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Get Hurt by The Gaslight Anthem [2014] [album editions]

Get Hurt (The Gaslight Anthem)

Track listing

1Stay Vicious
21,000 Years
3Get Hurt
4Stray Paper
5Helter Skeleton
6Underneath the Ground
7Rollin' and Tumblin'
8Red Violins
9Selected Poems
10Ain't That a Shame
11Break Your Heart
12Dark Places
13Sweet Morphine
14Mama's Boys

The Gaslight Anthem albums

1American Slang[ 2010 ]
2Get Hurt[ 2014 ]
3Handwritten[ 2012 ]
4Sink or Swim[ 2007 ]
5The '59 Sound[ 2008 ]
1American Slang (The Gaslight Anthem)
2Get Hurt (The Gaslight Anthem)
3Handwritten (The Gaslight Anthem)
4Sink or Swim (The Gaslight Anthem)
5The '59 Sound (The Gaslight Anthem)

The Gaslight Anthem songs

1"45" [from the "Handwritten"]03:25
21,000 Years [from the "Get Hurt"]03:35
31930 [from the "Sink or Swim"]03:44
4Ain't That a Shame [from the "Get Hurt"]02:58
5American Slang [from the "American Slang"]03:41
6Angry Johnny And The Radio [from the "Sink or Swim"]03:00
7Biloxi Parish [from the "Handwritten"]03:49
8Blue Dahlia [from the "Handwritten"]04:28
9Boomboxes And Dictionaries [from the "Sink or Swim"]03:11
10Boxer [from the "American Slang"]02:46
11Break Your Heart [from the "Get Hurt"]04:16
12Bring It On [from the "American Slang"]03:26
13Casanova, Baby! [from the "The '59 Sound"]02:57
14Dark Places [from the "Get Hurt"]03:39
15Desire [from the "Handwritten"]03:17
16Drive [from the "Sink or Swim"]02:55
17Even Cowgirls Get The Blues [from the "The '59 Sound"]03:30
18Film Noir [from the "The '59 Sound"]03:29
19Get Hurt [from the "Get Hurt"]03:43
20Great Expectations [from the "The '59 Sound"]03:05
21Halloween [from the "Get Hurt"]03:09
22Handwritten [from the "Handwritten"]03:58
23Helter Skeleton [from the "Get Hurt"]03:10
24Here Comes My Man [from the "Handwritten"]03:35
25Here's Looking At You, Kid [from the "The '59 Sound"]03:36
26High Lonesome [from the "The '59 Sound"]03:05
27Howl [from the "Handwritten"]02:05
28I Coul'da Been A Contender [from the "Sink or Swim"]03:22
29I'da Called You Woody, Joe [from the "Sink or Swim"]03:21
30Keepsake [from the "Handwritten"]04:04
31Mae [from the "Handwritten"]04:10
32Mama's Boys [from the "Get Hurt"]03:58
33Meet Me By The River's Edge [from the "The '59 Sound"]03:19
34Miles Davis & The Cool [from the "The '59 Sound"]04:11
35Mulholland Drive [from the "Handwritten"]03:54
36National Anthem [from the "Handwritten"]03:40
37Old Haunts [from the "American Slang"]03:29
38Old White Lincoln [from the "The '59 Sound"]03:23
39Orphans [from the "American Slang"]03:23
40Red at Night [from the "Sink or Swim"]03:07
41Red In The Morning [from the "Sink or Swim"]02:51
42Red Violins [from the "Get Hurt"]03:18
43Rollin' and Tumblin' [from the "Get Hurt"]02:51
44Selected Poems [from the "Get Hurt"]02:49
45Sliver [from the "Handwritten"]02:06
46Stay Lucky [from the "American Slang"]03:08
47Stay Vicious [from the "Get Hurt"]03:33
48Stray Paper [from the "Get Hurt"]02:45
49Sweet Morphine [from the "Get Hurt"]04:13
50The '59 Sound [from the "The '59 Sound"]03:10
51The Backseat [from the "The '59 Sound"]04:14
52The Diamond Church Street Choir [from the "American Slang"]03:12
53The Navesink Banks [from the "Sink or Swim"]02:48
54The Patient Ferris Wheel [from the "The '59 Sound"]03:34
55The Queen of Lower Chelsea [from the "American Slang"]03:39
56The Spirit of Jazz [from the "American Slang"]03:13
57Too Much Blood [from the "Handwritten"]05:07
58Underneath the Ground [from the "Get Hurt"]04:02
59We Came To Dance [from the "Sink or Swim"]03:34
60We Did It When We Were Young [from the "American Slang"]04:16

The Gaslight Anthem - top artists list [#334]

The Gaslight Anthem

The Gaslight Anthem are an American punk rock band from New Brunswick, New Jersey, formed in 2006. []


  • Punk rock,
  • Heartland rock,
  • Alternative rock,
  • Folk punk,
  • Indie rock
  • Stay Vicious - one of the best The Gaslight Anthem songs, top songs list [#522]

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