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The Pinkprint by Nicki Minaj [2014] [album editions]

The Pinkprint (Nicki Minaj)

Track listing

1All Things Go
2I Lied
3The Crying Game (ft. Jessie Ware)
4Get On Your Knees (ft. Ariana Grande)
5Feeling Myself (ft. Beyonce)
6Only (ft. Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown)
7Want Some More
8Four Door Aventador
9Favorite (ft. Jeremih)
10Buy a Heart (ft. Meek Mill)
11Trini Dem Girls (ft. Lunchmoney Lewis)
13The Night Is Still Young
14Pills N Potions
15Bed of Lies (ft. Skylar Grey)
16Grand Piano
17Big Daddy (ft. Meek Mill)
19Win Again
20Mona Lisa
21Put You in a Room
22Truffle Butter (ft. Drake & Lil Wayne)

Nicki Minaj albums

1Barbie World (The Mixtape)[ 2010 ]
2Beam Me Up Scotty[ 2009 ]
3Its Barbie Bitch![ 2009 ]
4Nikita[ 2010 ]
5Pink Friday[ 2010 ]
6Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded[ 2012 ]
7Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up[ 2012 ]
8Playtime Is Over[ 2007 ]
9Return Of The Barbie Snatchers (DJ Young Cee & Nicki Minaj)[ 2010 ]
10Sucka Free[ 2008 ]
11The Pinkprint[ 2014 ]
12Workin' Her Swager[ 2009 ]
1Barbie World (The Mixtape) (Nicki Minaj)
2Beam Me Up Scotty (Nicki Minaj)
3Its Barbie Bitch! (Nicki Minaj)
4Nikita (Nicki Minaj)
5Pink Friday (Nicki Minaj)
6Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (Nicki Minaj)
7Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up (Nicki Minaj)
8Playtime Is Over (Nicki Minaj)
9Return Of The Barbie Snatchers (DJ Young Cee & Nicki Minaj) (Nicki Minaj)
10Sucka Free (Nicki Minaj)
11The Pinkprint (Nicki Minaj)
12Workin' Her Swager (Nicki Minaj)

Nicki Minaj songs

181Rare Freestyle [from the "Return Of The Barbie Snatchers (DJ Young Cee & Nicki Minaj)"]01:52
182Right by My Side (ft. Chris Brown) [from the "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded"]04:25
183Right Thru Me [from the "Pink Friday"]03:55
184Roger That [from the "Barbie World (The Mixtape)"]00:56
185Roger That Ft Tyga & Li [from the "Return Of The Barbie Snatchers (DJ Young Cee & Nicki Minaj)"]03:36
186Roman Holiday [from the "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded"]04:05
187Roman Reloaded (ft. Lil Wayne) [from the "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded"]03:16
188Roman's Revenge (ft. Eminem) [from the "Pink Friday"]04:36
189Save Me [from the "Pink Friday"]03:05
190Saxon [from the "Barbie World (The Mixtape)"]02:49
191Saxon [from the "Return Of The Barbie Snatchers (DJ Young Cee & Nicki Minaj)"]02:14
192Set It Off [from the "Sucka Free"]02:14
193Sex In Crazy Places [from the "Barbie World (The Mixtape)"]04:03
194Sex in the Lounge (ft. Lil Wayne and Bobby V) [from the "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded"]03:27
195Shake It For Daddy [from the "Barbie World (The Mixtape)"]02:58
196Shanghai [from the "The Pinkprint"]03:39
197She Likes Me [from the "Nikita"]03:11
198Shopaholic [from the "Beam Me Up Scotty"]03:32
199Shopaholic (ft. Gucci Mane And Bobby Valentino) [from the "Its Barbie Bitch!"]02:36
200Single Ladies (Remix)(ft. Beyonce) [from the "Its Barbie Bitch!"]01:53
201Slumber Party (ft. Gucci Mane) [from the "Its Barbie Bitch!"]02:39
202Slumber Party (ft. Gucci Mane) [from the "Beam Me Up Scotty"]03:03
203Starships [from the "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded"]03:30
204Step Ya Pussy Up [from the "Return Of The Barbie Snatchers (DJ Young Cee & Nicki Minaj)"]01:04
205Sticks In My Bun [from the "Its Barbie Bitch!"]02:08
206Sticks In My Bun [from the "Playtime Is Over"]02:45
207Still I Rise [from the "Beam Me Up Scotty"]05:34
208Streets Is Watching [from the "Barbie World (The Mixtape)"]02:51
209Strippin' in the Club [from the "Workin' Her Swager"]03:28
210Strippin In The Club (ft. Dj Diamond Kuts, Ron Browz, And Latif) [from the "Its Barbie Bitch!"]03:00
211Stupid Hoe [from the "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded"]03:16
212Sucka Free '08 [from the "Sucka Free"]00:07
213Sunshine [from the "Sucka Free"]03:18
214Sunshine (ft. Gravy) [from the "Playtime Is Over"]02:39
215Sunshine (ft. Lil' Wayne) [from the "Its Barbie Bitch!"]02:51
216Super Bass [from the "Pink Friday"]03:20
217Sweetest Girl [from the "Sucka Free"]03:04
218Take It Off [from the "Barbie World (The Mixtape)"]03:18
219Teqkilla (Rmx) (ft. M.I.A.) [from the "Nikita"]06:12
220The Boys (with Cassie) [from the "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up"]04:08
221The Cipher [from the "Barbie World (The Mixtape)"]00:44
222The Crying Game (ft. Jessie Ware) [from the "The Pinkprint"]04:25
223The Deal Freestyle [from the "Return Of The Barbie Snatchers (DJ Young Cee & Nicki Minaj)"]00:42
224The Night Is Still Young [from the "The Pinkprint"]03:47
225Trini Dem Girls (ft. Lunchmoney Lewis) [from the "The Pinkprint"]03:14
226Truffle Butter (ft. Drake & Lil Wayne) [from the "The Pinkprint"]03:39
227Turn Me On (with David Guetta) [from the "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded"]03:19
228Up All Night (ft. Drake) [from the "Nikita"]03:49
229Up In Flames [from the "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up"]05:05
230Up Out My Face [from the "Return Of The Barbie Snatchers (DJ Young Cee & Nicki Minaj)"]04:20
231Va Va Voom [from the "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded"]03:03
232Va Va Voom [from the "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up"]03:02
233Wanna Minaj? [from the "Sucka Free"]03:38
234Want Some More [from the "The Pinkprint"]03:49
235Warning [from the "Its Barbie Bitch!"]02:46
236Warning [from the "Playtime Is Over"]02:52
237Warning [from the "Return Of The Barbie Snatchers (DJ Young Cee & Nicki Minaj)"]03:43
238Whip It [from the "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded"]03:15
239Who's Ya Best MC? [from the "Sucka Free"]02:27
240Win Again [from the "The Pinkprint"]04:10

Nicki Minaj - top artists list [#59]

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj (born Onika Tanya Maraj) is a recording artist who rose to fame after becoming a member of the rapping group Young Money.

Minaj began her music career in 2007 after she released her first mixtape Playtime Is Over.


  • Hip hop,
  • R&B,
  • Pop
  • The Night Is Still Young - one of the best Nicki Minaj songs, top songs list [#362]

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