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Black Gives Way to Blue by Alice in Chains [2009] [album editions]

Black Gives Way to Blue (Alice in Chains)

Track listing

1All Secrets Known
2Check My Brain
3Last Of My Kind
4Your Decision
5A Looking In View
6When The Sun Rose Again
7Acid Bubble
8Lesson Learned
9Take Her Out
10Private Hell
11Black Gives Way To Blue

Alice in Chains albums

1Alice in Chains[ 1995 ]
2Black Gives Way to Blue[ 2009 ]
3Dirt[ 1992 ]
4Facelift[ 1990 ]
5Jar of Flies[ 1994 ]
6Unplugged[ 1996 ]
1Alice in Chains (Alice in Chains)
2Black Gives Way to Blue (Alice in Chains)
3Dirt (Alice in Chains)
4Facelift (Alice in Chains)
5Jar of Flies (Alice in Chains)
6Unplugged (Alice in Chains)

Alice in Chains songs

1A Looking In View [from the "Black Gives Way to Blue"]07:06
2Acid Bubble [from the "Black Gives Way to Blue"]06:56
3Again [from the "Alice in Chains"]04:05
4All Secrets Known [from the "Black Gives Way to Blue"]04:42
5Angry Chair [from the "Dirt"]04:47
6Angry Chair (Cut from MTV Broadcast, included on the re-release) [from the "Unplugged"]04:36
7Black Gives Way To Blue [from the "Black Gives Way to Blue"]03:03
8Bleed the Freak [from the "Facelift"]04:01
9Brother [from the "Unplugged"]05:27
10Brush Away [from the "Alice in Chains"]03:22
11Check My Brain [from the "Black Gives Way to Blue"]03:57
12Confusion [from the "Facelift"]05:44
13Dam That River [from the "Dirt"]03:09
14Dirt [from the "Dirt"]05:16
15Don't Follow [from the "Jar of Flies"]04:22
16Down In A Hole [from the "Dirt"]05:38
17Down in a Hole [from the "Unplugged"]05:46
18Frogs [from the "Alice in Chains"]08:18
19Frogs (Cut from MTV Broadcast, included on the re-release) [from the "Unplugged"]07:30
20God Am [from the "Alice in Chains"]04:08
21God Smack [from the "Dirt"]03:50
22Got Me Wrong [from the "Unplugged"]04:59
23Grind [from the "Alice in Chains"]04:45
24Hate To Feel [from the "Dirt"]05:16
25Head Creeps [from the "Alice in Chains"]06:28
26Heaven Beside You [from the "Alice in Chains"]05:28
27Heaven Beside You [from the "Unplugged"]05:38
28I Can't Remember [from the "Facelift"]03:42
29I Know Somethin (Bout You) [from the "Facelift"]04:21
30I Stay Away [from the "Jar of Flies"]04:14
31Intro (Dream Sequence) [from the "Dirt"]00:43
32It Ain't Like That [from the "Facelift"]04:37
33Junkhead [from the "Dirt"]05:09
34Killer Is Me (Cut from MTV Broadcast, included on the re-release) [from the "Unplugged"]05:23
35Last Of My Kind [from the "Black Gives Way to Blue"]05:52
36Lesson Learned [from the "Black Gives Way to Blue"]04:16
37Love, Hate, Love [from the "Facelift"]06:27
38Man in the Box [from the "Facelift"]04:46
39No Excuses [from the "Jar of Flies"]04:15
40No Excuses [from the "Unplugged"]04:57
41Nothin' Song [from the "Alice in Chains"]05:40
42Nutshell [from the "Jar of Flies"]04:19
43Nutshell [from the "Unplugged"]04:57
44Over Now [from the "Alice in Chains"]07:03
45Over Now [from the "Unplugged"]07:12
46Private Hell [from the "Black Gives Way to Blue"]05:38
47Put You Down [from the "Facelift"]03:16
48Rain When I Die [from the "Dirt"]06:01
49Real Thing [from the "Facelift"]04:03
50Rooster [from the "Dirt"]06:15
51Rooster [from the "Unplugged"]06:41
52Rotten Apple [from the "Jar of Flies"]06:58
53Sea of Sorrow [from the "Facelift"]05:49
54Shame in You [from the "Alice in Chains"]05:36
55Sickman [from the "Dirt"]05:29
56Sludge Factory [from the "Alice in Chains"]07:12
57Sludge Factory [from the "Unplugged"]04:36
58So Close [from the "Alice in Chains"]02:45
59Sunshine [from the "Facelift"]04:44
60Swing on This [from the "Jar of Flies"]04:05

Alice in Chains - top artists list [#562]

Alice in Chains

Alice in Chains is an American rock band formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1987 by guitarist and songwriter Jerry Cantrell and original lead vocalist Layne Staley. []


  • Alternative metal,
  • Grunge,
  • Alternative rock,
  • Heavy metal
  • Check My Brain - one of the best Alice in Chains songs, top songs list [#1278]

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