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Uptown Special by Mark Ronson [2015] [album editions]

Uptown Special (Mark Ronson)

Track listing

1Uptown's First Finale (ft. Stevie Wonder & Andrew Wyatt)
2Summer Breaking (ft. Kevin Parker)
3Feel Right (ft. Mystikal)
4Uptown Funk! (ft. Bruno Mars)
5I Can't Lose (ft. Keyone Starr)
6Daffodils (ft. Kevin Parker)
7Crack in the Pearl (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
8In Case of Fire (ft. Jeff Bhasker)
9Leaving Los Feliz (ft. Kevin Parker)
10Heavy and Rolling (ft. Andrew Wyatt)
11Crack in the Pearl Pt. II (ft. Stevie Wonder & Jeff Bhasker)

Mark Ronson albums

1Here Comes the Fuzz[ 2003 ]
2Hitch (Soundtrack)[ 2005 ]
3Record Collection[ 2010 ]
4Uptown Special[ 2015 ]
5Version[ 2007 ]
1Here Comes the Fuzz (Mark Ronson)
2Hitch (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
3Record Collection (Mark Ronson)
4Uptown Special (Mark Ronson)
5Version (Mark Ronson)

Mark Ronson songs

1Amy (ft. Kenna) [from the "Version"]03:31
2Apply Some Pressure (ft. Paul Smith) [from the "Version"]03:36
3Bang Bang Bang (ft. Q-Tip, MNDR) [from the "Record Collection"]03:53
4Bluegrass Stain'd (ft. Nappy Roots & Anthony Hamilton) [from the "Here Comes the Fuzz"]04:11
5'Bout To Get Ugly (ft. Rhymefest & Anthony Hamilton) [from the "Here Comes the Fuzz"]03:33
6Circuit Breaker [from the "Record Collection"]04:24
7Crack in the Pearl (ft. Andrew Wyatt) [from the "Uptown Special"]02:25
8Crack in the Pearl Pt. II (ft. Stevie Wonder & Jeff Bhasker) [from the "Uptown Special"]02:16
9Daffodils (ft. Kevin Parker) [from the "Uptown Special"]04:58
10Diduntdidunt (ft. Saigon) [from the "Here Comes the Fuzz"]03:58
11Diversion [from the "Version"]01:19
12Feel Right (ft. Mystikal) [from the "Uptown Special"]03:42
13Glass Mountain Trust (ft. D'angelo) [from the "Record Collection"]03:46
14God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (ft. The Daptone Horns) [from the "Version"]03:12
15Heavy and Rolling (ft. Andrew Wyatt) [from the "Uptown Special"]03:57
16Here Comes the Fuzz (ft. Jack White, Freeway & Nikka Costa) [from the "Here Comes the Fuzz"]03:09
17Hey Boy (ft. Rose Elinor Dougall, Theophilus London) [from the "Record Collection"]03:34
18High(ft. Aya) [from the "Here Comes the Fuzz"]04:05
19I Can't Lose (ft. Keyone Starr) [from the "Uptown Special"]03:16
20I Suck (ft. Rivers Cuomo) [from the "Here Comes the Fuzz"]02:55
21In Case of Fire (ft. Jeff Bhasker) [from the "Uptown Special"]04:33
22International Affair (ft. Sean Paul & Tweet) [from the "Here Comes the Fuzz"]03:24
23Introducing The Business (ft. Pill, London Gay Men's Choir) [from the "Record Collection"]03:42
24Inversion [from the "Version"]01:46
25Just (ft. Phantom Planet) [from the "Version"]05:21
26Leaving Los Feliz (ft. Kevin Parker) [from the "Uptown Special"]04:18
27Lose It (In The End) (ft. Mark Ronson, Ghostface Killah, Alex Greenwald) [from the "Record Collection"]02:25
28LSF (ft. Kasabian) [from the "Version"]03:28
29Missing Words [from the "Record Collection"]01:29
30Now That We Found Love - Heavy D & The Boyz [from the "Hitch (Soundtrack)"] 
31Oh My God (ft. Lily Allen) [from the "Version"]03:35
32On The Run (ft. Mos Def & M.O.P.) [from the "Here Comes the Fuzz"]02:37
33Ooh Wee - Mark Ronson (ft. Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg, Trife Da God and Saigon) [from the "Hitch (Soundtrack)"]03:30
34Ooh Wee (ft. Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg & Trife) [from the "Here Comes the Fuzz"]03:29
35Outversion [from the "Version"]01:50
36Pretty Green (ft. Santo Gold) [from the "Version"]03:14
37Rashi (Outro) [from the "Here Comes the Fuzz"]02:00
38Record Collection (ft. Simon Le Bon, Mark Ronson) [from the "Record Collection"]03:49
39Selector [from the "Record Collection"]01:06
40She's Got Me (ft. Daniel Merriweather) [from the "Here Comes the Fuzz"]03:49
41Somebody to Love Me (ft. Rose Elinor Dougall, Andrew Wyatt) [from the "Record Collection"]04:58
42Stop Me (ft. Daniel Merriweather) [from the "Version"]03:49
43Summer Breaking (ft. Kevin Parker) [from the "Uptown Special"]03:07
44The Bike Song (ft. Kyle Falconer, Spank Rock) [from the "Record Collection"]04:25
45The Colour of Crumar [from the "Record Collection"]01:29
46The Night Last Night (ft. Rose Elinor Dougall, Alex Greenwald) [from the "Record Collection"]04:24
47The Only One I Know (ft. Robbie Williams) [from the "Version"]03:59
48This DJ (Intro) [from the "Here Comes the Fuzz"]01:25
49Tomorrow (ft. Debi Nova & Q-Tip) [from the "Here Comes the Fuzz"]03:55
50Toxic (ft. Tiggers) [from the "Version"]04:05
51Uptown Funk! (ft. Bruno Mars) [from the "Uptown Special"]04:29
52Uptown's First Finale (ft. Stevie Wonder & Andrew Wyatt) [from the "Uptown Special"]01:38
53Valerie (ft. Amy Winehouse) [from the "Version"]03:39
54You Gave Me Nothing (ft. Rose Elinor Dougall, Andrew Wyatt) [from the "Record Collection"]04:00

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Mark Ronson

Mark Daniel Ronson is an English musician, DJ, singer and music producer. []


  • Electronic,
  • Hip hop,
  • Pop,
  • Pop rock
  • Uptown Funk! (ft. Bruno Mars) - one of the best Mark Ronson songs, top songs list [#293]

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