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Iowa by Slipknot [2001] [album editions]

Iowa (Slipknot)

Track listing

2People = Shit
4My Plague
5Everything Ends
6The Heretic Anthem
8Left Behind
9The Shape
10I Am Hated
11Skin Ticket
12New Abortion

Slipknot albums

1.5: The Gray Chapter[ 2014 ]
2All Hope Is Gone[ 2008 ]
3Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack)[ 2003 ]
4Iowa[ 2001 ]
5Live in Manchester 2000[ 2002 ]
6Rammstein Presents (Vol. 2)[ 2002 ]
7Resident Evil (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
8Resident Evil. Apocalypse (Soundtrack)[ 2004 ]
9Slipknot[ 1999 ]
10Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses[ 2004 ]
1.5: The Gray Chapter (Slipknot)
2All Hope Is Gone (Slipknot)
3Freddy vs. Jason (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
4Iowa (Slipknot)
5Live in Manchester 2000 (Slipknot)
6Rammstein Presents (Vol. 2) (Various artists)
7Resident Evil (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
8Resident Evil. Apocalypse (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
9Slipknot (Slipknot)
10Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses (Slipknot)

Slipknot songs

1(515) [from the "Iowa"]00:59
2(Sic) [from the "Slipknot"]03:19
3(Sic) [from the "Live in Manchester 2000"] 
4742617000027 [from the "Slipknot"]00:36
5742617000027 [from the "Live in Manchester 2000"] 
6All Hope Is Gone [from the "All Hope Is Gone"]04:47
7AOV [from the ".5: The Gray Chapter"]05:32
8Be Prepared For Hell [from the ".5: The Gray Chapter"]01:57
9Before I Forget [from the "Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses"] 
10Butcher's Hook [from the "All Hope Is Gone"]04:14
11Child Of Burning Time [from the "All Hope Is Gone"]05:09
12Circle [from the "Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses"]04:23
13Custer [from the ".5: The Gray Chapter"]04:14
14Danger - Keep Away [from the "Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses"]03:13
15Dead Memories [from the "All Hope Is Gone"]04:28
16Diluted [from the "Slipknot"]03:23
17Disasterpiece [from the "Iowa"]05:08
18Duality [from the "Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses"]04:12
19Everything Ends [from the "Iowa"]04:14
20Execute [from the "All Hope Is Gone"]01:48
21Eyeless [from the "Slipknot"]03:56
22Eyless [from the "Live in Manchester 2000"] 
23Fall - Slipknot [from the "Rammstein Presents (Vol. 2)"]03:21
24Funny [from the ".5: The Gray Chapter"]01:28
25Gehenna [from the "All Hope Is Gone"]06:53
26Gematria (The Killing Name) [from the "All Hope Is Gone"]06:01
27Gently [from the "Iowa"]04:54
28Get This! [from the "Live in Manchester 2000"] 
29Goodbye [from the ".5: The Gray Chapter"]04:35
30I Am Hated [from the "Iowa"]02:37
31If Rain Is What You Want [from the ".5: The Gray Chapter"]06:20
32Iowa [from the "Iowa"]15:03
33Killpop [from the ".5: The Gray Chapter"]03:45
34Lech [from the ".5: The Gray Chapter"]04:50
35Left Behind [from the "Iowa"]04:01
36Liberate [from the "Slipknot"]03:06
37Liberate [from the "Live in Manchester 2000"] 
38Me Inside [from the "Slipknot"]02:39
39Metabolic [from the "Iowa"]03:59
40My Plague [from the "Iowa"]03:40
41My Plague (New Abuse Mix) - Slipknot [from the "Resident Evil (Soundtrack)"]03:01
42New Abortion [from the "Iowa"]03:36
43No Life [from the "Slipknot"]02:47
44Nomadic [from the ".5: The Gray Chapter"]04:18
45Only One [from the "Slipknot"]02:26
46Only One [from the "Live in Manchester 2000"]02:33
47Opium Of The People [from the "Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses"]03:12
48Override [from the ".5: The Gray Chapter"]05:37
49People = Shit [from the "Iowa"]03:35
50Prelude 3.0 [from the "Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses"]03:57
51Prosthetics [from the "Slipknot"]04:58
52Psychosocial [from the "All Hope Is Gone"]04:43
53Pulse Of The Maggots [from the "Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses"]04:19
54Purity [from the "Live in Manchester 2000"] 
55Sarcastrophe [from the ".5: The Gray Chapter"]05:06
56Scissors [from the "Slipknot"]19:18
57Scissors [from the "Live in Manchester 2000"] 
58Silent [from the ".5: The Gray Chapter"]02:00
59Skeptic [from the ".5: The Gray Chapter"]04:46
60Skin Ticket [from the "Iowa"]06:41

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Slipknot is a band made up of nine members from Des Moines, Iowa. The group formed in 1995 and is currently signed to Roadrunner Records. []


  • Heavy metal,
  • Alternative metal,
  • Nu metal,
  • Rapcore
  • People = Shit by Slipknot

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