Avenue[ 2003 ]
4One for the Kids[ 2001 ]
5Paper Walls[ 2007 ]
6Southern Air[ 2012 ]
7Spider-Man 2 - Music From And Inspired By (Soundtrack)[ 2004 ]
8When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes[ 2011 ]
9Where We Stand[ 1999 ]
1Lights and Sounds (Yellowcard)
2Midget Tossing (Yellowcard)
3Ocean Avenue (Yellowcard)
4One for the Kids (Yellowcard)
5Paper Walls (Yellowcard)
6Southern Air (Yellowcard)
7Spider-Man 2 - Music From And Inspired By (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
8When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes (Yellowcard)
9Where We Stand (Yellowcard)

Yellowcard songs

12 quarts [from the "Midget Tossing"]03:00
2A Vicious Kind [from the "Southern Air"]03:53
3A.W.O.L. [from the "One for the Kids"]08:17
4Afraid [from the "Paper Walls"]03:13
5Always Summer [from the "Southern Air"]03:10
6Americant [from the "Midget Tossing"]03:00
7Anywhere But Here [from the "Where We Stand"]03:13
8April 20th [from the "Where We Stand"]02:55
9Awakening [from the "Southern Air"]04:23
10Back Home [from the "Ocean Avenue"]03:55
11Be The Young [from the "When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes"]03:56
12Believe [from the "Ocean Avenue"]04:31
13Big apple heartbreak [from the "One for the Kids"]03:41
14Breathing [from the "Ocean Avenue"]03:38
15Cigarette [from the "One for the Kids"]03:52
16City Of Devils [from the "Lights and Sounds"]04:23
17Cut Me, Mick [from the "Paper Walls"]03:34
18Date Line (I Am Gone) [from the "Paper Walls"]03:22
19Dear Bobbie [from the "Paper Walls"]04:14
20Doesn't Matter [from the "Where We Stand"]02:54
21Down On My Head [from the "Lights and Sounds"]03:32
22Drifting [from the "One for the Kids"]03:28
23Empty Apartment [from the "Ocean Avenue"]03:36
24Fighting [from the "Paper Walls"]03:00
25Five Becomes Four [from the "Paper Walls"]03:30
26For Peter's sake [from the "One for the Kids"]03:50
27For the Longest Time [from the "Midget Tossing"]01:38
28For You, And Your Denial [from the "When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes"]03:33
29Get Off the Couch [from the "Midget Tossing"]02:46
30Gifts And Curses - Yellowcard [from the "Spider-Man 2 - Music From And Inspired By (Soundtrack)"]05:06
31Goodbye [from the "Midget Tossing"]06:17
32Grey [from the "Lights and Sounds"]03:00
33Hang You Up [from the "When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes"]04:02
34Here I Am Alive (ft. Tay Jardine) [from the "Southern Air"]03:33
35Hide [from the "When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes"]03:12
36Holly Wood Died [from the "Lights and Sounds"]04:39
37How I Go [from the "Lights and Sounds"]04:32
38Inside Out [from the "Ocean Avenue"]03:40
39Interlewd [from the "Midget Tossing"]01:46
40Keeper [from the "Paper Walls"]03:55
41Kids [from the "Where We Stand"]02:43
42Lesson Learned [from the "Where We Stand"]03:23
43Life of a Salesman [from the "Ocean Avenue"]03:18
44Life of Leaving Home [from the "When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes"]03:24
45Light Up The Sky [from the "Paper Walls"]03:37
46Lights and Sounds [from the "Lights and Sounds"]03:28
47Martin Sheen Or JFK [from the "Lights and Sounds"]03:46
48Me First [from the "Midget Tossing"]03:48
49Miles Apart [from the "Ocean Avenue"]03:32
50Ocean Avenue [from the "Ocean Avenue"]03:18
51October nights [from the "One for the Kids"]03:31
52On the Brink [from the "Where We Stand"]07:26
53One Year Six Months [from the "Ocean Avenue"]03:28
54Only One [from the "Ocean Avenue"]04:17
55Paper Walls [from the "Paper Walls"]04:28
56Possesions [from the "Midget Tossing"]01:55
57Rivertown Blues [from the "Southern Air"]03:34
58Rock star land [from the "One for the Kids"]03:39
59Rough draft [from the "One for the Kids"]03:13
60Rough Landing, Holly [from the "Lights and Sounds"]03:33

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Yellowcard is an American pop punk/alternative rock band formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1997, and based in Los Angeles, California since 2000.

Their music features the use of a violin, unusual for the genre. []


  • Hardcore punk,
  • Pop Punk,
  • Alternative rock
  • Gifts And Curses - Yellowcard by Yellowcard

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