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III by Take That [2014] [album editions]

III (Take That)

Track listing

1These Days
2Let in the Sun
3If You Want It
6Higher Than Higher
7I Like It
8Give You My Love
10Into The Wild
12Get Ready For It

Take That albums

1Beautiful World[ 2006 ]
2Everything Changes[ 1993 ]
3III[ 2014 ]
4Progressed[ 2010 ]
5The Circus[ 2008 ]
1Beautiful World (Take That)
2Everything Changes (Take That)
3III (Take That)
4Progressed (Take That)
5The Circus (Take That)

Take That songs

1Affirmation [from the "Progressed"]03:54
2Ain't No Sense In Love [from the "Beautiful World"]03:51
3Aliens [from the "Progressed"]04:48
4All I Want Is You [from the "Everything Changes"]03:19
5Another Crack In My Heart [from the "Everything Changes"]04:13
6Babe [from the "Everything Changes"]04:51
7Babe (Return Mix) [from the "Everything Changes"]04:55
8Beautiful [from the "Progressed"]04:14
9Beautiful World [from the "Beautiful World"]04:25
10Broken Your Heart [from the "Everything Changes"]03:46
11Butterfly [from the "Beautiful World"]03:41
12Don't Say Goodbye [from the "Progressed"]03:54
13Eight Letters [from the "Progressed"]08:47
14Everything Changes [from the "Everything Changes"]03:34
15Flaws [from the "III"]03:32
16Freeze [from the "III"]04:01
17Get Ready For It [from the "III"]03:38
18Give You My Love [from the "III"]02:50
19Greatest Day [from the "The Circus"]03:59
20Happy Now [from the "Progressed"]04:03
21Hello [from the "The Circus"]03:30
22Higher Than Higher [from the "III"]04:04
23Hold On [from the "Beautiful World"]03:56
24Hold Up A Light [from the "The Circus"]08:00
25How Did it Come to this [from the "The Circus"]03:10
26I Like It [from the "III"]04:21
27I'd Wait For Life [from the "Beautiful World"]04:33
28If This Is Love [from the "Everything Changes"]03:56
29If You Want It [from the "III"]04:02
30Into The Wild [from the "III"]03:52
31Julie [from the "The Circus"]03:53
32Kidz [from the "Progressed"]04:42
33Let in the Sun [from the "III"]03:39
34Like I Never Loved You At All [from the "Beautiful World"]03:45
35Love Ain't Here Anymore [from the "Everything Changes"]03:57
36Love Love [from the "Progressed"]03:43
37Lovelife [from the "III"]03:35
38Man [from the "Progressed"]04:39
39Mancunian Way [from the "Beautiful World"]03:48
40Meaning Of Love [from the "Everything Changes"]03:47
41No Si Aqui No Hay Amor [from the "Everything Changes"]03:52
42Patience [from the "Beautiful World"]03:22
43Portrait [from the "III"]03:34
44Pray [from the "Everything Changes"]03:43
45Pretty Things [from the "Progressed"]04:03
46Reach Out [from the "Beautiful World"]04:16
47Relight My Fire (ft. Lulu) [from the "Everything Changes"]04:11
48Said it All [from the "The Circus"]04:15
49Shine [from the "Beautiful World"]03:31
50SOS [from the "Progressed"]03:44
51The Circus [from the "The Circus"]03:33
52The Day The Work Is Done [from the "Progressed"]04:04
53The Flood [from the "Progressed"]04:49
54The Garden [from the "The Circus"]05:07
55The Party Remix (Relight My Fire, Could It Be Magic, It Only Takes A Minute, Everything Chages) [from the "Everything Changes"]07:14
56These Days [from the "III"]03:52
57Underground Machine [from the "Progressed"]04:15
58Up All Night [from the "The Circus"]03:24
59Wait [from the "Progressed"]04:15
60Wasting My Time [from the "Everything Changes"]03:45

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Take That

Take That are an English pop group who formed in 1990. []


  • Pop,
  • Dance,
  • Pop-rock
  • These Days - one of the best Take That songs, top songs list [#496]

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