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Lap of Luxury by Cheap Trick [1988] [album editions]

Lap of Luxury (Cheap Trick)

Track listing

1Let Go
2No Mercy
3The Flame
5Never Had a Lot To Lose
6Don't Be Cruel
7Wrong Side of Love
8All We Need Is a Dream
9Ghost Town
10All Wound Up

Cheap Trick albums

1All Shook Up[ 1980 ]
2Busted[ 1990 ]
3Cheap Trick[ 1977 ]
4Cheap Trick (97)[ 1997 ]
5Dream Police[ 1979 ]
6Heaven Tonight[ 1978 ]
7In Color[ 1977 ]
8Lap of Luxury[ 1988 ]
9Next Position Please[ 1983 ]
10One On One[ 1982 ]
11Rockford[ 2006 ]
12Sgt. Pepper Live[ 2009 ]
13Small Soldiers (Soundtrack)[ 1998 ]
14Special One[ 2003 ]
15Standing on the Edge[ 1985 ]
16The Doctor[ 1986 ]
17The Latest[ 2009 ]
18Woke Up With a Monster[ 1994 ]
1All Shook Up (Cheap Trick)
2Busted (Cheap Trick)
3Cheap Trick (Cheap Trick)
4Cheap Trick (97) (Cheap Trick)
5Dream Police (Cheap Trick)
6Heaven Tonight (Cheap Trick)
7In Color (Cheap Trick)
8Lap of Luxury (Cheap Trick)
9Next Position Please (Cheap Trick)
10One On One (Cheap Trick)
11Rockford (Cheap Trick)
12Sgt. Pepper Live (Cheap Trick)
13Small Soldiers (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
14Special One (Cheap Trick)
15Standing on the Edge (Cheap Trick)
16The Doctor (Cheap Trick)
17The Latest (Cheap Trick)
18Woke Up With a Monster (Cheap Trick)

Cheap Trick songs

121On The Radio [from the "Heaven Tonight"]04:33
122On Top Of The World [from the "Heaven Tonight"]04:01
123One More [from the "Rockford"]03:50
124One On One [from the "One On One"]03:05
125Oo La La La [from the "One On One"]03:14
126Perfect Stranger [from the "Rockford"]03:41
127Pop Drone [from the "Special One"]04:43
128Rearview Mirror Romance [from the "The Doctor"]04:33
129Ride The Pony [from the "Woke Up With a Monster"]04:56
130Rock All Night [from the "Standing on the Edge"]02:51
131Rock and Roll Tonight [from the "Busted"]04:56
132Saturday At Midnight [from the "One On One"]02:58
133Say Goodbye [from the "Cheap Trick (97)"]03:29
134Scent of a Woman [from the "Special One"]04:48
135Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band [from the "Sgt. Pepper Live"]01:55
136Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) [from the "Sgt. Pepper Live"]01:15
137Shelter [from the "Cheap Trick (97)"]04:12
138She's Got Motion [from the "Standing on the Edge"]03:17
139She's Leaving Home [from the "Sgt. Pepper Live"]03:52
140She's Tight [from the "One On One"]02:58
141Sick Man Of Europe [from the "The Latest"]02:07
142Sleep Forever [from the "The Latest"]01:36
143Smile [from the "The Latest"]04:12
144So Good To See You [from the "In Color"]03:46
145Sorry Boy [from the "Special One"]04:25
146Southern Girls [from the "In Color"]03:44
147Southern Girls (Demo) [from the "In Color"]03:03
148Space [from the "Lap of Luxury"]04:16
149Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace [from the "Cheap Trick"]04:33
150Special One [from the "Special One"]04:16
151Standing On The Edge [from the "Standing on the Edge"]04:44
152Stiff Competition [from the "Heaven Tonight"]03:40
153Stiff Competition (outtake) [from the "Heaven Tonight"]04:03
154Stop This Game [from the "All Shook Up"]03:56
155Such A Good Girl [from the "All Shook Up"]03:06
156Surrender [from the "Heaven Tonight"]04:15
157Surrender - Cheap Trick [from the "Small Soldiers (Soundtrack)"] 
158Surrender (outtake) [from the "Heaven Tonight"]04:52
159Take Me I'm Yours [from the "All Shook Up"]04:34
160Take Me To The Top [from the "The Doctor"]04:01
161Takin' Me Back [from the "Heaven Tonight"]04:52
162Taxman, Mr. Thief [from the "Cheap Trick"]04:14
163Tell Me Everything [from the "Woke Up With a Monster"]03:58
164The Ballad Of TV Violence (I'm Not The Only Boy) [from the "Cheap Trick"]05:11
165The Doctor [from the "The Doctor"]04:03
166The Flame [from the "Lap of Luxury"]05:40
167The House Is Rockin' (With Domestic Problems) [from the "Dream Police"]05:12
168The House Is Rockin' (With Domestic Problems) (Live) [from the "Dream Police"]06:16
169These Days [from the "The Latest"]02:44
170This Time Around [from the "Standing on the Edge"]04:34
171This Time You Got It [from the "Rockford"]04:01
172Time Is Runnin' [from the "One On One"]02:20
173Times Of Our Lives [from the "The Latest"]03:59
174Tonight It's You [from the "Standing on the Edge"]04:47
175Too Much [from the "Special One"]04:42
176Voices [from the "Dream Police"]04:22
177Walk Away [from the "Busted"]03:43
178Way Of The World [from the "Dream Police"]03:38
179Way Of The World (Live) [from the "Dream Police"]04:00
180Welcome To The World [from the "Rockford"]02:06

Cheap Trick - top artists list [#450]

Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick is an American rock band from Rockford, Illinois, formed in 1973.

The band consists of members Robin Zander (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Rick Nielsen (lead guitar, backing vocals), Tom Petersson (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Bun E. Carlos (drums, percussion).

They have often been referred to in the Japanese press as the 'American Beatles'.



  • Rock,
  • Hard rock,
  • Power pop,
  • Punk rock
  • The Flame - one of the best Cheap Trick songs, top songs list [#1506]

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