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No Limits by 2 Unlimited [1993] [album editions]

No Limits (2 Unlimited)

Track listing

1No Limit
2Tribal Dance
5Maximum Overdrive
6The Power Age
7Break the Chains
8Kiss Me Bliss Me
9Throw the Groove Down
11Let the Beat Control Your Body
12Invite Me to Trance
13Where Are You Now
14Shelter for a Rainy Day

2 Unlimited albums

1Get Ready![ 1992 ]
2Greatest Remix Hits[ 2006 ]
3Hits Unlimited[ 1995 ]
4II[ 2001 ]
5No Limits[ 1993 ]
6Real Things[ 1994 ]
7Trance Remixes (Special Edition)[ 2003 ]
1Get Ready! (2 Unlimited)
2Greatest Remix Hits (2 Unlimited)
3Hits Unlimited (2 Unlimited)
4II (2 Unlimited)
5No Limits (2 Unlimited)
6Real Things (2 Unlimited)
7Trance Remixes (Special Edition) (2 Unlimited)

2 Unlimited songs

1Back Into the Groove [from the "II"]04:02
2Be Free Tonight [from the "II"]03:51
3Break the Chains [from the "No Limits"]03:23
4Burning Like Fire [from the "Real Things"]05:02
5Closer 2U [from the "II"]05:13
6Contrast [from the "Get Ready!"]03:45
7Delight [from the "Get Ready!"]03:45
8Delight (Instrumental) [from the "Get Ready!"]03:46
9Desire [from the "Get Ready!"]04:27
10Do What I Like [from the "Real Things"]04:13
11Do What's Good for Me [from the "Hits Unlimited"]03:49
12Edge of Heaven [from the "II"]04:08
13Escape in Music [from the "Real Things"]03:55
14Eternally Yours [from the "Get Ready!"]04:25
15Face to Face [from the "Real Things"]04:08
16Faces [from the "Hits Unlimited"]06:08
17Faces [from the "No Limits"]03:31
18Faces (Automatic Breakbeat Remix) [from the "Greatest Remix Hits"]05:59
19Get Ready for This [from the "Get Ready!"]03:48
20Get Ready for This [from the "Hits Unlimited"]03:38
21Get Ready for This (Instrumental)(Rio & Le Jean Remix) [from the "Get Ready!"]03:14
22Get Ready for This (Orchestral Mix) [from the "Greatest Remix Hits"]05:43
23Get Ready for This (Yves Deruyter Remix) [from the "Trance Remixes (Special Edition)"]03:19
24Here I Go [from the "Hits Unlimited"]03:39
25Here I Go [from the "Real Things"]05:16
26Here I Go (X out in Club) [from the "Greatest Remix Hits"]06:20
27Hypnotised [from the "Real Things"]04:27
28I Am Ready [from the "II"]03:20
29Info Superhighway [from the "Real Things"]04:37
30Invite Me to Trance [from the "No Limits"]04:12
31Jump for Joy [from the "Hits Unlimited"]03:56
32Kiss Me Bliss Me [from the "No Limits"]03:34
33Let the Beat Control Your Body [from the "Hits Unlimited"]04:09
34Let the Beat Control Your Body [from the "No Limits"]03:46
35Let the Beat Control Your Body (Extended) [from the "Greatest Remix Hits"]05:40
36Let the Beat Control Your Body (Mistral Mix) [from the "Trance Remixes (Special Edition)"]07:34
37Let's Celebrate [from the "II"]03:57
38Magic Friend (Extended) [from the "Greatest Remix Hits"]05:51
39Maximum Overdrive [from the "Hits Unlimited"]04:37
40Maximum Overdrive [from the "No Limits"]03:32
41Maximum Overdrive (Horny Horns Vocal Radio Edit) [from the "Trance Remixes (Special Edition)"]03:47
42Maximum Overdrive (KG Hitman Remix) [from the "Trance Remixes (Special Edition)"]08:10
43Move On Up [from the "II"]04:39
44Murphy's Megamix, Pt. 1 [from the "Greatest Remix Hits"]05:09
45Mysterious [from the "No Limits"]04:01
46Never Surrender [from the "II"]03:24
47No Limit [from the "Hits Unlimited"]04:13
48No Limit [from the "No Limits"]03:50
49No Limit (Moon Project Mix) [from the "Trance Remixes (Special Edition)"]03:52
50No Limit (Push's Trancendental RMX) [from the "Trance Remixes (Special Edition)"]08:08
51No Limits (Extended) [from the "Greatest Remix Hits"]05:31
52No One [from the "Hits Unlimited"]04:29
53No One (Unlimited Remix) [from the "Greatest Remix Hits"]05:44
54No-One [from the "Real Things"]03:29
55Nothing Like the Rain [from the "Hits Unlimited"]03:46
56Nothing Like the Rain [from the "Real Things"]04:40
57Nothing Like the Rain (Rainy Remix) [from the "Greatest Remix Hits"]05:17
58R.U.O.K. [from the "No Limits"]03:30
59Real Thing (Extended) [from the "Greatest Remix Hits"]06:01
60Rougher Than the Average [from the "Get Ready!"]04:12

2 Unlimited

2 Unlimited

2 Unlimited is a Techno act formed in 1991.

The project was the brainchild of Belgian producers Jean-Paul DeCoster and Phil Wilde, and was fronted by a Dutch duo, rapper Ray Slijngaard and singer Anita Doth. []


  • Eurodance,
  • H-NRG,
  • Pop,
  • Rave,
  • House,
  • Techno,
  • Soul
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