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Dance With Me by Debelah Morgan [2000] [album editions]

Dance With Me (Debelah Morgan)

Track listing

1Dance With Me
2I Remember
3Close To You
4Let's Get It On
5Can't Stop Loving You
6Take The Rain Away
7What Would You Do
8Think Of You (Intro)
9Think Of You
10Baby I Need Your Love
11Bring Back The Sun
12Come And Danz
14Fall In Love Again

Debelah Morgan albums

1Dance With Me[ 2000 ]
2It's Not Over[ 1998 ]
3Osmosis Jones (Soundtrack)[ 2001 ]
4Urban Renewal: the Songs of Phil Collins[ 2001 ]
5Yesterday (Remixes)[ 1998 ]
1Dance With Me (Debelah Morgan)
2It's Not Over (Debelah Morgan)
3Osmosis Jones (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
4Urban Renewal: the Songs of Phil Collins (Various artists)
5Yesterday (Remixes) (Debelah Morgan)

Debelah Morgan songs

1Ain't No Mountain [from the "It's Not Over"] 
2Alright [from the "Dance With Me"]04:29
3Baby I Need Your Love [from the "Dance With Me"]03:56
4Bring Back The Sun [from the "Dance With Me"]03:57
5Can't Stop Loving You [from the "Dance With Me"]03:56
6Close To You [from the "Dance With Me"]04:50
7Come And Danz [from the "Dance With Me"]03:41
8Dance With Me [from the "Dance With Me"]03:39
9Do You Remember - Debelah Morgan [from the "Urban Renewal: the Songs of Phil Collins"]04:10
10Don't Hurry Back [from the "It's Not Over"] 
11Fall In Love Again [from the "Dance With Me"]05:04
12Fly Away [from the "It's Not Over"] 
13Here Waiting [from the "It's Not Over"]03:59
14I Love You [from the "It's Not Over"]03:39
15I Remember [from the "Dance With Me"]03:57
16It's Not Over [from the "It's Not Over"] 
17Let's Get It On [from the "Dance With Me"]03:36
18No One Compares [from the "It's Not Over"] 
19Our Sweet Love [from the "It's Not Over"]04:41
20Radio Skit [from the "It's Not Over"] 
21Stay [from the "It's Not Over"]04:21
22Still In Love [from the "It's Not Over"] 
23Take The Rain Away [from the "Dance With Me"]03:26
24Thank You [from the "It's Not Over"] 
25Think Of You [from the "Dance With Me"]03:30
26Think Of You (Intro) [from the "Dance With Me"]00:35
27Tonight [from the "It's Not Over"] 
28What Would You Do [from the "Dance With Me"]04:17
29Whatever [from the "It's Not Over"] 
30Whatever (LP Version) [from the "Yesterday (Remixes)"] 
31Who Do You Love [from the "It's Not Over"] 
32Why Did You Have To Be - Debelah Morgan [from the "Osmosis Jones (Soundtrack)"]04:17
33Yesterday [from the "It's Not Over"]03:23
34Yesterday (Dark Child Remix Radio Edit) [from the "Yesterday (Remixes)"]04:09
35Yesterday (LP Version) [from the "Yesterday (Remixes)"] 
36Yesterday (Noise World Remix w/Rap (rap performed by Loon)) [from the "Yesterday (Remixes)"] 
37Yesterday (Soul Solution Remix Radio Edit) [from the "Yesterday (Remixes)"] 

Debelah Morgan

Debelah Morgan

Debelah Morgan is an American singer and songwriter.


  • R&B,
  • Pop,
  • Dance,
  • Gospel
  • I Remember by Debelah Morgan

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