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American Idiot by Green Day [2005] [album editions]

American Idiot (Green Day)

Track listing

1American Idiot
2Jesus Of Suburbia
4Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
5Are We The Waiting
6St. Jimmy
7Give Me Novacaine
8She's A Rebel
9Extraordinary Girl
11Wake Me Up When September Ends
12Homecoming: The Death Of St. Jimmy/East 12th St./Nobody Likes You/Rock
14The Making Of Boulevard Of Broken Dreams & Holiday Videos
15Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Video)
16Holiday (Video)

Green Day albums

11039 / Smoothed Out, Slappy Hours[ 1991 ]
221st Century Breakdown[ 2009 ]
3American Idiot[ 2005 ]
4Awesome as F**k[ 2011 ]
5Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking (Live)[ 1999 ]
6Dookie[ 1994 ]
7Foot in Mouth[ 2005 ]
8Godzilla: The Album (1998 Film) (Soundtrack)[ 1998 ]
9Insomniac[ 1995 ]
10International Superhits![ 2001 ]
11Kerplunk[ 1992 ]
12Know Your Enemy[ 2009 ]
13Nimrod[ 1997 ]
14Shenanigans[ 2002 ]
15Uno![ 2012 ]
16Warning[ 2000 ]
17We're A Happy Family - A Tribute To The Ramones[ 2003 ]
11039 / Smoothed Out, Slappy Hours (Green Day)
221st Century Breakdown (Green Day)
3American Idiot (Green Day)
4Awesome as F**k (Green Day)
5Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking (Live) (Green Day)
6Dookie (Green Day)
7Foot in Mouth (Green Day)
8Godzilla: The Album (1998 Film) (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
9Insomniac (Green Day)
10International Superhits! (Green Day)
11Kerplunk (Green Day)
12Know Your Enemy (Green Day)
13Nimrod (Green Day)
14Shenanigans (Green Day)
15Uno! (Green Day)
16Warning (Green Day)
17We're A Happy Family - A Tribute To The Ramones (Various artists)

Green Day songs

116 [from the "1039 / Smoothed Out, Slappy Hours"]03:24
22,000 Light Years Away [from the "Foot in Mouth"]02:36
32000 Light Years Away [from the "Kerplunk"]02:23
421 Guns [from the "21st Century Breakdown"]05:21
521 Guns [from the "Awesome as F**k"]05:56
621st Century Breakdown [from the "21st Century Breakdown"]05:09
721st Century Breakdown [from the "Awesome as F**k"]05:51
880 [from the "Kerplunk"]03:38
986 [from the "Insomniac"]02:47
10All The Time [from the "Nimrod"]02:10
11American Eulogy (Mass Hysteria/Modern World) [from the "21st Century Breakdown"]04:26
12American Idiot [from the "American Idiot"]02:54
13American Idiot [from the "Awesome as F**k"]04:23
14Android [from the "Kerplunk"]02:59
15Angel Blue [from the "Uno!"]02:46
16Are We The Waiting [from the "American Idiot"]02:42
17Armatage Shanks [from the "Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking (Live)"]02:18
18Armatage Shanks [from the "Insomniac"]02:16
19At The Library [from the "1039 / Smoothed Out, Slappy Hours"]02:26
20Bab's Uvula Who? [from the "Insomniac"]02:08
21Basket Case [from the "International Superhits!"]03:03
22Basket Case [from the "Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking (Live)"]02:52
23Basket Case [from the "Dookie"]03:03
24Before The Lobotomy [from the "21st Century Breakdown"]04:37
25Best Thing In Town [from the "Kerplunk"] 
26Blood, Sex And Booze [from the "Warning"]03:33
27Boulevard Of Broken Dreams [from the "American Idiot"]04:20
28Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Video) [from the "American Idiot"] 
29Brain Stew [from the "International Superhits!"]03:12
30Brain Stew [from the "Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking (Live)"]03:04
31Brain Stew [from the "Insomniac"]03:12
32Brain Stew (The Godzilla Remix) - Green Day [from the "Godzilla: The Album (1998 Film) (Soundtrack)"] 
33Brat [from the "Insomniac"]01:43
34Burnout [from the "Foot in Mouth"]02:24
35Burnout [from the "Dookie"]02:07
36Burnout [from the "Awesome as F**k"]02:16
37Carpe Diem [from the "Uno!"]03:25
38Castaway [from the "Warning"]03:52
39Christian's Inferno [from the "21st Century Breakdown"]03:07
40Christie Road [from the "Kerplunk"]03:31
41Chump [from the "Foot in Mouth"]02:32
42Chump [from the "Dookie"]02:53
43Church On Sunday [from the "Warning"]03:18
44Cigarettes and Valentines [from the "Awesome as F**k"]02:44
45Coming Clean [from the "Dookie"]01:34
46Deadbeat Holiday [from the "Warning"]03:35
47Desensitized [from the "Shenanigans"]02:46
48Disappearing Boy [from the "1039 / Smoothed Out, Slappy Hours"]02:51
49Do Da Da [from the "Shenanigans"]01:29
50Dominated Love Slave [from the "Kerplunk"]01:40
51Don't Leave Me [from the "1039 / Smoothed Out, Slappy Hours"]02:39
52Don't Wanna Fall In Love [from the "Shenanigans"]01:38
53Dry ice [from the "1039 / Smoothed Out, Slappy Hours"]03:44
54East Jesus Nowhere [from the "21st Century Breakdown"]04:34
55East Jesus Nowhere [from the "Awesome as F**k"]05:08
56Emenius Sleepus [from the "Dookie"]01:43
57Espionage [from the "Shenanigans"]03:22
58Extraordinary Girl [from the "American Idiot"]03:33
59F.O.D. [from the "Foot in Mouth"]02:24
60F.O.D. [from the "Dookie"]05:46

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Green Day

Green Day is a musical trio from California, consisting of Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool.

Green Day is widely credited, along with fellow California bands The Offspring and Rancid, with reviving mainstream interest in and popularizing punk rock in the United States during the mid 1990s. []


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  • American Idiot by Green Day

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